Bus route diversions in York

Many services affected including number 4

Disruption to all traffic, including bus services, is expected during various works in January-March 2018.

Temporary lights will be in place at the Piccadilly/Pavement junction for 4 weeks from Mon 8th Jan during utility works.Monks Cross Park & Ride will move from its temporary stop at Pavement to another temporary stop on Stonebow (beyond the mini-roundbout) during this time.

Work to upgrade all traffic signals and pedestrian crossings at Lendal Arch Gyratory is likely to cause delays to all services from Mon 22nd January for up to 9 weeks. During this time, the following bus diversions will be in place:

  • Services 3 (Askham Bar P&R), 4 and 59 (Poppleton Bar P&R) heading towards York will divert via Nunnery Lane. Passengers for York Rail Station should alight at Blossom Street. All usual pick-up stops in the city centre will be served.
  • Services 45, 46, 196 and 747 will terminate and start at Piccadilly (45/46) or Merchantgate (196/747). Station Rd, Rougier St, Micklegate and Low Ousegate will not be served – please also see diversions for 29th Jan-9th Feb below.
  • Service 9 (Monks Cross P&R) will terminate and start at Clifford Street TG. Rougier Street and Micklegate will not be served.
  • Service 66 heading towards the University will pick up at Rougier Street CA and Rail Station RG (opposite side of the road from usual) then divert via Nunnery Lane and Skeldergate Bridge. Buses will pick up from Merchantgate PC as usual.
  • Service 181 will terminate and start at Stonebow. Station Ave, Rougier St, Micklegate and Low Ousegate will not be served.
  • Cityzap will terminate and start at York Rail Station. Rougier St, Micklegate, Low Ousegate and Stonebow will not be served.

Piccadilly will be closed to all southbound traffic from Monday 29 Jan for 2 weeks during utility works. During this time, the following bus diversions will be in place:

  • Service 8 (Grimston Bar P&R) will divert via Lawrence St, Walmgate and St Denys’ Rd, terminating at Piccadilly PD (outside former Banana Warehouse). Buses to Grimston Bar will depart from Piccadilly PD instead of PB. James Street and Morrison’s will not be served.
  • Services 10, X46 and X47 towards Stamford Bridge/Hull will divert via Clifford Street TG. Piccadilly PA and Walmgate will not be served. Buses towards Poppleton and York Station will follow their normal route.
  • Service 16 and X36 will take a different route between Micklegate and Piccadilly, but will continue to pick up passengers from all the usual stops.
  • Service 24, 25, 26 will stop at Clifford Street TG instead of Piccadilly PA. Buses towards Derwenthorpe, Acomb and South Bank will use their usual stops at Piccadilly PE/PF.
  • Services 45 and 46 will terminate at Piccadilly PF and start at Clifford St TG. Station Road, Rougier Street, Micklegate, Low Ousegate, Piccadilly PA and Walmgate (outbound) will not be served.

Highway improvement works on the A19 at Germany Beck and Crockey Hill will also take place between January and March. The exit of Wheldrake Lane onto the A19 will be closed until Sunday 28th January. Services 18 and 36 heading towards York will divert via Escrick. School buses will not need to divert.

Please allow extra time for your journeys during this period.

Stonebow stops SA, SB and SC are closed until early 2018 due to major refurbishment works at Stonebow House.

  • All services will use the temporary stops at the Peasholme Green end of Stonebow, between the junctions with Garden Place and Hungate.

For more information on bus route diversions and cancellations, please see:

  • Our York Travel twitter feed, which appears on this page;
  • YorkLive.info, which shows a map of current roadworks;
  • Real-time bus information screens at city centre stops (and other key locations);
  • Posters at bus stops and on buses;
  • Bus company websites and Twitter feeds (see below);
Bus company Web Twitter
Arriva Service Updates @arrivayorkshire
ConnexionsBuses News @connexionsbuses
East Yorkshire Motor Services Service Information @EYBuses
First News and service updates @FirstYork
Reliance Reliance Live @reliancebus
Transdev Latest News @yorkbus
Stephenson’s of Easingwold Latest News @stephensonbus

UPDATED Work completed on new bus lane. ANPR cameras on site


The new bus lane on Low Poppleton Lane/Millfield Lane is ready to be opened. It will be guarded by ANPR cameras which will automatically issue £90 fine notices to anyone driving through the “gate”, other than local bus services

The scheme has attracted criticism because of safety concerns. It emerged the decision was taken in early September without any public consultation.

The papers for the decision meeting don’t include the usual safety audit.

Most criticism has come from moped users who claim the new system will force them to use the busy A1237 northern by pass. That route involves the use of two multi lane roundabouts.

The Council have been alerted to the issue, but they claim that moped riders could dismount and push their bikes along the adjacent cycle lane. We think that there is little chance that most moped users will do that. Most will simply by-pass the gate by riding along the cycle track.

Anyone with concerns can email them to lowpoppletonlane.trial@york.gov.uk

In the meantime, a Freedom of Information request has been submitted to the Council asking it to publish the safety audit reports for the area together with accident, speed and volume figures

NB. Restrictions on Low Poppleton Lane were originally introduced following problems with sugar beet lorries short cutting through a street which included a school entrance. The sugar factory has long gone while the school has moved and now occupies a site on Millfield Lane

York bus services “some of the best in the region” claim

Figures compiled by the Department for Transport (DfT) show that improvements made to York’s buses helped take 460,000 car trips off the city’s roads last year, the equivalent of a traffic jam from York to Moscow.

The DfT’s annual statistics on public transport use show that the number of people using York’s buses has increased for the fourth year in a row.  Last year there were 16.8 million passengers on York’s buses, compared to15 million in 2012/13.  This is a growth in passengers of 12 percent, which is in contrast with the rest of the Yorkshire and Humber region which has fallen by 4 percent.

Passenger satisfaction information, collected by Transport Focus on behalf of the York Quality Bus Partnership, also suggests that 90 percent of York’s bus passengers are satisfied with the service they receive – a rate above the national average of 87 percent, and above the rates for West and South Yorkshire.

The figures are similar to those found by a Liberal Democrat residents survey undertaken in west York last year

The council and bus operators have worked together to improve York’s bus network over the last few years through the York Quality Bus Partnership.  Innovations in York have included:

  •      Improvements to bus information, including new on-street timetables and more real time displays
  •      Two new park and ride sites at Askham Bar and Poppleton Bar
  •      Fare reductions and new tickets
  •      Improvements to well used bus stops in the city centre including Museum Street and Exhibition Square.
  •      New electric buses on the Poppleton and Monks Cross park and ride services
  •      Introduction of refurbished electric open-top buses on the City Sightseeing tour service
  •      New services, such as the CityZap service between York and Leeds, and new vehicles and higher frequencies on some existing services
  •      Introduction of a multi-operator “AllYork” ticket and a smartcard ticket
  •      The introduction of two “Bus Wardens” and the bus enquiry desk at the Railway Station to help passengers

In the next six months there will be further improvements to the network, particularly opening improved bus interchanges at Stonebow and Rougier Street. New buses will also be introduced on Coastliner and EYMS services.  FirstYork will be introducing new ticket machines across their network which will allow contactless payment.  Over the next 12 months First will be introducing new buses on the Askham Bar, Rawcliffe Bar, Grimston Bar and Designer Outlet park and ride services as the new park and ride operating contract is introduced.

Changes to bus service timetables in York from today (Sunday 7th January 2018)

 From Sunday 7 January 2018 First have made timetable changes to the 1, 4, 6, 9 (Park & Ride), 11, 66, 66A, so they “are running more reliably”

Download changes to the bus times from the pdf here.

All of the new timetables are linked below and the City of York council have the information to update the stops, so you know what time to catch your bus!

York bus service reliability stats published

The York Council has made a small step forward in publishing monthly reliability stats for local bus services.

In the past the authority had been heavily criticised for publishing only the minimum statistics required by central government. This was a “snap shot of services taken in November

Monthly  stats are now available on the iTravel website. Their availability has not been widely publicised.

The stats reveal that reliability has generally been good but that it suffered a setback in the Autumn.

We hope that the next step will be for route by route stats to be published.

The Council says that “the published measure is calculated using timings from every bus service in the York area for which real-time information is available. This currently comprises all local bus services operated by Arriva, EYMS, First and Transdev (excluding CitySightseeing).

The measure provides a picture of overall punctuality across all routes in York over the last 12 months”.

he reported punctuality figure for each month consists of the percentage of measure periods during that month where punctuality is:

  • Good – average schedule deviation less than 4 minutes.
  • Outstanding – average schedule deviation less than 2 minutes.

Bus services in York have generally been improving during the last couple of years. Customer satisfaction surveys, carried out by Councillors in the Westfield Ward earlier in 201,7 found that bus services were the highest rated public service in most neighbourhoods.

That is a major change round  compared to the results of similar surveys conducted 15 years ago.

Some buses running in York today (Boxing Day)

Boxing Day New for Boxing Day running every 30 minutes from 8am to 6pm

4 – Acomb – Foxwood Lane and York city centre
5 – Earswick via Huntington and York city centre
6 – Tang Hall, York city centre and Clifton Moor

Park & Ride buses to York city centre running every 15 minutes from 8.30am-6pm/6.30pm

3 – Askham bar
7 – Designer Outlet
9 – Monks Cross

More at https://www.firstgroup.com/york/christmas-timetable-0

Free parking at Piccadilly between 3:00pm & 9:00pm on Thurs/Frid

Late night park and Ride on Thursdays
  Residents and visitors to the city will get an early Christmas present this year with an extended Park & Ride service and free parking in Piccadilly multi-storey car park.

First York has extended Park & Ride services to run every Thursday evening from Thursday 16 November until Saturday 23 December. These services proved popular last year allowing people to enjoy the York Christmas Festival for longer, which starts on Thursday.

York Business Improvement District (BID) has worked with the council to offer people free parking at Piccadilly multi-storey car park from 3-9pm every Thursday and Friday. Free parking is available every Thursday and Friday from 16 November until 22 December.

Space availability signs

Usage of the Piccadilly car park has reduced since the advanced car parking space availability signs, which used to be available on arterial routes into the City, stopped working 4 years ago. 

Similarly the “York Live” on line parking information – which should be updated in “real time”  – continues to project an inaccurate picture of space availability in the City centre (click here to test)

Real time parking information in York click to access

Park & Ride services will run every 15 minutes from all Park & Ride sites every Thursday. The Designer Outlet service will run later from Monday to Saturday.

Full timetable information is available online, but most services will now operate until 9.30pm on Thursday evenings, or Monday to Saturday from the Designer Outlet.

The Park & Ride services will run every 15 minutes, with the last services leaving the city centre at the following times:

Askham Bar (white line – route 3) – Rougier Street at 9.33pm

Designer Outlet (red line – route 7) – York Railway Station at 9.46pm

Monks Cross (silver line – route 9) – Rougier Street at 9.30pm

Poppleton Bar (turquoise line – route 59) – Station Road 9.33pm

Rawcliffe Bar (green line – route 2) – Museum Street at 9.30pm

Grimston Bar (yellow line – route 8) – Piccadilly at 9.30pm

For more information about travelling in and around York visit www.itravelyork.info

Thanet Road closed on Sunday

The Council have issued a statement today saying that Thanet Road will be closed fro several hours on Sunday

This is apparently connected to the current work undergoing to install road humps and renew pedestrian crossing equipment.

The short notice of the closure is unusual. The Council have failed to even issue a media release to alert residents. No word either on the iTravel twitter feed @iTravelYork or @york_travel

The number 4 bus service is being diverted via Bellhouse Way and Moor Lane.

The road between Foxwood Lane and Lidl will close at 8:00am and will reopen by 4:00pm (depending on how quickly the works are completed)


Rougier Street bus stops set for upgrade


From Monday 23 October City of York Council is set to start the next phase of work to improve the Rougier Street bus stops which are some of the most used in the city.

The improvements include installing new paving and kerbs to help ready the area for the new bus shelter in January. The work is expected to take four weeks to complete with the stops ready for passengers on Monday 20 November.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for buses to stop on the Roman House side of Rougier Street whilst the repaving works is underway.  Because of this, bus stops on this side of the road (CA-CC) will be closed for four weeks whilst the work takes place.

Depending on the bus route, the nearest alternative stops will be at Low Ousegate, Station Avenue, the Railway Station or a temporary stop at Micklegate.  A list of bus services showing the nearest alternative stops during the closure period is available at www.itravelyork.info .

The Rougier Street bus stops will reopen on 20 November, for the Christmas and New Year period, then will close in January for the new shelter to be installed.

The work is part of the Better Bus Area Fund which has also seen improvements to the bus stop on Museum Street. Work is also taking place to enhance the Stonebow bus interchange.

More spy cameras heading for York

The York Council is planning to install ANPR cameras at 3 more sites in York. The revelation comes only days after it was revealed that the only existing camera site on Coppergate has confirmed a very low level of abuse of the access restrictions there.

Now the Council says that it will install cameras at:

Foss Islands Road

  • Foss Islands Road Retail park
  • Shipton Road by Rawcliffe Bar &
  • Low Poppleton Lane (replacing the existing, unreliable, rising bollard)

The cameras are intended to enforce bus lane access restrictions.

The Council has published a list of 9 further locations which the cameras may also be introduced.

Shipton Road

The bus companies have told the Council that journey times area not adversely affected at present by vehicles misusing bus lanes in the City.

Cameras cost £15,000 per location.

In addition, there are some ongoing maintenance and fine processing costs plus the cost of improving signage (£10,000).

The cameras require very clear warning signage (the first attempt at ANPR enforcement on Coppergate failed this test).

Vehicles must travel 50m in the bus lane to trigger a penalty.

Shipton Road

The Low Poppleton Lane plans are likely to be particularly scrutinised.

The rising bollard dates for the days when sugar beet lorries used to deliver in the area.

Now it simply prevents a “short cut”.

The whole area needs a comprehensive management plan as part of the proposed redevelopment of the old school/sugar factory site. Plans are recommended for approval at a planning committee meeting taking pace next week (click here)