Landmark planning meeting in York to decide future of Beverley House

A decision on the redevelopment of Beverley House on Shipton Road is due to be made next week.

It will be a landmark meeting as it marks the restart of face-to-face committee meetings at the York Authority.

Overall the proposal will provide: 1 x 3 bed apartment, 15 x 2 bed apartments and 5 x 1 bed apartments. The proposal is for senior living.

18 car parking spaces will be provided to the front, with two being mobility parking spaces. 22 secure cycle parking spaces

Beverley House was last used as offices by the Local Government Ombudsman. Previously it had been a Rowntree Trust building.

It has been empty since 2015,

The development may therefore be one of the first to benefit from the governments new “Vacant Building Credit” (VBC) , The VBC applies a financial credit equivalent to the existing gross floorspace of relevant vacant buildings when the Planning Authority calculates any affordable housing contribution which will be sought.

The VBG has the effect of reducing the affordable house requirement to a commuted sum of £206,579.

The VBC was intended to encourage the conversion of unoccupied property for residential use.

The meeting takes place on Thursday 13th May. Details of health safeguards can be found on the agenda papers.

More off street parking bays completed in Westfield

Most of the promised new parking bays in the Westfield area have now been completed. These are funded from a combination of the Westfield ward delegated budget and the Housing Estate Improvement Programme.

An additional 5 off street lay-by spaces are due to be provided in Tudor Road shortly. These will be funded as part of the Lowfields redevelopment project.

Windsor Garth parking lay by
New parking bay near Beverley Court now in use
Danesfort Avenue off street spaces completed
Newbury Avenue spaces in use
Thoresby Road lay-by almost completed