Remembrance Day event in Acomb brings local WW1 centenary events to a close

Around 500 local residents attended the Remembrance event which was held at the newly restored Acomb War Memorial today.

It was the last of the local events scheduled to commemorate the end of WW1,

On Saturday volunteers had spruced up the 12 WW1 graves which can be found in the St Stephens Cemetery

An archive, of some photos from  the commemorative events that have taken place in Acomb and Westfield this year, can be downloaded by clicking here.


Flower bed in Foxwood gets make over from “Good Gym”

The flower beds in Corlett Court in Foxwood were refurbished earlier in the year. Unfortunately, during the recent dry spell,  one bed was taken taken over by a particularly pernicious form of weed. The weeds had strangled growth of the Lavender plants that had been cultivated.

Thanks to “Good Gym” for removing the weed then replanting the lavender and other low level plants.

18 bags of weeds were removed together with a bag of rubbish.

Great work by “Good Gym” who make a real difference to the appearance of our City


“Good Gym” getting rave reviews for their new service which helps older people

The “Good Gym” people who have helped out a lot in Foxwood getting local green areas cleaned up, are now getting rave reviews for a new service.

They aim to help older people with tasks which are beyond their physical capacities.

Check out their web site here

click to go to the Good Gym site

“Good gym” makes difference in Foxwood Park

Volunteers from “Good Gym” joined local residents yesterday evening in a crash clean up of the perimeter of part of the Foxwood Park.

Good gym is an excellent idea. Rather than pay to use equipment and lift weights in an indoor gym, volunteers use the energy to help the local community.

Their web site is

Good gym volunteers get to work

Good turn out in Foxwood Park last night

Removing a difficult stump

Neil and Sheena tackle broken tree branches