Latest waste service update from York Council

Monday 15 June

We were unable to collect household waste from Granville Terrace in Guildhall due to blocked access. We’ll attempt to collect this waste on Tuesday 16 June. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect recycling waste from the following streets in Copmanthorpe and Foxwood, due to operating under COVID-19 restrictions:

  • Drome Road
  • Temple Garth
  • Temple Lane
  • Corlett Court
  • Morrell Court
  • Rodgers Court
  • Vincent Way
  • Walker Drive

We’ll attempt to collect this waste on Tuesday 16 June. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect garden waste from Chase Side Court in Dringhouses due to blocked access. We’ll attempt to collect this waste on Tuesday 16 June. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect garden waste from a number of properties in the following areas due to capacity issues:

  • Acaster Malbis
  • Copmanthorpe

We’ll attempt to collect this missed garden waste on the evening of Monday 15 June, but may not be able to revisit until later in the week. Please leave your green bin out and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

So how did the first days shopping go around York


Local shopping streets like Foxwood Lane/Beagle Ridge Drive mostly continued trading through the lock-down. All but the hairdressers are open. No problems with parking today and a few shoppers around at lunchtime

Coop on Beagle Ride Drive has been popular throughout the lock-down period
Secondary shopping area

Acomb is York’s second largest shopping area. Its focal store (Morrisons) has remained open throughout the pandemic and has undertaken an increased number of home deliveries

Acomb Car park about 505 full at lunchtime today
Most shops in Acomb have reopened. Exceptions are hairdressers, a charity outlet and cafes (although outside/takeaway service available.
A “nail bar” will open ins an empty unit shortly
Specialist shopping streets

Bishopthorpe Road has established a reputation for itself as a bijou shopping destination with good quality independents predominating. It became mired in controversy a few weeks ago when local Councillors campaigned successfully for the road to be closed to southbound vehicles. It is unclear how this has affected trade but the area was generally quiet today at lunchtime. Road works start on nearby Nunnery Lane this evening. Most shops are open. There was limited space in the dedicated car park

The contraflow cycle “lane” is controversial. The existing northbound cycle lane has been abandoned.
The bollards were placed on the road to encourage social distancing.
Road works starting this evening

We’ll take a separate look at how the first day of the city centre shopping arrangements have gone.

Time to reopen Museum Gardens

It is now over 3 months now since the York Museums Trust decided to close the Museum Gardens to the public.

Their caution was understandable at the beginning of the pandemic. No one knew what to expect or how long would pass before social distancing protocols would allow some resumption of movement.

Now the City centre is coming to terms with the health threat. Shops are reopening. People will be able to access churches. Some children have returned to school.

But people need pleasant, safe outdoor spaces in which to walk and sit. The Minster authorities acted promptly and reopened Dean’s park.

The Museum Gardens is ideally located. It offers a short cut from the shoppers car park at Marygate to the City’s retail centre.

Earlier today, visitors were incredulous when they found that the gardens gates were still locked.

That is not good enough.

The York Council and the Museums Trust should act and make sure that the park is reopened this week.

Confusion over Gale Lane diversions

Yorkshrie Water works in te area mean that there ae two separate raod clsures within a few hundered metres on each other today.

There are two road closures affecting Gale Lane
Signs on Gale Lane warn that Tudor Road is now closed to traffic. Bus services have been diverted.
Tudor Road will be closed for at least two weeks in connection with works at the Lowfields development. No special arrangements have been made for cyclists who are currently using the footpath.
Gale Lane is also closed at the Foxwood Lane/Thanet Road junction. This work results from a water main burst at the weekend. The diversion is via Askham Lane.

York Council navel gazing day

With City eyes focusing on how well the retail economy will perform today, the Council is taking the chance to slip through a restructuring of its management team.

West Offices face major shake up after lock-down ends

The changes are part of the continuing fall out following the premature departure of the Authorities last Chief Executive.

A meeting today will formally adopt a temporary structure. One of the aims is to save over £80,0000 a year in management costs.

It has already made one disastrous decision in appointing a “Director of Governance”. That post has presided over a drift into even great secrecy in decision making with one of the incumbents first initiatives being to stop the publication of answers to Freedom of Information requests.

This followed on from the previous Councils decision not to invite written questions and to publish the answers following Council meetings.

The long term problem of decisions being taken without consultation has been further compounded during the lock-down. The majority of decisions are now being announced on the Councils web site without any prior notification (much less any opportunity for residents to have any input). Background papers are published on the same day that the decision is announced

The proposed interim structure would effectively see the acting Chief Executive – or Chief Operating Operator as the title is being restyled – with 9 direct reports. That is an unworkable structure, which totally misses the opportunity to have a “Head of Paid Service” with mainly strategic & leadership objectives.

There is little option but to continue the existing arrangements until the City has negotiated the health crisis.

Lock-down saw the best and worst of local authority traits. High levels of commitment to public services from junior staff; indecision and, in some cases, invisibility from some managers.

The Council will need to learn the lessons of the last 6 months.

It must then restructure, and recruit, to address identified failings.