Delays on refuse collection in parts of York

The York Council has not been able to collect all recycling in Acomb which was missed yesterday (due to vehicle breakdown). They will return on Thursday to collect all recycling which is still not collected from the following streets:

  • Lidget Grove,
  • Church Gate,
  • Wheatlands Grove,
  • Shirley Avenue,
  • Springwood Grove,
  • Almsford Drive,
  • Celtic Close,
  • Cranbrook Avenue,
  • Cranbrook Road.

In addition the Council has not been able to collect recycling today from rural areas in Askham Bryan and Acaster Malbis plus

  • The Garden Village,
  • Earswick Chase,
  • Northlands Avenue,
  • Lock House Lane,

They hope to collect this recycling tomorrow. Please have your recycling ready for 7am.

Changes planned to recycling collection days in York

The York Council says that from 1st April there will major changes to recycling collection arrangements in the City.
New refuse collections vehicles have been ordered by the York Council

New refuse collections vehicles have been ordered by the York Council

In approximately half of the City, recycling collections will take place on a different day to Green/Grey bin emptying.

At the moment the Council Is not saying which homes will be affected but a decision on the proposal is set to be taken on 9th January

Clearly some households will be inconvenienced by a change of this sort – particularly if they are expected to put rubbish out before 7:00am on two occasions in a week.

To help improve efficiency the Council is investing in new recycling trucks (left).

Recently the Council has been criticised for “co-mingling” recyclables in one vehicle compartment incurring additional costs when it is sorted later.  “Spy” photos of the practice, circulated on social media, were initially repudiated by officials but it now turns out that the practice was costing taxpayers over £60 a load (equivalent to around £40,000 a year)

There are several good points in the proposals.

  • Enhanced recycling collections will be extended to rural areas like Kexby.
  • During the first 3 months of the new arrangements, a back up vehicle will respond to any teething problems.
  • Residents who need new recycling boxes or nets will be able to collect them free of charge.

The new arrangements are expected to reduce Council expenditure by over £360,000 a year. There are likely to be some  job loses among the refuse collection workforce.

The Council says that it plans to rearrange Grey/Green bin collection arrangements in 2018

NB. Responding to a Councillors survey undertaken in the Westfield ward last summer, 52% rated the refuse collection service as “Good”, 39% said it was satisfactory and only 9% described it as “Poor”.

Equivalent figures for recycling were “Good” – 43%, Satisfactory – 48% and 9% – “Poor”.

These were the two most highly rated public services in the City according to residents.

New winter waste collections agreed

Residents are set to benefit from two additional garden waste collections this winter as well as improved recycling collections over Christmas, following approval at a public decision session today.

Households which receive garden waste collections across the city will benefit from two additional collections in November.

In addition to this, improvements will be made to recycling collections over Christmas to ensure that the maximum time residents will wait for their recycling collection is three weeks, instead of four weeks.

“Save our bins” petition launched

Residents have launched a petition calling on the York Council to reverse its proposal to reduce refuse bin collection frequencies and scrap the £35 green bin emptying charge.

click to download

click to download

The petition also asks the Council to abandon its plan – agreed at its budget meeting on 26th February – to introduce a £35 a year charge for emptying green bins. The charge has been heavily criticised as a new “stealth” tax – the equivalent of a 4% increase in Council Tax levels for most residents.

The Labour run authority introduced a £35 fee for emptying second, and subsequent, green bins last year.

The new tax will apply to all green bins and will hit the least well off hardest (as the charge will not be offset by increased benefit payments).

Residents fear that the charge will lead to more hedgerow dumping.

The risk will be increased by the move to 3 or 4 weekly grey bin emptying.

Dumping has already become an increasing problem on the west of the City since Labour’s controversial decision to close the civic amenity recycling centre on Beckfield Lane a couple of years ago.

Former Council Leader Steve Galloway is backing the petition.

“Many public service cuts are being hidden from residents by dubbing them part of a “rewiring” exercise.

This title means nothing to most people.

A consultation in February was a shambles with leaflets advertising activities being delivered after the event had finished.  A bogus list of choices failed to specifically ask for resident’s views on bin charging and reduced emptying frequencies.

Residents need to make their views known now.

A new Council will be elected on May 7th. It will have an early opportunity  to reverse the damaging decisions that have been taken over recent weeks”

The petition also asks the Council to provide more litter bins and to give a higher priority to keeping highways and hedgerows free from litter and dumped items.

A copy of the petition can be down loaded by clicking here

The petition can be signed “on line” here