Update on waste collection in York

Important service update: Today crews have collected all scheduled household, recycling and garden waste and also…

Posted by City of York Council Waste Services on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

York delays in treating ambulance patients revealed

On New Years Eve 47 patients had to wait for over an hour in ambulances as they waiting for treatment at York Hospital.

The full figures can be viewed by clicking here 

The statistics mirror problems at other hospitals across the region and country generally

As December went on delays gradually increased.

York had suffered earlier in the month with an outbreak of norovirus. At its peak 47 beds were closed.

By the end of the year 834 beds (90%) were occupied at the hospital.

The government has been criticised for failing to anticipate the heavy demands for care that arise over each festive period.




Liberal Democrats call for more support to York’s care services

Hospital report on A & E performance

Cllr Chris Cullwick, Liberal Democrat Vice Chair of the Council’s Health Committee, has written to the Secretary of State to highlight the imminent challenges York Teaching Hospital NHS Trust faces this winter.

In a recent meeting of the Health, Housing and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee, the Trust reported on a number of serious risks which would undermine their ability to handle increased demand for services during the winter period.

Care services in York continue to face unprecedented financial challenges and despite the recently announced £350 million by the Chancellor for the NHS this winter, far more is needed to create the extra capacity required.

The ramifications of a ‘hard’ Brexit are also being felt, as the Trust reported difficulties in recruiting to vacant positions, previously occupied by EU workers.

Cllr Chris Cullwick said:

“I am seriously concerned about our City’s capacity to effectively respond to increasing service demand this winter.

York’s NHS and Adult Social Care services are already facing huge financial pressures in their day-to-day work and given the Chancellor’s recent omission of Adult Social Care funding in his Autumn Budget, the burden looks set to worsen.

Furthermore, the Government’s dogged pursuit of a ‘Hard Brexit’ has adversely affected previously sustainable workforces.  Many EU Workers are leaving their care roles due to their tenuous position in the UK and services are finding it tough to replace them.  Even if more money was available, this seriously weakens the Trust’s ability to manage during the winter months.

The risks are clear and; the Government must act swiftly to address these issues.  I have written to the Secretary of State seeking his urgent attention to these issues and York’s position.

Delays in collection of recycling in Foxwood Hill today

Unfortunately due to operational issues the Council have been unable to collect recycling from the following streets today;

• Huntsmans Walk
• Teddar Road
• Slessor Road
• Beagle Ridge Drive
• Fir Heath Close
• Cedarwood Close
• Beechwood Glade
• Salmond Road
• Askham Croft
• Minter Close
• Waterman Court

The Council  will return to collect tomorrow so please re-present your recycling by 7am. The Council apologises for any inconvenience this may cause

Delays on refuse collection in parts of York

The York Council has not been able to collect all recycling in Acomb which was missed yesterday (due to vehicle breakdown). They will return on Thursday to collect all recycling which is still not collected from the following streets:

  • Lidget Grove,
  • Church Gate,
  • Wheatlands Grove,
  • Shirley Avenue,
  • Springwood Grove,
  • Almsford Drive,
  • Celtic Close,
  • Cranbrook Avenue,
  • Cranbrook Road.

In addition the Council has not been able to collect recycling today from rural areas in Askham Bryan and Acaster Malbis plus

  • The Garden Village,
  • Earswick Chase,
  • Northlands Avenue,
  • Lock House Lane,

They hope to collect this recycling tomorrow. Please have your recycling ready for 7am.

14th January meeting to receive a report on problems at York A&E

Following our story this morning prospective York MP Nick Love wrote to the new (Conservative) Chair of the Council’s Health Scrutiny Board suggesting that an urgent item be added to the agenda.

He wanted the meeting to hear first hand about the problems, the causes and the potential remedies.

Credit where it is due, Cllr Paul Doughty acted promptly and has given an assurance that a hospital representative will attend the meeting. 

The meeting takes place on Wednesday, 14th January, 2015 starting at 5.30 pm. The venue is the George Hudson Board Room – 1st Floor West Offices (F045). It is open to the public and residents can register to speak.

Nick, in his Email to Cllr Doughty, said, 

“Given the ongoing and very public crisis covered extensively in the media regarding A&E at York Hospital, would you please consider putting the matter on the Agenda for the forthcoming Health Scrutiny Committee on 14th January.

 I believe the public interest would be well served by an update on the current situation, including current figures on the “care in community” places available to York Hospital – a lack of which may be exacerbating the problems at York Hospital. As you know – spare beds to enable admissions are created when patients are discharged and care in community places significantly help towards this situation – of which the City of York Council bears partial responsibility.

 It would help if we could know if the City of York Council is meeting its obligations and targets in this respect – so as to be of the most help possible to York Hospital in this time of unprecedented pressure on their services, including A&E.

 Hopefully you could also ensure that a representative from the hospital attends the meeting (I’m sure they would welcome the opportunity) and that they publish a factsheet indicating relative demand levels, comparing this and previous years, together with a root cause analysis of the reasons for the A&E targets not being met.”

Another day, another missed deadline

Continuing road works, lane closures and car park construction at Poppleton Bar 1st August 2014

Continuing road works, lane closures and car park construction at Poppleton Bar 1st August 2014

Poppleton – Road works continue

Despite absolute guarantees given at the last Council meeting -that the A59/A1237 road works and Park and Ride construction would be finished by the end of July – work is still in full swing today.

There are lane restrictions, big tail backs on the A59 and temporary traffic signals.

Footpaths have still to be completed and there is no sign of the permanent traffic lights which were due to be installed at the Park and Ride site junction.

The Park and Ride site itself is also far from finished.

The Council can’t blame poor weather for a project which is now over 4 months behind its scheduled (final) completion date.