Some streets cleaner

Good to see that progress has been made in clearing moss and detritus from the Grange Lane – Chapelfields Road snicket. Nearby hydrants sign – damaged 2 years ago – has still not been repaired

and the lane to the rear of the Front Street/ Beaconsfield Street is tidier than it has been for some time

March of the mattresses

We seem to have a blight of fly tipped mattresses in west York.

We reported one that had been dumped behind the railings on the Kingsway West/Green Lane snicket a few weeks ago. It’s still there as the Council claim that it is on “private land”. It’s actually on land that has traditionally been maintained by an internal drainage board. The authorities need to come to an agreement on how the “public realm” will be kept tidy in future.

Elsewhere a mattress appeared on Foxwood Park and was subsequently set on fire.

And another has been duimped on the Chapelfields Road – Wetherby Road snicket.

We think that it is about time manufacturers to come up with an accessible recycling system for bulky items like these.

Coronavirus York updates; 11th April 2021


Two additional deaths have been announced by the York Hospital Trust today. One occurred on Thursday and one on Friday. The death rate remains well below the level seen in January.

Test results

The government supplied case figures are still being retrospectively amended. The cumulative total today for York is now 12,159. The table below represents the up to date position

The number of cases in the City has fallen from 24 to 19.

The rate /100k population figure has fallen to 9.02. This is the lowest rate seen in the City since 12th September 2020.

It is expected to remain at around this level tomorrow before there is a spike on Tuesday which will see the rate rise to above 10.

Infection rates continue to fall at all levels.


The majority of neighbourhoods in York now have zero COVID-19 cases



3637 PCR tests were conducted in the City during the week ending 6th April

Of these, 0.5% were positive. That represents a reduction on the previous days figure of 0.6%

950 “lateral flow” tests were also conducted on 10th April.

Revised restrictions from tomorrow (Monday)