Action taken – Sheena steps in to deal with Tedder Road park problems

As we reported last week, the Council has been slow to deal with a hazard presented by an overgrown rose bush on the Tedder Road park. Its thorn branches have been overhanging a footpath at eye height for several weeks.

Cllr. Sheena Jackson has now taken direct action herself over the weekend and cut back the dangerous branches . We hope that the Council will soon trim the rest of the bush.

While in the park, Sheena took the opportunity to sweep up the leaf fall in the well used snicket which links Otterwood Lane and the Tedder Road park. The Council has been asked to clear broken glass from several locations in the area.

Residents are reminded that the current cycle is the last for emptying green bins (garden waste – including leaves) until April.


Final garden waste collections of 2017

The York Council is urging residents to make the most of the final round of garden waste collections, which start on Monday (20 November).

The next fortnight is the final chance for the 67,000 homes to fill their green bins with autumn leaves, cuttings and windfall fruit, with the service restarting on Easter Monday (April 2)

Anyone who misses that last collection can still take their waste to York’s two household waste recycling centres, which remain open every day except Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

New rubbish and recycling calendars have been delivered to every household in the city over the last two months. City centre properties with St Nick’s recycling collections will receive their calendars by the end of November.

The calendars also contain details of this year’s Christmas collection arrangements – there are no waste collections on the week of Christmas Day, but every household will get an extra rubbish collection either the week before or after Christmas.

If you’ve miss-placed your calendar, you can:

Neil Ferris, corporate director for economy and place, said: “This is a great opportunity to get the garden tidied in the run-up to Christmas. The Green Bins are very popular, making a big contribution to the 40,000 tonnes of waste we saved from going to landfill last year. I’d also like to remind people to that collection times are not the same every week, so please make sure that bins are out by 7am on your collection day.”

What goes in your garden waste:

Yes please

Leaves and bark
Grass cuttings and hedge clippings
Cut flowers and house plants
Garden plants and flowers
Windfall fruit
Twigs and small branches
Non invasive garden weeds
Pot plant compost
Straw bedding from small vegetarian pets, such as rabbits
Christmas trees and wreaths must be inside the bin, so please chop them up

No thanks

Soil and rubble, coal, BBQ charcoal
Plastic, paper, cardboard and other packaging
General household rubbish
Food or other kitchen waste
Large whole branches
Invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Ragwort (seek advice on safe disposal from the Environment Agency)
Plant pots
Pet and animal waste from cats and dogs

Delays in collection of recycling in Foxwood Hill today

Unfortunately due to operational issues the Council have been unable to collect recycling from the following streets today;

• Huntsmans Walk
• Teddar Road
• Slessor Road
• Beagle Ridge Drive
• Fir Heath Close
• Cedarwood Close
• Beechwood Glade
• Salmond Road
• Askham Croft
• Minter Close
• Waterman Court

The Council  will return to collect tomorrow so please re-present your recycling by 7am. The Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause

Delays on refuse collection in parts of York

The York Council has not been able to collect all recycling in Acomb which was missed yesterday (due to vehicle breakdown). They will return on Thursday to collect all recycling which is still not collected from the following streets:

  • Lidget Grove,
  • Church Gate,
  • Wheatlands Grove,
  • Shirley Avenue,
  • Springwood Grove,
  • Almsford Drive,
  • Celtic Close,
  • Cranbrook Avenue,
  • Cranbrook Road.

In addition the Council has not been able to collect recycling today from rural areas in Askham Bryan and Acaster Malbis plus

  • The Garden Village,
  • Earswick Chase,
  • Northlands Avenue,
  • Lock House Lane,

They hope to collect this recycling tomorrow. Please have your recycling ready for 7am.

Recycling not collected from Beaconsfield St., Gladstone St., & Milner St today

The Council has been unable to collect recycling from various streets in west York today.

  • Beaconsfield Street
  • Gladstone Street
  • Milner Street
  • Hebdon Rise
  • Barlow Street

The Council asks residents to make sure your recycling is out by 7am tomorrow when they will return to collect

Other affected streets are in the Haxby/ Wigginton area.

  • Cyprus Grove
  • Mulberry Drive
  • Larch Way
  • Ash Lane
  • Coppice Close
  • Lowfield Drive
  • Little Lane

and the following streets in Strensall today:

  • Brecks Lane
  • Littlethorpe Close
  • Thompson Drive
  • Steadings Yard
  • Stuart Close
  • Cundall Close
  • Tudor Way
  • Coulson Close
  • Pulleyn Close
  • Brunswick Close
  • Chapman Close
  • Green Lane
  • Waltham Close
  • Gainsborough Close
  • Heath Ride
  • Lakeside Gardens
  • Woburn Close
  • St Wilfreds Road
  • Cumbrian Avenue
  • Humber Drive
  • Hollis Crescent
  • Howard Road

Green bin charges

It is over 2 years since the York Council started to charge for emptying second and subsequent green (garden waste) bins.

The charge was controversial at the time as there were fears that excess compostable waste would simply be put into grey bins and subsequently land-filled.

There were also concerns that some might be fly tipped.

New figures reveal that the numbers prepared to pay for green bin emptying have fallen.

  • The number of subscriptions in 2015 was 1,320
  • The number of subscriptions in 2016 was 1,146

Green bins currently cost £37 a year to empty.

The Council therefore has secured an income, through the charges, of around £43,000 a year.

Landfill Tax cost York taxpayers over £4 million in 2016.

This years figure is expected to be even higher.

Waste trends





It’s a new recycling day in parts of York

It looks like most residents in affected streets have put their recycling out for collection today.

This is the first day of the new recycling calendar in York which in some areas means that recycling is collected on a different day from green bin emptying (which also starts again this week).

Collections started at 7:00am

Green and grey bin emptying dates have not been changed.

For background to the changes click here

You can check which is your recycling day by clicking here