More about those foreign trips

It seems likely that one of the consequences of Labour losing their grip on the Council – and its PR staff – will be more openness about what is happening.

Secrecy has shrouded the costs – and objectives – of foreign trips made by both Councillors and Officials since 2011.

Nationally the consequences of events such as MIPIM are increasingly under the microscope.

2 more Councillors quit Labour in York

Broken rose

Two more Labour Councillors (David Scott and Ken King) have sensationally quit the Labour Group at tonight’s Council meeting.

It means that, as we approach the Westfield by election poll next week, the number of Labour Councillors has fallen to just 21.

The opposition parties at the Guildhall can now muster 25 seats, with the prospect of adding a LibDem gain in Westfield to the total.

Either way though Labour have lost their majority.

The 2 former Labour Councillors are understood to have highlighted the authoritarian Leadership of James Alexander and his ruling cabal as the reason for their decision

The change should open up the way for all party participation across all committees and even  the decision making “Cabinet”.

It will make it difficult to spin news releases to the advantage of the Council Leadership and the culture of secrecy at the Guildhall and West Offices should be swept away.

The next couple of weeks will be a major test for all the Group Leaders at the Guildhall.

The City does need a robust process as it approaches important decisions on at least two key issues;

  • How to further refine the Local Plan &

  • What budget to set for next year.

It is difficult to see how the present Labour Leadership can survive the events of the last few hours.

The Councillors who quit have apparently also vowed to lift the lid on some of Labour’s behind closed doors tactics.


York Labour hypocrisy over anonymous tweets

It is almost beyond belief that Labour Councillors are trying to get the respected head of a local mental health charity sacked because they disagree with his political views.

They have accused him of using a pseudonym to make critical comments about Labour polices and personalities.

It is a glimpse of a totalitarian state mentality to which many of the current York Council Leadership subscribe

Agree with my views or we will target you” seems to be their mantra.

No wonder that so many former Labour Councillors have chosen to jump ship to escape from this suffocating authoritarianism.

It would not be so bad if Labour Councillors themselves did not use false names to promote their views – and belittle their political opponents – on the local Press web site.

Residents would be amazed to find out just who is responsible for such vindictive, and often untrue, vitriol.

The Press can address this issue by insisting that – just as it does on its letters page – people use their real names when posting on line.

It might mean that some public servants are discouraged from criticising Labour politicians but there are other independent channels – including this web site – where whistle blowing is an option for the faint hearted.
Stalin 2
In the meantime Labour should withdraw their attack dogs from their voluntary sector targets and reflect that it is their commitment to secret decision making that has led to the frustration felt by many York residents.

It is no wonder though that many residents choose not to reveal their true identities and views to the City’s Stalinist rulers.

Decisions affecting traffic in every part of the City taken in private session by Labour Councillor

Traffic and parking decisions nodded through at behind closed doors session.

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The man responsible for the secrecy was Labour Councillor David Levene.

Over 50 proposals for changes to parking restrictions and other local traffic management measures were decided last week.

Residents had no opportunity to influence the decisions with papers only being published on the Councils web site AFTER the meeting had concluded.

Labour Councillors representing areas like Westfield  failed to make any representations  on the plans which potentially affect dozens of local residents and hundreds of drivers.

This is the kind of secrecy and indifference that should disappear when Labour lose the Westfield by election and with it their Council majority.

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Grand Departy costs – York Council says it won’t release details until after the Westfield by election poll has taken place

Sparse crowd for  Grand Departy

Sparse crowd for Grand Departy

Three months after a party took place at the Huntington Stadium, the Council still claims that it does know how much income it received from ticket sales.

The budget costs of the 5 hour event were revealed as £228,000 in a response to a Freedom of Information request in August.

It beggars belief that the Council does not yet know how much the event cost and what bill Council Taxpayers will have to pick up.

In an internal review, of responses to an FOI request from former Council Leader Steve Galloway, the Council has admitted irregularities with officials apparently having incorrectly quoted national legislation to justify a cover up.

They have also apologized for delays in dealing with correspondence.

But they now say that a report will only be made to the Council’s Cabinet on the details of the flop in November; 2 months after it was originally scheduled.

A question on ticket sales has been put on the agenda for the Council meeting taking place on 9th October by Cllr Nigel Ayre.

This is the kind of obstructive secrecy that will be swept away if Labour lose their majority after the by election poll which takes place on 16th October.

The Council’s email to Steve Galloway says;

20’s plenty campaign – private correspondence revealed by Council

Copies of Emails between Councillors and officials in York – exchanged in the run up to the launch of the wide area 20 mph speed limits in west York last year – have been published by the Council.20 mph sign

The exchange of Emails can be viewed by clicking here and here

The project cost £600,000 to implement

The correspondence includes a request from Cllr Anna Semlyen for the use of a police radar speed gun (!)

This was the same Labour Councillor who argued that 20 mph speed limits should be introduced without consultation with residents.

Subsequently, as we now know, the new limits have had no effect on traffic speeds.

York Council tenants show concerns in secret report

Only 49% now satisfied with tenants choice modernisation work

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The annual report into satisfaction with York Council services has shown some growing concerns amongst York Council tenants.

The report was considered at yet another behind closed doors meeting last week

While on most activities performance has been consistent over the years there are areas of growing concern.

  • Tenant’s choice satisfaction with modernisation work was down from 76% to only 49%.
  • Only 44% of tenants who complained said that they were satisfied with the final outcome
  • Satisfaction with the Council “listening to tenant’s views and acting on them” fell from 67% in 2012 to 62% last year
Garage areas neglected

Garage areas neglected

The biggest concern remains the condition of local estates with tenants increasingly critical of the appearance and state of repair of local neighbourhood and communal areas.

Garage areas are poorly maintained, many verges are damaged and gutters are overgrown with weeds.

The Council is apparently going to appoint a private contractor to clean the communal areas of flats leaving the estate workers to concentrate on litter removal and general maintenance. Tenant satisfaction with garden care (also contracted to the private sector) has attracted many complaints this year.

However, overall, there was some good news for the Council with 87% saying they were satisfied with the service provide down only 1% from the previous year,