Obstacle removed from York – Selby cycle path

A few weeks ago we reported that a part of a tree had fallen onto to he York – Selby cycle path. It was blocking part of the path and posed a potential hazard at night.

The Council told us that they couldn’t do anything about it so today we trimmed it back

Likely that this peaceful route will become popular with “self isolators” undertaking some unaccompanied exercise over the next few weeks.

We’ve also reported broken glass on the cycle path on Tadcaster Road near Tesco. Hopefully the Council will also sweeping detritus from the adjacent area

Pothole issue to be raised with responsible Councillor

So many pothole reports from both Councillors and residents are being fobbed off by Council officials, that the issue is going to be raised at transport chief Cllr Andy D’Agorne’s meeting on Thursday.

All complainants receive these days is a message saying

“The current status of your report is: closed –  the problem has been inspected and no follow up work is required”

In the past – even if a pothole report didn’t meet what were termed “intervention levels” – an explanation of why work would not be carried out was given. That practice seems to have ceased.

As most on line reports include a photograph, there is clearly a risk and one that is likely to continue to deteriorate.

NB. We have reported again leaf detritus which has been in some of the gutter in little Green Lane since the autumn

Action needed on verges and roads

The Council will be publishing its highways resurfacing programme for the next financial year shortly. There is now a major backlog of work in the area. It is not just potholes that need filling. Large areas of carriageway and several footpaths need patching or resurfacing.

The present Council promised to reconstruct all highways in the City, so it will be interesting to see the extent of next years programme.

School Street remains in poor condition.
Verge damage in Dijon Avenue

Problems with verge damage in the Dijon Avenue area have escalated since building work started on the Lowfield site

Front Street back lane untidy

We have reported on previous occasions that the lane between the Front Street shops and Beaconsfield Street reflects badly on the area.

This is mainly down to poor waste handing and storage arrangements at some of the shops. Need a permanent fix now

Remains of arson attack
Unsightly, and potentially unhealthy, waste storage arrangements
We’ve asked for a “deep clean” of the gutters in the School Street area

Still problems with cycle network in York

Its not just the burgeoning number of potholes that are causing problems for cyclists. The Council has fallen behind in many areas with its white line refreshment programme.

Clifton Bridge cycle lane almost disappeared
More instances on graffiti reported today. This one near the Ouse riverbank

Bleak outlook on Ascot Way

Contractions working on the new Centre of Excellence for Disabled Children on Ascot Way have demolished the local residents noticeboard. It has been left lying on the grass verge. No prior warning of the removal was given.

There are places where the noticeboard could be reinstated with a few minutes work.

The access arrangements for the site are also proving problematic A one way system for heavy plant was supposed to be in operation but this wasn’t working well today. Buses struggled to get by

One piece of good news is that the temporary bus stop is now accessible again

York residents invited to share their experiences at flood drop-in sessions

Residents and businesses in York are invited to drop-in sessions in their local neighbourhoods to discuss recent flooding events.

As the city continues the clean-up operation following the rise in river levels caused by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, local residents and businesses are encouraged to share their feedback and experiences of recent events to help the council build upon the city’s resilience and improve local preparedness for the future.

Representatives from Emergency Planning, the Flood Risk Management Team, Community Involvement Officers and Councillors will be among those representing the council at the events across the city.

The upcoming drop-in sessions will be held in the following venues:

Fishergate: 11 March | Christian Science Church, YO10 4DE | 6-8pm

Tower Gardens and King’s Staith: 16 March | Quaker Meeting House, YO1 9RL | 5-7pm

Naburn: 17 March | Naburn Village Hall, YO19 4RS | 5-7pm

Fulford: 18 March | Fulford School (Main Hall), YO10 4FY | 5-7 pm (Presentation by the Environment Agency about Fordlands Road area at 6pm)

Skeldergate and Clementhorpe: 23 March | Southlands Methodist Church, YO23 1NX| 5-7pm

Acaster Malbis: 24 March | Acaster Malbis Village Hall, YO23 2TR | 5 -7pm

Cllr Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said;

“I look forward to meeting residents and business owners across the city so we can listen and learn from the recent flood events.
“This is a great opportunity to share with us what you thought worked, how we can improve protecting the city, or the best way we can keep you up to date with the latest information.
“We recognise different areas have very different experiences and concerns, so we are holding drop-ins at key locations across the city so local residents can share their local and specific concerns.
“Thank you to all the residents and businesses who have already shared their positive encouragement and useful feedback with us.”

Across the three week period of high river levels the council had:

  • crews focusing on community areas to start the clean-up operation – crews have washed down areas using sanitising disinfectant where appropriate
  • dealt with over 60 dangerous or storm damaged trees since Storm Ciara
  • deployed over 6,000 sandbags and 200 one-tonne sandbags across the city to help protect the most vulnerable properties.
  • installed around 25 pumps to clear water across the city
  • recycled any plastic sandbags. Contaminated sandbags will be disposed of through our contaminated waste removal. Sand will be reused at the council depot
  • cleared over 300 gullies, swept roads and cleared drains.
  • tankers were on standby for any surface water flooding incidents that occurred
  • regularly updated the www.york.gov.uk/flood page to share the latest updates and advice

Road repairs backlog building in York

Residents will have a lot of sympathy with local highways inspectors who have the unenviable task of allocation very limited resources to road repairs. Poor weather has increased the number of potholes appearing over recent weeks. The poor state of highway surfaces is a reflection of inadequate investment in maintenance by the York Council for nearly a decade.

An additional pothole filling team is promised to be in place from April. Their arrival can’t come soon enough, at least in west York.

The Councils on line “report it” system now monitors highway defect reports. It is possible to see which reports have been read by officials. Several, reported over the last month, are recorded as “solved”. In reality the problems remain. The potholes have simply been judged not to be deep enough to warrant filling.

That is potentially bad news for cyclists.

Councillors receive very little in the way of monthly performance reports on highways activities, so its impossible to know whether the condition of roads and footpaths is getting worse or improving. The number of reports and complaints received is not routinely published.

Complaints about damage to verges, like parking on footpaths, go largely unmonitored. In summer it is a similar situation with highway obstructions like over grown hedges and weeds.

We hope for better in the future.

Askham Lane carriageway, near A1237 roundabout, will not be repaired
We’ve asked for detritus to be swept from the gutters in Otterwood Lane
The thorn hedge on the snicket to the rear on St Josephs Court (Cornlands Road) needs to be cut back before it becomes a hazard for pedestrians
The Acomb car park recycling area is tidier than it has been on some occasions in the past. Someone is still fly tipping in the area though.