York Council spent £5,747 on trip to Cannes

York twinned with Cannes. Improvement in fireworks expected

York twinned with Cannes. Improvement in fireworks expected

Labour have been forced to admit that they spent £5,747 sending 3 senior officers to this years Estate Agents convention in Cannes.

In 2013 the bill was even higher.

The Council have not revealed how much their partner organisation the “Leeds City Region” – also partly funded by York taxpayers – has spent on the jaunt.

The breakdown for the costs to York Taxpayers are:

“Kersten England (CX) (2 night stay); Katie Stewart (Head of ED) and Andrew Sharp (Strategy and Investment Manager for ED) (both 4 night stays) attended.

Accommodation: £2943.95

Travel: £2653.24

Subsistence for KS and AS: £150 approx.”

In a written answer to a question posed at last nights Council meeting about what tangible benefits attendance at this conference had produced, the Council Leader was less forthcoming.

“Ultimately the benefits of this year’s event will be better known only in the months and years that follow when we see what investor interest results from our attendance”.

So in other words “I’ve no idea”

When pressed further on the benefits of the Cannes initiative he was equally vague

He was asked “What is the value of the investment – detailing each development separately – made in York which can be directly attributed to the Council and its partners’ participation in the 2013 MIPIM event?”

He replied, “The nature of the developments promoted at 2013 and 2014 – namely, sites including  York Central, Biovale at Heslington East, Guildhall , and a strategic city deal package (which would pair some of these developments with infrastructure investment into a single package), are of a scale and complexity that formal processes to engage investors are still being developed. When procurement of investors and potential partners are put to the market, the investor leads generated and fostered through MIPIM and the follow up undertaken throughout the year with these investors will be made clear”.

Quite so!

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