Appeal for witnesses following an assault in Westfield play park

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about a assault that occurred in the park next to Westfield Primary Community School in Acomb.

It happened at approximately 5pm on Wednesday 7 April when two boys, aged 12 and 11 years-old , are believed to have been assaulted by a group of youths aged between about 12-16.

The two victims did not receive any injuries. We are requesting the public’s assistance to help establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for Peter Maw. You can also email

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12210093469.

Coronavirus York updates; 1st April 2021


No further COVID-19 deaths at the York hospital were announced today

Test results

Three additional positive test results were announced today. They bring the cumulative case total to 12,201

The number of cases has increased from 63 to 64 today.

The infection rate per 100k population figure has edged up to 30.39 today. However it is now on course to fall below the 25.0 benchmark over the weekend.

Infection rates at all levels across the country have remained fairly stable today


Little change today at neighbourhood level with most areas now having fewer than 3 cases.

We may next week – if the expected decline in case numbers continues – have to introduce exception reporting (listing only those neighbourhoods with over 3 cases). The government stats feed doesn’t list the case numbers by neighbourhood where they are below 3.


Updated vaccination figures by neighbourhood have been published, They cover the period up to 28th March

+NB. Populations vary in different neighbourhoods

As at 30th March 52,9% (92,113) of the City’s adult population had received their first vaccination and a further 5.70% (9,857) had been given their second jab


4429 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 27th March 2021.

Of these, 1.7% were positive. That is slightly more than the 1.6% found the previous day.

In addition, 2866 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 31st March 2021

York Hospital Trust COVID-19 patient numbers

Lockdown eases with mixed results

Good weather over the last couple of days, coupled with an easing of lockdown restrictions, has encouraged people to get out and about.

The golf courses have been busy while beauty spots have also attracted crowds.

However, it has been a mixed picture with anti social behaviour an issue in some parts of the City, litter has accumulated on some parks and fly tipping remains a problem.

The authorities will need to be proactive in managing the next stage of the lockdown exit which is scheduled to take place from 12th April. Any spike in visitor numbers to York could be difficult to control and might prompt an increase in COVID-19 case numbers

Police Covid response:

Plea to be extremely careful this Easter – “We have come too far and made too many sacrifices for this effort to be wasted now”

Chief Inspector Charlotte Bloxham is the silver commander for North Yorkshire Police’s response to the pandemic. These are her comments about the past week’s (22-28 March 2021) Covid-19 related issues, including details around Step 1 of the Government’s Road Map Out Of Lockdown…

From Monday 29 March, as part of the new health protection regulations known as the Steps Regulationsthere is no longer any restriction on leaving home without a reasonable excuse. The “stay at home” rule has come to an end.

This means the police’s role in helping to tackle the public health crisis has become much more focused on the revised restrictions around indoor and outdoor gatherings.

For indoor gatherings, the regulations remain the same with only members of the same household allowed to be together, subject to some exceptions including support bubbles and providing care.

Our overriding message is that households still must not mix – there remains a high-risk of infection and we must do all we can to avoid community transmission of the virus.

Outdoor gatherings are governed by “the rule of six” or two households, and these can take place in public spaces and in private gardens with social distancing rules remaining in place.

There are a number of exceptions that we have to take into consideration, including the fact that two households may comfortably exceed six peopleand that linked-households – for the purposes of providing care and support – only count as one household.

Clearly, the continued “4 Es” approach of the police – to engage with the public, explain the regulations, encourage compliance, and enforce as a last resort – is vital to help our officers and PCSOs determine whether or not there has been a breach of the regulations.

At this stage, restrictions on businesses remain the same. It is expected that these will begin to be relaxed from 12 April, subject to the Government’s conditions being met including the continued reduction in infections and the successful roll-out of the vaccination programme. North Yorkshire Police will continue to support our local authority, licensing and trading standards partners to ensure businesses comply with the regulations at each step.

International Travel Restrictions are also in place. This means holidaying abroad is not allowed until at least 17 May when it will be reviewed by the Government. An enhanced fixed penalty notice of £5,000 is linked to this breach.


With regards to travelling within the country and county, people must minimize travel to reduce the risk of infection. This will be subject to change as part of the roadmap out of lockdown, but not until 12 April at the earliest.

The Government has not defined a distance that would constitute a breach of the regulations, so it is down to each and every person to make a judgement call about if a journey is absolutely necessary and the risks it poses in the context of the public health crisis that we are still facing.

From a policing point of view, we will keep using the “4 Es” approach to engage, explain the regulations, encourage compliance and enforce if there is blatant disregard to the regulations.

Easter holidays…

When it is safe to do so, we will welcome visitors to the county again. However, everyone can expect to see an increased policing presence as we work alongside our partners to help keep the virus at bay in the weeks and months ahead.

Our plea to everyone this Easter is to be extremely careful and to keep following the regulations until it is safe to resume a more normal way of living – we have come too far and made too many sacrifices for this effort to be wasted now.

Latest enforcement data

During the past seven days (22-28 March 2021) we have issued 170 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) – the previous week’s total was 149.

This takes the total to1,980 FPNs during the third lockdown, and3,876 FPNs since the first lockdown on March 2020.

  • 82 were issued to local people and 88 were issued to visitors
  • 80 issued for being outside place of living
  • 11 for outdoor gatherings
  • 76 for indoor gatherings
  • for obstruct/contravene/fail to close business
  • for gathering of more than 15

Broken down into districts, the number of FPNs issues are as follows:

Craven – 0

Hambleton – 20

Harrogate – 23

Richmond – 0

Ryedale – 1

Scarborough – 89

Selby – 3

York – 34

*No notable cases have been brought to our attention this week.

Appeal following assault at Askham Bar, York

Officers are appealing for witnesses and information following an assault near Tesco at Askham Bar, York.

The incident happened on Monday 8 March at around 11.40am when an 18 year old was assaulted as he left the Tesco store making his way back to York College. It happened on the ramp that leads from the Tesco carpark to the crossing on Tadcaster Rd.

The suspect is described as a white man, of student age, around 5ft 11in in height, with brown hair and of medium build. He was believed to be wearing wearing a light grey hoodie and dark brown skinny jeans and grey trainers.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police. Dial 101, press 2 and ask to speak to PC Darren Cox.

Please quote reference number  12210073613 when passing on any information.

North Yorkshire Community Messaging is moving

Image result for community messaging gifs

North Yorkshire Police say that they have today sent out communication to all those currently signed up to receive our Community Messaging alerts to let you know that we are moving to a new platform.

This will mean you will need to sign up again to continue receiving alerts and can do so at our website here: Community Messaging – North Yorkshire Police | North Yorkshire Police or by visiting the North Yorkshire Community Messaging website at:

Please be assured the message you have received is not a scam, a copy of the message sent out is below:

North Yorkshire Community Messaging is moving!

We’re making some improvements to the service we deliver to you through Community Messaging and as part of this we are moving to a new system which requires you to sign up again.

All you need to do is click here and re-register to ensure you continue receiving our alerts. It’s essential you do this otherwise you won’t be kept up to date with the latest crime appeals, scam alerts and policing work in your local community.

Our current system will cease on 31st March 2021 and there will be a short pause in the alerts we send out whilst we get everything ready on the new system but you can keep up to date with your local policing team through their social media accounts which you can find here.

Thank you for your understanding whilst we make these important changes.

Good news and the bad news

Good to see that the Post Box on Beagle Ridge Drive has finally been reinstated. It was first sealed off over 6 months ago

Meanwhile, across the street, the long term empty Council bungalow – which the Council has been unable to re-let – is regularly being vandalised. Several other properties have also been targeted.

We are beginning to lose confidence in the York Councils housing management officials.

The Council has been without a permanent head for its Council housing team for nearly a year now. Estate management vacancies are not being filled despite the housing accounts showing a substantial surplus.

York deserves better

Meanwhile the next Councils meeting agenda has been published. Anyone hoping for evidence that Councillors are addressing the major decline in public service standards will be disappointed.

With NHS staff being undervalued, unemployment rates rising, highway network maintenance standards at a new low, street level crime on the rise and housing in a management vacuum, you might have expected at least the official Labour opposition to highlight the issues. In fact you could reasonably expect most back bench Councillors of all parties to start to seriously question what is going wrong.

But no. Labour use an agenda motion to agonise about transgender recognition. They want to instruct schools to use trans childrens “preferred name pronoun”.

Police presence in Spindle Close, Foxwood.

Police are currently at the scene of an incident in Spindle Close in York with concerns for the welfare of a distressed person inside a property.

Specially trained officers are at the scene and are working to bring the incident to a safe conclusion.

The incident is contained within the property and officers believe there is no threat to the wider community.

Thank you to local people who may be affected by the policing presence, for their patience and understanding while this is ongoing.

Catalytic converter theft suspects in custody thanks to York resident’s vigilance

Two men have been arrested in connection with catalytic converter theft in York this morning.

At 3am today, a member of the public called North Yorkshire Police reporting suspicious activity in the Dringhouses area of the city.

Officers responded immediately, and a short time later located a red Honda Civic near Wetherby. The car was stopped and searched, and a catalytic converter and a number of tools were found in the boot.

A Honda Civic stopped in connection with catalytic converter theft in York
A catalytic converter in the boot of car stopped by police

Two men inside, aged 29 and 34, were arrested on suspicion of theft and vehicle interference. They remain in custody at this time. The vehicle was seized for forensic examination.

Earlier this year, North Yorkshire Police launched an operation to clamp down on catalytic converter thefts in York, after an increase in these incidents. High prices for precious metals and the popularity of hybrid vehicles are believed to be two of the factors behind the increase.

At the time, Sgt Laura Cromwell said: “While overall vehicle crime in York is low, catalytic converter theft is an increasingly common crime in our area. That’s why we’ve increased patrols, and are urging residents to take steps to protect their vehicles. If you notice suspicious activity around vehicles, contact the police – if you have information, call 101, and if a crime is in progress, call 999 immediately.”

Since the launch of the operation, high-visibility, proactive patrols, linked to ANPR and police intelligence, have make it increasingly difficult for criminals to operate in the city undetected.

Meanwhile, motorists are being urged to continue taking extra precautions to protect their vehicles:

  • Park your car in a locked garage where possible, or a well-lit and populated area
  • Park close to fences, walls or a kerb, or alongside other vehicles, to make theft more difficult. Avoid parking half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier for thieves to access the catalytic converter
  • If you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, park the low-clearance vehicles to block the high-clearance vehicles and obstruct access underneath
  • Ask your local garage about security measures such as a cage device to lock around the converter, a tilt sensor to activate an alarm if the vehicle is jacked up, or equipment to etch a serial number on the converter itself.
  • If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the police. If a crime is in progress, dial 999. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations.

Officers are working closely with local authorities, and posters warning about catalytic converter theft are displayed at locations across the city. In addition, scrap metal dealers in the region are being asked to be on the lookout for people attempting to sell on catalytic converters, and pass any information to the police.

Appeal following suspected Arson at York library

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about an incident of suspected Arson at Tang Hall Explore Library.

The incident happened some time between 3pm on Saturday 27 February  and 8.30am on Monday 1 March  and involved an area outside of the building being damaged by fire

We are requesting the public’s assistance to help establish the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

In particular, we are appealing for information about anyone who was seen in the area or who saw the fire.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2, and ask for Nicola Russell.

You can also email

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12210069072.


There have also been problems with theft and vandalism on the other side of the City in Foxwood recently. There have been thefts from the community centre garden, fencing has been damaged and windows broken. One empty council bungalow has been a particular target.

CCTV footage suggests teenagers are responsible.

Police are asking anyone who sees any crimes being committed to ring 999 immediately

Police Commissioner poll to go ahead in May

The government has said that elections for regional Police and Crime Commissioners WILL take place in May. The elections were cancelled last year as a result of the pandemic.

Locally Commissioner Julia Mulligan continued in office for another year. She had already been de-selected as a candidate by the Conservative Party.

Candidates will wear masks!

Details of the governments plan can be read here. They indicate how processes will change in order to avoid the spread of infections.

Although electors can still vote in person, most are expected to take advantage of the option of using a postal vote. There will also be a last minute option for anyone to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf if they are tested positive for COVID-19.

There is a requirement for everyone participating in the process to wear a face mask.

The government has controversially instructed candidates and their supporters not to leaflet or canvass for support. They will be able to use “on line” publicity and – paid for – deliveries using approved suppliers such as Royal Mail. Whether candidates will be able to afford to use that option is another matter.

Only 1 in 5 electors actually voted when PCCs last went to the polls in 2016.

The post may be abolished anyway within the next 2 years if the government presses ahead with its plan to replace them with “elected mayors”.

Some are betting that this poll will attract a record low turnout!

Coronavirus York updates; 4th February 2021


There have been four more hospital deaths announced. Two occurred yesterday and two on Tuesday. The fatality total at the York and Scarborough hospitals, since 1st September, has now reached 298.

There is however some better news as the death rate now seems to be declining.

Test results

THIRTY SIX (36) additional positive test results have been announced today. They bring the cumulative total to 11,251

The rate /100k population figure has fallen to 178.53. That is the lowest figure recorded since 21st December 2020

The rate is however, expected to rise again when tomorrows figures are released before falling again over the weekend.

York has an infection rate below the regional and national averages. It is still slightly higher than the overall rate in North Yorkshire but, on current trends, will go below the county rate some time next week.


Good news today as the City no longer has any neighbourhoods with a very high level of cases (over 400). The number of cases in Haxby has dropped from 23 to 17.

In addition – for the first time since 21st December, we have a neighbourhood (the City Centre) with a case rate of less than 50

Things may change again tomorrow when we are expecting a spike in cases, but hopefully next week more neighbourhoods will fall below the 200 case rate threshold.


National and regional


According to latest government figures, there are 175 COVID-19 patients being cared for by the York Hospital Trust.

This represents a substantial reduction on last weeks figure which was above 200.

Twelve are in intensive care


5407 PCR test were completed during the week ending 30th January in the City. 7.8% of the tests were positive. The positivity rate continues to fall

1725 lateral flow test were completed yesterday (3rd)

Police enforcement

North Yorkshire Police have issued a further 143 FPNs for breaches of the Coronavirus regulations since the 26 January 2021.

This takes the total number of FPNs issued since the third national lockdown began on 6 January 2021 to 471.

The numbers are broken down by region, gender, age and breach below.

The total number of notices issued in York since 6th January 2021 has been 114. Most were for unlawful indoor gatherings.

…..but crime levels generally reducing

Annual crime statistics have been published today by the Office of National Statistics. Crime in England and Wales – Office for National Statistics (

Covering the 12-month period to year ending September 2020, the figures show recorded crime has decreased by 9 % percent in North Yorkshire.

Deputy Chief Constable Phil Cain, said:

“Not withstanding that for the past ten months, the global pandemic has supressed some areas of crime, such a burglary and theft, the overall figures for North Yorkshire are encouraging.

“The decrease in overall crime is also down to some significant pro-active work by a number of teams across the force.

“We believe Stalking and Harassment offences have continued to rise due to the fact victims have increased confidence in reporting it. The increase can also be attributed to the requirement to record multiple crimes where stalking and/or harassment has occurred, rather than simply one crime per incident.

“With drugs offences, the rise reflects our pro-active approach to dealing with drugs issues such as County Lines. This issue causes a disproportionate amount of harm to local communities and increases the fear of crime – this is why county lines continues to remain a priority. My thanks go to the public for providing the community intelligence which enables this pro-active work to be carried out. This intelligence is key to us achieving these results.

“Post-lockdown in the summer of 2020, we experienced a significant rise in public order offences at some of our beauty spots.  We responded to this with an increase in enforcement in those areas.

“The landscape of policing will endure change as we respond to the pandemic, however we will continue to place victims at the centre of everything we do.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank our committed workforce who do their very best every day to keep our communities safe. Equally I want to thank the public of North Yorkshire and the City of York for their support during this incredibly challenging time for us all.”