Cabinet set to approve £25,000 jaunt to Cannes

York twinned with Cannes. Improvement in fireworks expected

Just when we thought that it couldn’t get any worse, a report has been published confirming what we – tongue in cheek – forecast last week.

The York Council is to spend £25,000 on trip to an estate agents festival in Cannes.

It forms part of the £150,000 cost of a delegation and exhibition stand which will be badged “Leeds City Region” (LCR).

The LCR has previously been represented at the annual event although no objective analysis has been provided of the benefits that have accrued from participation.

Ironically York’s major competitors for available international investment are likely to include Leeds.

York’s attractions are unique. There is a good case for the City helping property professionals to sell the advantages of the City.

But this needs to be done in a targeted way. Broad brush marketing at international events like Le Marché International des Professionnels de l’immobilier ( is a waste of our rapidly diminishing financial reserves.

6 thoughts on “Cabinet set to approve £25,000 jaunt to Cannes

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