Call for volunteers to help shift wood-chip “mountain” in Foxwood

The Foxwood Residents Association is asking for help with a community garden project at the Foxwood Community centre which will see a large amount of wood chippings spread on flower beds. The move is intended to discourage week growth next season when the Association will be entering the “Yorkshire in Bloom” contest.

Some  of the chippings will be spread on a new woodland path

Anyone with some time to spare helping spread the chippings should ring Sue on York 794111

Sue and Neil with the wood-chip “mountain”

Woodland walk taking shape

Foxwood Residents win Yorkshire in Bloom award

Yorkshire in Bloom award

The Foxwood Residents Association has been awarded a prestigious Britain in Bloom award.

They have been named as “Thriving” in the It’s Your Neighbourhood category of Yorkshire in Bloom.

It is only the second time that the Association has entered the competition.

They were particularly praised for the work that they did on the “Garden of the Year” competition.