Social care survey in York

Adults receiving care and support from City of York Council will be asked for their views and experiences of the services as part of a nationwide survey in January and February.

The Adults’ Social Care Survey, which will be sent out by every council in England and Wales, will be used by the authority to understand the experiences of people receiving its care and support services.

The survey will focus on customers’ quality of life, how well informed they are about services, their health and well-being and their levels of safety and security.

The questionnaire will go out to a total of 1,350 customers, and will include adults living in residential/nursing care, people with learning disabilities living in the community or supported residences as well as those receiving services in their own home.

The survey is due to be sent out to a cross section of customers over the next week. Accessible versions are available for customers who need them.

The findings from previous surveys and the opportunity to post general comments on the priorities for Adults’ Social Care are available on the council’s website at

The survey is just one of a number of ways that customers can give their views on the care and support they have received from City of York. Other options include feeding back directly to service providers, using the CQC ‘Share your experience’ link on the council’s Adult Social Care webpage(, or through Healthwatch York’s new feedback centre (

Litter top complaint in Cornlands Road area poll

Overgrown traffic islands on Gale Lane

Overgrown traffic islands on Gale Lane

42% of residents have named the control of litter and detritus as the public service most in need of improvement in the Cornlands Road area. 

Just over 200 responses have so far been analysed for the area bordered by Gale Lane and Tennent Road.

The door to door suvey was undertaken during May.

Residents also listed other services needing improvement

Better ice clearance 37%
More off street parking 32%
Improve drainage 29%
Tidier verges 27%
Improve lighting 24%
Other 5%

In addition 38% said dog fouling was a problem in their street.

20% had had difficulty contacting the Council to report an issue. Housing repairs was the service mentioned most often

Large numbers want to see more off street car parking provided in Tennent Road, Thoresby Road and St Stephens Road.

Litter on snickets

Litter on snickets

The most requested activity suggested for the nearby Energise leisure centre was for school aged youths closely followed by events aimed at pensioners.

Asked how long it had been since they saw a police officer or PCSO in their street, responses varied from a few days to over a year. Asked how they would like the Police to keep in touch by far the most popular medium was leaflets.

This was followed by visits, telephone calls and meetings.

Finally residents gave their verdict on some topical issues.

The York Council should take up the governments grant offer and freeze Council Tax levels Agree 89%
Disagree 0%
Unde 11%
I support the deployment of more “number plate recognition cameras” in York  (A Labour Council plan which could lead to local motorists paying an additional £150,000 in fines) Agree 25%
Disagree 50%
Unde 25%
The Minster Badge residents discount parking scheme should be retained Agree 85%
Disagree 1%
Unde 13%
The Council should spend more on improving sub-urban and residential areas even if this means spending less on paving projects in the City centre Agree 75%
Disagree 6%
Unde 19%

Over 70 individual issues were raised with local LibDem representatives on the doorstep.. These issues are now being taken up with the responsible authorities


Lendal Bridge – Council conduct on line poll

Lendal Bridge closure Nov 2013

Attempts by the council’s leadership to justify the Lendal bridge closure on Radio York today are being greeted with derision by most listeners.

The Council have singularly failed to provide update reports on footfall (shopper numbers), accidents, journey times (all classes of vehicle), air quality and the levels of successful appeals against the fines imposed by the number plate recognition cameras.

However they are now conducting an “on line” survey of resident’s views.

The chances are that few will even know that this is going on so the results will be open to manipulation.

Click here to take the survey (it takes only about 1 minute to complete)

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats survey – conducted through a house to house delivery to 7000 properties in west York – has attracted a large response. Around 10% of the forms have now been returned and analysed.  The percentages are now stable. The latest figures are:

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90% say “lift Lendal Bridge access restrictions”

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An overwhelming majority of residents have given the thumbs down to the current closure restrictions on Lendal Bridge.

Responding to a survey carried out by the Liberal Democrats, in the Dringhouses, Woodthorpe and Hob Moor areas, only 8% have said that the trial is a success.

90% want the restrictions to be removed.

A massive 95% say that traffic congestion in the City has got worse over recent months.

Stand and deliver  Labour adopt traditional approach to transport funding in York

Stand and deliver
Labour adopt traditional approach to transport funding in York

The results underpin the findings from other sources.

Over 35,000 penalty notices have been issued since the Lendal Bridge and Coppergate ANPR cameras were installed.

The influential “Trip Advisor” web site has logged a large number of complaints from visitors who are vowing never to visit the City again.

A Facebook page has also been set up by opponents of the restrictions.

The Council leadership continue to maintain an air of lofty indifference to resident’s views prompting new calls for a referendum on the future of the restrictions.

An opportunity to test resident’s views, at a reasonable cost, will come on 22nd May when European Parliament elections are already scheduled to take place.

By then, however, some traders may have been forced to close as City centre shopper numbers continue to fall.


There is no consolation for the Council’s Leadership from residents other responses to the survey.

88% say there is no justification for Labours plans to build on the Green Belt, while 80% remain opposed to a wide area 20 mph speed limit.

Most damming verdict comes from the 93% who believe that public service standards have got worse since Labour took office.

No one who has responded so far believes that standards have got better.

Childcare in York – have your say and win £100!

 Are you a mum, dad or carer of a child or young person under 16 years old? (or 18 years old if disabled or with additional needs)

•             Do you use, or would like to use, childcare in York?

•             Are you a mum, dad or carer to be?

•             Do you have views on the quality and availability of childcare?

Then we’d like to hear from you! City of York Council wants to make sure that childcare meets families’ needs.

Your opinions are really important to us and will help us to encourage high quality childcare that is available in the right place, at the right time and at an affordable price. We will do this by working closely with childcare providers and partner organisations.

Have your say and be in with the chance of winning £100 of high street vouchers. Click here Have your say

Citywide childcare survey launches

City of York Council is asking mums, dads, carers and parents-to-be in York what they think about childcare in the city this autumn.


The council has launched a citywide consultation to find out whether there is enough high quality childcare in York, whether it’s available at the right time, in the right place and at an affordable price.

The results of the survey will be used to help shape childcare provision in the future.

Carers, parents and parents-to-be can take part in the consultation in a number of ways:

• Online at

• By calling the council’s Family Information Service on 01904 554444

• By collecting a copy of the questionnaire from the reception at West Offices

• By taking part in focus groups run at different locations around York

The consultation will run until the end of December.

For further information please contact York Family Information Service on 01904 554444 or

Council tenants unhappy with York Council as performance slips

Tenant satisfaction with the way that the Council runs its housing operation has fallen over the last year.

A report, produced by the newly-formed “Tenant Scrutiny Panel”, looks at how the council has performed in the previous 12 months.

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On most measures the Councils performance has declined.

• The number of tenants satisfied with repairs and maintenance fell from 85% to 82% while satisfaction with “the general condition of their home” fell from 83% to 81%.

• Only 55% of tenant adaptations were completed on time compared to 85% the previous year.

• Tenants satisfied with the standard of their new homes fell from 66% to 60%.

• There was an improvement in the time taken to relet empty properties although at 25 days this was worse than is achieved by several other Councils.

• Tenants satisfied with ”involvement in management & decisions” fell from 53% to 51%

• Tenants satisfied with” the outcome of their complaint” was only 34% compared to a target of 70%

• It took longer to remove graffiti.

• Nine out of 10 tenants responding to the Tenant Satisfaction Survey were satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live.

The results mirror the growing dissatisfaction levels revealed by the Councils more general “big survey” the results of which were revealed last month.

To view the full report click here