Delays on street lighting and other York Council repairs

It looks like there is a backlog developing on street lighting repairs in York. Cllr Sheena Jackson has been pressing for a lamp at the end of Foresters Walk to be repaired but has now been told that it could be as long as a fortnight  before it is working again. Officials blame an increased number of fault reports for the backlog, although an extra member of staff has been taken on.

Elsewhere recycling collections have been erratic with several instances reported where cardboard has not been collected.

The Councils web site instructions on how much cardboard can be collected at the kerb are byzantine and really could do with simplification before the peak Christmas period arrives

We were disappointed to find that a “keep left” bollard on Gale Lane – reported 5 weeks ago – still hasn’t been repaired

We’ve asked for the repair to be expedited The darker nights, and potentially foggy weather, mean that illuminated bollards are often a key safety aid for drivers

There have also been problems in getting overgrown hedges cut back for some public footpaths.

We’ve asked for some self seeded bushes on the Thoresby Road garage area to be removed.

We reported the full litter bin on Askham Lane near the bus stop and asked it to be emptied.

Traffic calming for Thoresby Road?

Scheme could cost £41,000!

With no recorded accidents over the last 3 years and mean traffic speeds only 21 mph, it is something of a surprise that Council officials are considering installing speed humps on Thoresby Road.

There have been some complaints about speeding in the past but, partly because of the narrow carriageway and also significant levels of on street parking, high speeds are the exception rather than the rule.

There is more concern from residents about vehicle speeds on the neighbouring St Stephens Road which is a through route and used as a short cut by some drivers.

The possibility of installing speed humps or repeater 20 mph speed limit warning signs will be considered at a meeting taking place next week

A new parking lay-by is planned for construction outside the Thoresby Road flats between The Reeves and St Stephens Road (low numbers).

Councillors are being recommended to defer any changes until the effects of the lay-by on driver behaviour is clearer.

Traffic calming plan for Thoresby Road?

Thoresby Road

The Council says it is considering how vehicle speeds on Thoresby Road can be controlled. It will discuss the issues involved at a meeting taking place on 13th September.

Details of the proposals are not yet available.

However, the street – which contains around 200 homes – is not a through route, so much of the problem arises from the use of vehicles by residents and their visitors.

In the past, physical works have not been consider practical because of the narrow width of the carriageway and the fact that on street parking has created a “chicane” effect which has slowed the speed of some vehicles.

There are plans to provide an additional off street parking layby at the low numbered end of the street.

Grange Lane

Separately the Council has decided to back a plan to designate the rural part of Grange Lane as a “restricted byway”. This means that the sections on both sides of the A1237 would be accessible by, not only pedestrians, but also cyclists, horse riders and those driving a “horse and cart”.

It is not clear how much additional maintenance expenditure would be incurred by the change (parts of the route tend to get overgrown) while safety concerns at the by pass junctions remain a real concern.

Waste dealer faces prison for flytipping in Thoresby Road area in York

A waste dealer who claimed to be properly licenced was yesterday (8th November) found guilty of 19 charges of illegal collection and waste disposal, including dumping asbestos.

He awaits sentencing on 21 December 2017 when he faces being sent to prison.

In February and March 2017, 13 incidents of fly tipping were found on verges, alleys, in a playing field and on a private drive, in the Thoresby Road area. The waste was from bathroom refits by a plumbing firm, which had employed who they believed was a licenced scrap and waste collector.

The firm paid Mr Pipes in cash to remove the waste which included old toilets and baths, tiles and timber. In a rubble bag, a receipt was found by an estate worker, who reported the tips to the council’s neighbourhood enforcement team. They traced the waste back to the plumbing firm, and Mr Pipes failed to provide proper paperwork, evidence of a waste carrier’s licence or a scrap metal dealer’s licence.

In March and April 2017 Mr Pipes and his van were seen four times – and were photographed – disposing of large amounts of waste in a litter bin at Beech Grove, Acomb.

Mr Pipes entered a guilty plea of fly tipping around York, carrying waste and scrap without the relevant licences and failing to produce proper paperwork for the disposal of waste.

The movement of waste is regulated to ensure that it does not cause pollution and is treated safely at every stage. All businesses which produce waste must keep paperwork to prove how they dispose of waste and council officers will investigate carrying and disposal.

Cllr Andrew Waller, executive member for the environment, said: “The punishment imposed by York Crown Court reflects the severity of these offences. Fly-tipping is unsightly, anti-social, can pollute the land it’s dumped on and creates considerable cost for City of York Council to clear. Anyone with a business which buys or sells scrap metal must register as a dealer with every local authority where they wish to operate, and in addition, anyone carrying waste must register with the Environment Agency.

“While they are responsible for safe disposal, people who hire them must also check the carriers are properly licensed or they themselves could risk a criminal record.”

For information on commercial waste and residents’ responsibilities go to or visit the Environment Agency at To report fly-tipping, illegal waste disposal or concerns about waste dealer’s licencing, please contact .

York Council making good progress with re-roofing works at blocks of flats

The Council re-roofing contractors are making good progress on the blocks of flats in St Stephens Road area.The blocks in that road are scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

The programme will then  move into Thoresby Road and The Reeves with work there scheduled to finish at the end of July.

The programme will then move on to High Moor Road, Wains Road, Thanet Road and Dringfield Close before moving on towards the City centre. The programme is scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

More verges damaged as poor parking takes its toll

A combination of wet weather and poor parking practices has seen several verges in the area churned up.

Among the worst is on on St Stephens Road where part the public footpath has been uprooted making it virtually impassible for pedestrians


Last year the York Council received a report on the problem. The report can be read by clicking here

Among other conclusions the report reveled that it costs £35 per sq mtr to repair damaged verges in the City.

We hope that the authorities will take prompt action to prevent damage of this sort and that proposals to provide more lay-bys in the area are implemented quickly




Thoresby Road rubbish removed

Council workers have cleared the rubbish from near the flats in Thoresby Road. It had been there for nearly a week.

Sheena and rubbish

Some tenants had been storing surplus items on balconies and in communal areas. Following a recent fire, the Council asked for areas to be kept clear.

Unfortunately a promised rubbish wagon did not arrive to coincide with the clear out. Some residents then added to the pile of rubbish

Perfect Storm

Council official blame a series of factors for the problems. 

Reduced bin emptying frequencies and the closure of the nearest recycling centre on Beckfield Lane contributed.

Many tenants didn’t have their own transport and the skips provided  through the residents association were coming less frequently than  in the past.

Even the Councils paid for bulky rubbish removal service only takes certain types of rubbish.

Things look set to get worse as Labour roll out their £35 green bin emptying charge while their policy of emptying grey bins only once every 3 or 4 weeks could produce a “perfect storm” for dumpers.

Residents can sign a petition opposing further reductions to the bins emptying service by clicking here.

The Liberal Democrats have promised, if they are elected to lead the Council again on May 7th, that they will re-introduce ward budgets. In the past these funds have been used to stage recycling days when a convoys of waste vehicles tour the ward removing unwanted items.



LibDem candidate takes action over Thoresby Road dumping

Sheena Jackson  with some of the rubbish she is getting cleared.

LibSheena Jackson with some of he rubbish she is getting cleared.

rubbish dumped Thoresby flats

Rubbish dumped in Thoresby Road

Liberal Democrat Sheena Jackson has asked the Council to quickly remove rubbish for the front of flats in the Thoresby Road area.

It is believed that some of the rubbish was previously stored in stairway areas causing a fire risk. But it appears that oficials when clearing the area failed to have a skip on hand to take it away immediately.

This led to more dumping.

Litter drift has now added to the unsightly problems.

It is hoped that the rubbish will be removed today.



Cornlands Estates – residents rally behind “tidy up” campaign

The campaign to have the Thoresby, St Stephens, Cornlands and Tennent Road estate given a “make over” has gained substantial support from residents.

The main areas for improvement so far identified include:

Gulleys need clearing

Gulleys need clearing

Gates and fences need repairing

Gates and fences need repairing

Garage areas need cleaning and resurfacing

Garage areas need cleaning and resurfacing

Snickets need resurfacing

Snickets need resurfacing

Pathways blocked

Pathways blocked

Vandalism at parks

Vandalism at parks

Dumping on snickets

Dumping on snickets

Damaged verges

Damaged verges

1. Repairs to verges and protective posts (or selective bitmacing)

2. Verge trimming

3. More car parking.

4. Weed removal.

5. Repairs to gates and fencing.

6. Snicket and other resurfacing

7. Gulley cleaning

8. A major spring clean of communal areas, garages, snickets, forecourts including painting street furniture, replacing notices etc etc.

9. Trees/hedges cutting back from paths and boundaries.

Housing is the one area where there haven’t been any cuts.

Over £13 million is held by the Council in reserves(!)

Yet this decline happens?

More off road car parking needed

More off road car parking needed