York flood prevention update due to be discussed next week

Another update on the work being undertaken to prevent flooding in the York area is being considered on 3rd December.

The report has been produced by the Environment Agency.

Details are also provided on the alleviation plans for the Clementhorpe part of the City.

Regular updates have been provided since the flooding in late December 2015 which followed an intense period of rainfall across November and December due to the impacts of Storms Desmond and Eva.

Record river levels were observed in many river catchments across the north of England. More  than 4000 homes and 2000 businesses flooded across Yorkshire with 453 properties and 174 businesses flooded in York.

Funding has been allocated to the Environment Agency (EA) following the floods to renew existing and provide new flood defences across the city, £17m has been allocated to the Foss Barrier improvements and £45m to the wider flood defences across the city

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Flooding in York – Update report publised

A further report on plans to deal with flooding in York will be discussed at a Council meeting next week.

Funding has been allocated to the Environment Agency (EA) following the floods in 2015 to renew existing and provide new flood defences across the city, £17m has been allocated to the Foss Barrier improvements and £45m to the wider flood defences across the City.

Following the development and publication of the York Five Year Plan (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/york-5-year-flood-plan) the EA have developed the Defra Strategic Outline Business Case and financial approvals have been sought and obtained from Defra.

The report does not provide an update on issues connected with Hob Moor back

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York flooding – more details emerge of £45 million action plan

A meeting on 4th September will, receive an update report on plans to tackle flooding problems in York.

In late December 2015 followed an intense period of rainfall across November and December due to the impacts of Storms Desmond and Eva, record river levels were observed in many river catchments across the north of England.

More than 4000 homes and 2000 businesses flooded across Yorkshire with 453 properties and 174 businesses flooded in York.

Funding was  allocated to the Environment Agency (EA) following the floods to renew existing and provide new flood defences across the City.

£17m has been allocated to the Foss Barrier improvements and £45m to the wider flood defences across the city

The Environment Agency has produced an update of its 91 point action list, as well as a briefing leaflet (see below).

The decision meeting is open to the public and takes place at West Offices on Monday 4th September starting at 5:30pm

Cycle hub set to become Environment Agency floods showroom

The Environment Agency say they want to establish a permanent exhibition of flood defence works at the former cycle repair workshop in Wellington Row.

They say that the show room would be open “2 or 3” days a week

They have submitted a “change of use” planning application

The showroom would be located only metres away from a key flood defence gate that is closed when the Ouse threatens to overtop its banks

No immediate flooding fears in York despite heavy rain

York river level guages remain within normal limits despite recent heavy rain.

You can check river levels at the following web site http://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Map

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Click to access river level guages

Meanwhile the Environment Agency have confirmed details of the flood prevention project exhibitions that they plan for the City.

The exhibitions will take place on Friday and Saturday


Five year action plan to reduce flood risk in York

Residents get only one weeks notice of new exhibition

York flood 2012The Environment Agency has announced a new five-year action plan to better protect the City of York against flooding. It provides more details of how physical flood barriers will be improved following the announcement last March of a £45 million budget for the work

The Environment Agency’s plans emerged only today – just one week before a two-day exhibition of the proposals takes place.

The plans have not been published “on line” yet

The exhibition will take place at Hotel 53 in Piccadilly, York, between 12 and 7pm on Friday November 25 and from 10am until 5pm on Saturday November 26.

No implementation timetable for the improvements has been released but it could be a decade before all work has been completed.

Sources at the York Council criticised the Agency for failing to agree a coordinated communications plan for the proposals which sets out options to reduce the risk of flooding to 2,000 properties across 10 York communities.

The schemes would affect

  • Clifton/RawcliffeLatest 0917 27th Dec 2015 copy
  • Holgate Beck
  • Poppleton
  • Foss
  • City Centre
  • Osbaldwick & Tang Hall Beck
  • Clementhorpe
  • Fulford and Germany beck
  • Bishopthorpe
  • Naburn and Acaster Malbis

The plan looks at a range of potential flood reduction measures including the creation of storage areas, increasing pumping capacity, raising and building new walls, raising land and building embankments.

Following the devastating floods of Boxing Day 2015 which affected over 600 properties in York, the Government committed £45 million to reduce flood risk and increase resilience to at least 2,000 properties at risk and keep the city open for business during major floods.

The agency stresses that its proposals are not final, and will need to win public support, be technically feasible and affordable.

It wants to know what residents think at its exhibition next week.

Earlier in the week, delays in presenting an independent inquiry report into the 2015 floods attracted criticism

Public meeting to explain plans for Foss barrier upgrade on Friday & Saturday

The Environment Agency will share its plans for upgrading the Foss Barrier and seek views on options for reducing flood risk throughout the City of York at a public exhibition this week.

The exhibition will be at Hotel 53, Piccadilly, York on Friday 20 May (12pm – 7pm) and Saturday 21 May (10am – 5pm), and will be an opportunity for residents and businesses to comment on flood defence proposals.

Environment Agency and City of York Council staff will be on hand to discuss the proposals and give advice on flood resilience.

There will also be a chance to see copies of the Foss Barrier Investigation report, released last week, which explained how water got inside the Foss Barrier during the floods on 26 December.

In York, a further £45 million has been secured to upgrade York’s flood defences. The additional funding means that areas of York will gain further benefit from reduced flood risk over the next five years.

Floods update – Environment Agency publishes key Foss river level graph

What really happened

The Environment Agency has published the most comprehensive information of how river levels on the Foss rose during the evening of the 26th December.
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The information is likely to form a key consideration when the independent inquiry finally gets underway.

The Agency has yet to provide a convincing explanation of why some of its river level gauges failed – even before the telecoms outage occurred.