£600 fines for illegal waste disposal in west York

Two people from York have been fined a total of £600 after pleading guilty to running an unregulated waste business without the relevant licences, and illegally dumping the waste they collected.

Broad Lane

At York Magistrates Court on 23 August 2017, Leigh Garside, aged 26 of Roache Avenue, York was fined £450 and was ordered to pay £250 in costs and a court surcharge of £45.

Paige Greenwood, aged 24 of Heathside, York was fined £150 and told to pay £200 in costs and a £30 court surcharge.

Both failed to turn up to an earlier hearing which resulted in a warrant being issued for their arrest.

On 29 December 2016, two residents responded to a Facebook post by Paige Greenwood offering to remove waste from their properties. She arranged for her partner Leigh Garside to remove the waste in a white unmarked van and was paid £10 on both occasions.

Investigating a complaint about fly tipping on Broad Lane, Upper Poppleton, officers found labels on waste boxes giving the address of one of the residents who had paid for the collection.

On 27January 2017, notices were served on Mr Garside to produce copies of his waste carrier’s licence and evidence of lawful disposal of waste that he had collected in the last two years. He couldn’t do either.

Ms Greenwood admitted posting messages on Facebook but hadn’t ensured that Mr Garside was a registered waste carrier, while Mr Garside admitted to dumping waste in Broad Lane, Upper Poppleton, to carrying waste without a licence and failing to produce information about waste and other environmental offences.

Mr Garside told investigators that he was unaware of the requirements and that he dumped the waste on a pile already there thinking that it wouldn’t make any difference.

Andrew Waller, executive councillor with responsibility for the environment, said:

Fly tipping on Bradley Drive amongst issues reported today

Broken branch on tree overhanging the Walker Drive snicket. Reported by Cllr Sheena Jackson

Black bag dumped next to bin on Gale lane

Cllr Sheena Jackson has asked for this fly tipping to be cleared from Bradley Drive

Bushes on Askham Lane near the A1237 are forcing pedestrians to walk on the highway. We have asked for the bushes to be removed,.

Undergrowth is causing sight line problems for motorists leaving Otterwood Lane

Anyone lost a bed?

Bed found in Acomb Wood Meadow

Mattresses and other items were dumped at the entrance to Acomb Wood Meadow – near Linnet Way – a few weeks ago.

In the past, the York Council has dealt with fly tipping at this location.

No more, it seems, as they claim that Accent Housing – who own the properties on Bellwood Drive and Linnet Way – also own the snicket entry to the meadow. So its private land and not the responsibility of the Council to keep clean.

That came as news to Accent’s estate manager.

Now the Housing Association and local authority are engaged in a “not me gov” type wrangle.

The dumping is occurring on a protected area which is an important foraging ground for local wildlife. It complements the adjacent Acomb Wood.

Sadly fly tipping has been increasing since the monthly skip service stopped in York in April. Despite many promises a new programme fo skips has not been procured yet.

I’t about time all those involved got their acts together.


Natural environment under pressure from fly-tippers in parts of York

Several nature areas are suffering problems with dumping and litter.

The problem is likely to get worse as the summer approaches. Not only is there no local recycling centre on the west of the City, but the regular skip visits, funded by the Council on many estates, ceased suddenly on 1st April.

These are some of the areas that we have reported recently

Foxwood park dumping

Acomb Wood Meadow dumping

Acomb Wood Meadow tree cover being eroded

Westfield Fen woodland covered in litter

Remains of a bonfire adjacent to Westfield bog

Some residents are now saying that the boundaries of nature areas should be secured – with access allowed only under supervision – at least until the areas have had a chance to regenerated.

Areas like the Foxwood Park are, however, widely used for other leisure activities and here enforcement of anti dumping laws appears to be the only way forward. The Council may install CCTV cameras to catch dumpers.  

Fly tipping fines can now be as much as £400.

The Foxwood Residents Association is starting discussions with Accent Housing which is the landlord of some of the proprieties which border the threatened areas. They will be asking for their help in funding improvements along the boundaries together with regular clean ups.

In addition it will be suggested that  skips visit the estate regularly to allow tenants to dispose of unwanted items.

Wildlife is,however, thriving on the Lowfields playing fields the boundary of which is normally secured.

Ironically this is an area that the Council hopes to develop.


Call for action on fly tipping

Cllr Sheena Jackson has reported dumping problems

Local Cllr Sheena Jackson has called for action as more dumping has taken place this week.

One vehicle targeted a public litter bin which was filled with domestic rubbish before a black sack was also dumped next to it.

The problem is likely to get worse if the Council don’t act quickly to restore the regular skip visit service which ended in March.

The Foxwood Residents Association has polled residents on their local budget priorities. The results of the consultation will be discussed at their AGM next week (19th April).

Continuation of the skip service will be a high priority according to residents responses.


Action taken to clear fly tipping and litter

Good to see the Council taking prompt action to remove the fly tipping from Askham Lane
Also the long standing problem with graffiti on the Tithe Close snicket.
Other snickets have also been cleared of litter.
Slower progress in removing fly tipping from the Grange Lane park and in sweeping some gutters.

Fly tipping

Really no need for this sort of fly-tipping seen on Askham Lane today. It was reported at 2:00pm.

The skips are vising the area for at least another month or so and we have been promised that a replacement service will operate after April.

On the spot fines of £400 can now be levied.

Commercial fly tippers can face fines of up to £500,000 and a prison sentence

If you discover fly tipped waste, please report it to the Council’s customer centre or via the eform

See also https://www.york.gov.uk/homepage/18/waste_and_recycling