“Thank York It’s Friday” sees introduction of late evening Park & Ride every Friday until Christmas

York’s city centre is supporting the high street with a new initiative bringing together York Business Improvement District, First York, City of York Council and York Retail Forum.

“Thank York It’s Friday” runs every Friday until Christmas, encouraging local people and visitors alike to spend Friday evenings in the city centre.

“This is a scheme driven by local traders and designed to get locals back into the city centre to start their weekend a little earlier.  With late night shopping until 7pm – and some stores until 8pm – and opportunities to socialise with friends whilst still taking advantage of the Park & Ride, the last bus to each Park & Ride site now departs at 11pm,” comments Andrew Lowson, executive director of York BID.  “We know that it takes joined-up thinking to make this kind of initiative happen, which is why we’ve worked so closely with First York and City of York Council to make York Retail Forum’s idea come to life.”

Key retail outlets have already confirmed that they will open until 7pm on Friday evenings, including Brown’s, Marks & Spencer, Next, Primark, TK Maxx, Whittards and WH Smith, the additional opening until 8pm at Debenhams, Crabtree & Evelyn, Love Cheese, Lush and Pavers Shoes.  More retailers are expected to follow suit in the run-up to Christmas.

The late night Park & Ride will initially be subsidised by York BID, though it is hoped that the number of additional people making use of the service in the coming months will enable it to be self-sustaining in the longer term.

Marc Bichtemann, Managing Director at First York, said, “We’re proud to operate one of the most successful Park & Ride sites in the country, which helps save customers the hassle and cost of parking in York with just a short bus trip to and from the city. We’re excited to be working with other local partners to develop the Park & Ride service and to offer later trips for customers wanting to spend more time in the city, or for those travelling back into York via train, wanting access to their car for their onward journey.”

3 thoughts on ““Thank York It’s Friday” sees introduction of late evening Park & Ride every Friday until Christmas

  1. Malcolm says:

    Maybe if the anti social behaviour issues were sorted in the City then more people would be happy to come into the city without having to have a Park and Ride extension. It isn’t very nice having young kids seeing the sorts of anti social behaviour that our city has come to expect on weekends recently! That should be the FIRST thing that should be addressed!! before thinking of trying to attract more people to visit the City Centre it’s bad enough during the daytime hours let alone at night!!!

    It is funny that other towns and cities seem to do ok and are not constantly struggling to attract people into their city centres, yet York is! I wonder WHY??

    Also the Local Bus services for the People of York have had many price increases just to travel around our City £4.20 for a First Day ticket now is ridiculous and not everyone has a CAR and RELY on Public Transport to get from A – B it is time First York looked at it Ticket Pricing and how to attract more people onto the buses instead of keep increasing Ticket Prices to people who rely on the bus services!!!!

  2. Malcolm says:

    When will electronic Bus Time Boards be implemented outside the City Centre?? As York City Centre has all the information yet out of Town Areas only have a Bus Route MAP and Time Tables. It would be nice to have real time bus arrival times at bus stops outside the City Centre with other information electronic notice boards giving people real time information and advertising events and things going on in our City. Promoting is KEY and that is something that certainly is missing in and around the City we don’t all LIVE in the Centre of YORK and that includes visitors.

    Get some real time adverting boards and promote the City to residents and Visitors and put on some regular events to attract people to areas of the City Centre! One off events just don’t keep interests for long!!

  3. Malcolm says:

    Given that we have York Ultra Fibre internet which is supposed to be the future it isn’t being utilised to it’s full extent by CYC we should be embracing technology and yet we are still in the dark ages when it comes to making use of technology to further promote our city to the world. Are we unable to come up with any ideas for Advertising Now? What happened to the TV ads etc?? Phone / Tablet Apps? a more exciting and engaging website? If I can come up with ideas then why can’t CYC???

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