Time to spend the cycle budget

More evidence of neglect of our cycle routes. Two of the direction signs on the cycle link between Thanet Road and Sherringham Drive have been removed.

Time to use some of the Councils large cycling budget to get the signs replaced and to get the white lines repainted?

Missing sign at the Thanet Road junction. Delineating while lines have almost disappeared.
Similar problem at the Wains Road link
Anyone getting as far as Sherringham Drive will find the path still covered in weeds with overgrown hedges making progress difficult.

More on weed control in York

The Council has now replied to our complaint about inadequate weed control on public areas this summer.

They candidly accept now that the spraying has not been satisfactory.

They are now commencing a re-spray. The spray will include a colouring agent which will show which areas have received attention.

Weeds on the A59 have not been treated

This will be supplemented by Council staff who will work on areas not included on the contract. The areas near Poppleton on the A59 are a high priority.

Another problem has developed with obstructions to public cycle and footpaths.

Again the path on the A59 is one that is blocked

Path near Poppleton is still blocked
Brambles over growing the cycle path on Tadcaster Road may become a safety issue with darker nights coming.
Bushes are impeding access to the Hob Moor cycle track
Hedges blocking the cycle path at the rear of Hob Stones still haven’t been cut back
Someone has spent some time on this graffiti near the southern by pass
But less time on this!

Long wait for replacement cycle barriers

Residents were promised that new cycle barriers would be provided on the cycle route which links Thanet Road and Sherringham Drive.

“Lego” barriers on cycle path near Sherringham Drive.

The old barriers were removed following damage last year. A temporary replacement (aimed at halting misuse by motorcyclists) was provided in the form of building blocks.

Over 6 months later and they are still there with no communication form the Council about what progress is being made in providing a permanent solution.

Poor customer service from the City of York Council.

Plenty of issues for Council candidates to get their teeth into

The new Scarborough Bridge cycle and footpath is due to open next week. Several of the paths linking to the bridge require resurfacing
Many other roads need to be resurfaced including Lady Road near Clifton School
The cycle path on The Mount is in particularly poor condition
Damaged fencing on Dame Judy Dench Walk near the “Inn in the City”
Corroded steps leading up to Lendal Bridge need a coat of paint

A bridge too near?

First walk across new Scarborough Bridge, York ahead of next month’s opening following £4.4m upgrade

The new bridge is the first over the River Ouse in York city centre for 138 years

Unfortunately it does little for cyclists travelling from, and to, the Leeman Road area who still face an unpleasant journey through the black tunnel of Marble Arch (which lacks a waterproof membrane). It remains a major obstacle to the development of the York Central site.

Scarborough bridge cycle track with train!

The first steps across the new Scarborough Bridge, York, were taken during a site visit today (Tuesday 19 March) to see how the £4.4m scheme to boost access for people travelling by bike or on foot between the train station and the city centre is progressing.

The new bridge has been delivered in partnership by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority through its £60m CityConnect programme aimed at encouraging more people to cycle and walk, City of York Council, and York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Enterprise Partnership (YNYER EP).  The bridge is due to open to the public next month (April).

Scarborough Bridge has been closed to the public since the end of January to allow for ongoing construction works, including the old footbridge being lifted out by rail crane to make way for the new, wider and more accessible shared use bridge. 

More than 3,000 people crossed the old footbridge daily, despite access issues. 

At 65-metres long the new bridge is three times as wide at 3.7metres, increasing access to more people.  It had to be lifted into place in four separate parts due to its size.     

Improvement works also include step-free access with ramps as well as new external steps leading to the riverside paths.

On the southern side a new path on the top of the embankment will mean people can travel directly between York Station and the new bridge, providing a traffic free scenic route to the city centre.  The new bridge will be accessible even when in flood. 

The original bridge was designed and built by Robert Stephenson in 1845. This first iteration saw the walkway placed between the railway tracks and was accessed by internal steps.

When York Station was moved in 1873-5 the bridge was updated to make it suitable. This is when the old footbridge was installed and, until recently, had remained largely unchanged for the last 144 years.

For more information about the Scarborough Bridge scheme visit www.york.gov.uk/scarboroughbridge

Volunteers start to clean up Foxwood park

Foxwood Residents Association Volunteers made a start on clearing dead vegetation from the Foxwood Park this morning. 

It is hoped that a bulb planting day will be organised next week 

The cycle path markings on Bellhouse Way have been repainted. Much improved for both cyclists and pedestrians

It’s not just the York City centre that needs some weed killer!

We do increasingly wonder whether either Councillors or officials actually routinely check the quality of public services in some parts of the City?

Take the cycle/footpath which links Water Lane to Hazelnut Grove and Rawcliffe beyond.

It is obstructed with nettles, brambles and weeds. It has clearly not been swept for months?

We hope that even if the York Council ignores issues like these, residents will report them using the Fix My Street web site (as we have done today). Regular maintenance can make a big difference to the local environment

Detritus on Water Lane cycle opath

Detritus on Water Lane cycle path

Nettles impede Water Lane cycle path

Nettles impede Water Lane cycle path


A1237 northern by pass – evening closure for up to a week from 15th November

Cycle bridge to be installed – Unfinished cycle route saga to end?

cycle path Wigginton

Improvements to the much criticised cycle path built on the A1237 near Wigginton may be coming to a conclusion.

The York Council has published the following legal notice.

Notice is hereby given that City of York Council, not less than 7 days from the publication of this Notice, intends to make an Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 prohibiting vehicles from proceeding in A1237 York between its junctions with Wigginton Road (B1363) and Haxby Road (closed road) during the period commencing at 1900hrs on the 15th day of November 2014 and ending at 0700hrs on the 20th day of January 2015 (works period) or at time when new Haxby Cycleway Bridge installation works being undertaken by crane operations from the closed road have been completed whichever is the earlier. This is to ensure that the said works can be carried out safely. It is envisaged that the prohibition will only be put in to place, between the following times and dates:

  • 1900hrs on Saturday 15th November 2014 till 0800hrs on Sunday 16th November;
  • 1900hrs on Sunday 16th November 2014 till 0630hrs on Monday 17th November;
  • 1900hrs on Monday 17th November 2014 till 0630hrs on Tuesday 18th November.

An alternative route for diverted traffic will be available via Wigginton Road, Mill Lane, The Village, York Road, Haxby Road and vice versa. Traffic signs/barriers will indicate the extent of the prohibitions.

Speed limit at Rufforth extended

Cycle path to be investigated

A 40mph “buffer” speed limit on the B1224 approach to the east end of Rufforth village is to be established. The planned changes, aimed at helping cyclists,  have been opposed by the Police who describe them as “inappropriate”

An off-road cycle link between the village and the bridleway adjoining the B1224 to the east is also being investigated.

As we predicted in 2012, the Council has  failed to secure its original preferred route for part of the cycle track and cyclists currently use the busy B1224 for part of its length.

Behind closed doors logoThe decision on the cycle route  was a controversial one with an alternative (via current rights of way across part of the airfield and an established bridleway to link to Grange Lane) offering a shorter route for many journeys.

However both options failed to deal convincingly with access across the A1237 (northern by pass)

The speed limit plans were agreed at a behind closed doors decision session

A map showing the plans can be found by clicking here