Coronavirus York updates; 27th June 2020

Deaths and test results

There have been no further Coronavirus deaths at York Trust hospital (26/6/20). There have also been no more positive lab test results (26/6/20)

The independent COVID 19 monitoring site estimates that 4156 people in York will have had the virus. That represents 0.4% of the population.

COVID cases daily and cumulative

The site derives its information from returns regularly submitted by residents from across the country

Care home deaths

The government released details earlier in the week of the number of deaths which have occurred  in care homes click

At that time, the last death at a York care home had occurred on 12th June.

In total there were 63 deaths in York homes.

South Park care home

Now the media are reporting that some of the COVID 19 cases occurred at the South Park care home on Gale Lane. Some staff were also affected.

The York authorities have not been prepared to break down the death rate figures to individual homes. We think that they are wrong to withhold that information.

It – like the results of the local COVID tests being undertaken at Poppleton – are matters of public interest.

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