Waste collections today – several streets in west York missed

The Council have issued the following statement

“We have been unable to complete refuse collections in some streets today due to a vehicle breakdown. Streets affected:

  • Barkston Avenue (part)
  • Walton Place
  • Brmham Avenue (part)
  • Marston Crescent/ Marston Avenue
  • Tithe Close (today due to telecoms work blocking access).

We will return to complete these streets on Wednesday. Please put your bin back out by 7am”

Changes planned to recycling collection days in York

The York Council says that from 1st April there will major changes to recycling collection arrangements in the City.
New refuse collections vehicles have been ordered by the York Council

New refuse collections vehicles have been ordered by the York Council

In approximately half of the City, recycling collections will take place on a different day to Green/Grey bin emptying.

At the moment the Council Is not saying which homes will be affected but a decision on the proposal is set to be taken on 9th January

Clearly some households will be inconvenienced by a change of this sort – particularly if they are expected to put rubbish out before 7:00am on two occasions in a week.

To help improve efficiency the Council is investing in new recycling trucks (left).

Recently the Council has been criticised for “co-mingling” recyclables in one vehicle compartment incurring additional costs when it is sorted later.  “Spy” photos of the practice, circulated on social media, were initially repudiated by officials but it now turns out that the practice was costing taxpayers over £60 a load (equivalent to around £40,000 a year)

There are several good points in the proposals.

  • Enhanced recycling collections will be extended to rural areas like Kexby.
  • During the first 3 months of the new arrangements, a back up vehicle will respond to any teething problems.
  • Residents who need new recycling boxes or nets will be able to collect them free of charge.

The new arrangements are expected to reduce Council expenditure by over £360,000 a year. There are likely to be some  job loses among the refuse collection workforce.

The Council says that it plans to rearrange Grey/Green bin collection arrangements in 2018

NB. Responding to a Councillors survey undertaken in the Westfield ward last summer, 52% rated the refuse collection service as “Good”, 39% said it was satisfactory and only 9% described it as “Poor”.

Equivalent figures for recycling were “Good” – 43%, Satisfactory – 48% and 9% – “Poor”.

These were the two most highly rated public services in the City according to residents.

New winter waste collections agreed

Residents are set to benefit from two additional garden waste collections this winter as well as improved recycling collections over Christmas, following approval at a public decision session today.

Households which receive garden waste collections across the city will benefit from two additional collections in November.

In addition to this, improvements will be made to recycling collections over Christmas to ensure that the maximum time residents will wait for their recycling collection is three weeks, instead of four weeks.

Changes to waste and recycling services this Spring… On line “save our bins” petition suspended during April

The petition opposing the introduction of a £35 green bin emptying tax – and opposing any move to 3 or 4 weekly emptying frequencies – has gathered hundreds of signatures on the doorstep in west York.

The on-line version will be available on the Council’s web site until 30th March and will then be suspended during the Council election run up.

click to download

click to download


However it will be available again from 8th May. Residents can sign it by clicking here

Meanwhile the City of York Council is reminding residents of a number of changes to the waste and recycling service this Spring.

These include:

  • A reminder that this year’s garden waste collections start from Monday (March 30):
    Residents can look up collections or download a 2015 rubbish and recycling calendar at www.york.gov.uk/refuselookup
  • Residents are asked to ensure their bins are presented by 7am on the day of their collection, but no earlier than 7pm the evening before.
  • Ahead of the new collection season, households with more than one green wheeled bin can subscribe to the additional green bin scheme which operates during the usual garden waste season.   
  • From 1 April, the charge will be £37 per additional green bin that residents would like emptied.  To find out more about the additional bin subscription scheme visit www.york.gov.uk/recycling.
  • To join the additional bin scheme, and have more than one bin emptied, call 01904 551551 or ‘apply for it’ via the secure website at www.york.gov.uk/DoItOnline
  • Changes to the price of disposing of certain items at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) from 1 April:
    For items such as bricks/rubble, gas bottles, plasterboard and bonded asbestos, visit the website here for a full list of prices, or ask a member of staff on-site.

FREE compost giveaway 2015 dates announced:

In partnership with Yorwaste, compost is available every Sunday from 19 April to 20 September (except for Bank Holiday weekends) at the Harewood Whin site, which is open from 8am to 1pm.


Anyone wishing to take advantage of the giveaway just need to turn up, and bring a shovel and a suitable bag or container to put the soil improver in.

Home composting is also a great way to manage garden waste at home and provide nutrient rich compost for gardens. Visit www.getcomposting.com for further information.

Residents can also recycle their additional garden waste at Hazel Court and Towthorpe Household Waste Recycling Centres free of charge in a car. Residents using larger vehicles or trailers will need to apply for permits to use the sites.

Follow @CYCWaste on Twitter, or like CYCWaste on Facebook.

Additional waste collections in York from next week

City of York Council is reminding residents that there will be an additional rubbish collection the week before Christmas.

Un-emptied bins in Foxwood 2012

Un-emptied bins in Foxwood 2012

To prevent a build up of rubbish all households will receive a collection next week (w/c 15 December). Households will also receive an extra rubbish collection after Christmas.

Recycling and rubbish collections will not take place the week of Christmas from 22 December to 26 December.

All households which are due rubbish or recycling collection on Thursday 1 January will receive a rubbish collection on Saturday 3 January instead, but there will be no recycling collections on this day.

City centre properties serviced by St Nicks recycling team will not receive collections on 25 and 26 December or 1 January. All properties will receive detailed festive collection information in early December.

Residents are asked to ensure their bins or boxes are presented by 7am on the day of their collection. Collections times can vary over the Christmas period and we are unable to return for rubbish or recycling that is not put out by this time.

To look up collection dates or receive a collection calendar please visit www.york.gov.uk/refuselookup or call 01904 551551.

For more information on waste and recycling visit please visit www.york.gov.uk/waste .Or follow on @CYCWaste on Twitter or ‘like’ CYCWaste on Facebook.

Council bids to prevent repetition of Christmas bin collection chaos

The York Council is distributing a leaflet to each household explaining how they plan to schedule waste collections over the Christmas period.

Bins in Foxwood 2012

Bins in Foxwood 2012

Last year the service deteriorated into chaos during the same period.

This year some recycling collections are being cancelled. There will be no collections on New Years Day but there will be a “catch up” on the following Saturday.

The Council have issued the following advice.