York Community Stadium clears another hurdle… survey boost for Knights fans

The York Planning Committee has today approved the latest plans to build a Community Stadium at Huntington.

The decision comes 5 years after an agreement was reached on how a new stadium could be funded.

Community Stadium Nov 2014

The decision was expected following a recommendation for Council officials that the plans should be approved. Outline planning permission had been granted in 2012 and the full Council had, last October, accepted a new financial package which included the provision of more retail floor-space.

The new plans did, however, lead to the closure of Waterworld with the future of the Yearsley pool also placed in jeopardy.

There were surprisingly few objections from other retailers to the new plans while concerns about traffic and parking arrangements were also muted.

The plans will now be put to the Secretary of State. He could decide to “call in” the plans. With the present Parliament due to be dissolved on Monday prior to the General Election, it is likely to be June before any decision on the referral is made.

History may record that the most difficult times for the project have yet to come.

A deal with rugby is essential if the stadium asset is to be fully exploited (and business plan income achieved). There were also some awkward conditions imposed in the original planning application which have yet to be satisfied.

A solution to the Yearsley pool issue will be one of the first issues on the new Councils agenda when it too meets for the first time in June.

Then there is the ambitious 12 month building timetable. As we have said before, we doubt if a stadium could be completed for the start of the 2016 football season; but we hope we are proved to be wrong.

The less complicated project plan – agreed 5 years ago – would have been implemented by now.

We would have a stadium with both football and rugby being played there.

It remains to be seen whether the delays have been worthwhile.

Boost for Knights

York Knights

In a survey undertaken by Liberal Democrats on thee west of the City residents were asked whether they agreed with following statement

” The Council should ensure that the Knights rugby team are able play matches at the new community stadium”

  • 70% agreed
  • 10% disagreed
  • 20% were undecided.

12 thoughts on “York Community Stadium clears another hurdle… survey boost for Knights fans

  1. David says:

    When you day the decision was expected, are you just ignoring the fact that only a week ago you announced on here that the decision was likely to be deferred to June?

    So you were wrong. You’ve been wrong on this quite a lot really.

    • The decision has been referred to the Secretary of State. We will see whether a decision notice is issued before June. I doubt it.

      • David says:

        If you are wrong, will you make a post admitting so?

        • If the SoS makes a decision before June and the Council issues a decision notice (there is a lot of paperwork on the S106 agreements to conclude as well) the I will certainly put an article on the web site making that clear.

          Whereas government doesn’t close down completely when Parliament is dissolved, it is usually a question of only the most urgent issues being determined by Ministers.

          To be clear the other two reasons why a deferral was likely were:

          1. The Highways Agency holding objection (which has probably been withdrawn now) &

          2. The consultation notice which appeared in The Press and which gave an April deadline for objections. I will have to look at the committee minutes to see how that was addressed. (If it wasn’t there could be a legal challenge)

  2. David says:

    Also, everybody wants The Knights in this. But the council can’t guarantee a home for anybody, as it immediately allows that partner to hold a gun to the head off everybody else. That’s an horrendous principle to support when it comes to getting value for the taxpayer.

    • The breakdown in relations between the Council and Knights was ignited by intemperate public criticisms by a senior Council official. Council taxpayers will be wary of putting £8 million into project if user agreements by both the Knights and York City aren’t in place.

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