Report those puddles!

Residents are being urged to report any accumulation of surface water to the York Council.

Today’s heavy rain has meant that several roads and footpaths are impeded by large puddles.

In some cases these may be the result of blocked gulleys

In other cases the cause may be a poorly aligned carriageway.

Either way, the Council needs to add any vulnerable locations to its future maintenance programmes.

Reports can be made on line via the “Report it” system. Click to access

Some City centre carriageways have been affected

Good work by York Council as Hob Moor access restored

Anyone for a shower?

There are still too many blocked drainage gullies in parts of York. This mornings rain demonstrated the scale of the problem with flooding at the bottom of Hamilton Drive East a particular hazard. There were similar if less spectacular problems on Nigel Grove and Foxwood Lane. All have been reported for attention

Weather has impact on services in York

High winds have been blamed for he increase in litter seen today. Insecure recycling has been blown around many suburbs with the Council struggling to catch up on their collection schedules post New Year.

Full litter bin on Bellhouse Way

Leaf and tree detritus in gutters on Askham Croft

Litter blown by high winds today in St Stephens Road

Surface water problem at junction of Ashford Place and Ascot Way

Waterlogged verges are being damaged by vehicles

Time to report blocked gullies in York – new salt bins arrive just as snow is forecast

As well as the flooding the ongoing rainfall has revealed a number of drainage issues on local highways.  With the first snow of winter now forecast, it is important to get local drainage systems working efficiently as quickly as possible.

As well as arranging special gully cleans, the York Council does have a small budget available to “dig out” drains which are permanently blocked.

It is important to record issues with the York Council using “on line” services such as “Fix My Street“. Dozens of issues have been reported using this service over the last 6 months. Their web site shows which issues have been dealt with and which are outstanding

Blocked gulley on Bellhouse Way reported to Council
Blocked gulley on Bellhouse Way reported to Council
A replacement for the salt bin (removed by the Labour Council 3 years ago) has now been installed in St Stephens Mews courtesy of the Westfield Ward committee
A replacement for the salt bin (removed by the Labour Council 3 years ago) has now been installed in St Stephens Mews courtesy of the Westfield Ward committee

Ponding reveals blocked drains in Foxwood area

Bellhouse Way flooding

Bellhouse Way flooding

Bellwood Drive flooding

Bellwood Drive flooding

A combination of accumulated leaves and inadequate routine cleaning of drainage gullies has resulted in quite a lot of localised ponding today.

Flooding occurred on part of Bellhouse Way.

It also became clear that a blocked drain in the housing area off Bellwood Drive – which was reported over a month ago – had still not been cleared.

We have reported both issues.

Gulley cleaning halved by York Council

Grange Lane - layby close to School Entrance gulley almost blocked with leavesThe Council has confirmed that it has reduced by nearly half the number of times that drainage gulleys are cleaned in the City.

There were approximately 20664 cleans last year compared to 38000 when the LibDems were in control of the Council.

The cuts are blamed by residents for increasing problems with ponding and flooding in some local streets.