Volunteers start to clean up Foxwood park

Foxwood Residents Association Volunteers made a start on clearing dead vegetation from the Foxwood Park this morning. 

It is hoped that a bulb planting day will be organised next week 

The cycle path markings on Bellhouse Way have been repainted. Much improved for both cyclists and pedestrians

“Good gym” makes difference in Foxwood Park

Volunteers from “Good Gym” joined local residents yesterday evening in a crash clean up of the perimeter of part of the Foxwood Park.

Good gym is an excellent idea. Rather than pay to use equipment and lift weights in an indoor gym, volunteers use the energy to help the local community.

Their web site is https://www.goodgym.org/areas/york

Good gym volunteers get to work

Good turn out in Foxwood Park last night

Removing a difficult stump

Neil and Sheena tackle broken tree branches

Mixed news in Foxwood as vandals strike

After some delay, the Council have done a good job in clearing the dumping from the Foxwood Park. Accent Housing are going to provide a skip for use by their tenants on a 6 monthly basis . Unfortunately there is still no word on when the Council skip service will recommence

Broken bottle on Foxwood park footpath. Broken glass can be a danger to both children and animals. Please report any problems that you see to the Council ycc@york.gov.uk

We’ve asked for the pedestrian crossing markings on Bellhouse Way to be refreshed

Unfortunately several of the trees recently planted on the Thanet Road sports area field were vandalised over the weekend. The trees were planted following a volunteer led fund raising campaign. We hope that some can be saved. The Police are being advised about the incident.

Final bush and tree lopping before nesting season

Residents in west York have been completing hedge trimming work over the last few days.

Bushes which have obscured the view from the Askham Lane bus stop are being removed.

The Council has promised to cut back overhanging highway trees and the local ward committee has allocated a budget for the work. 

Elsewhere Sheena Jackson and local residents have been giving the boundary hedge in the Foxwood park a final trim (below).

Arrangements are in place for the Great British Clean up next Saturday.

Join the Foxwood Residents Association as they “walk the bounds”