More problems with obstructed paths

It seems that more and more paths are being impeded by overgrown hedges and trees. By and large, they are public landscaping hedges which have not been trimmed back for some time (They should have been done during the winter months).

There are particular problems at Clifton Moor (as we have reported previously). The whole estate really needs to be checked for issues before all the local stores and businesses reopen.

Clifton Moor Gate

Coronavirus York updates; 28th May 2020


THERE has been two more coronavirus related deaths recorded at hospitals within the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, both of which were at York Hospital. The latest figures from NHS England show that the two further deaths takes the total within the trust to 205. Both of the two deaths were at York Hospital, taking the total there to 126, while 79 of the 205 deaths have been at Scarborough.

Fundraising needed for repairs to uneven cycle track.

UPDATE – Just as we published we got the following response from SUSTRANs

Yes, we are aware of the problem with this path either side of the York / Selby boundary and at time of heightened usage of all of our traffic-free routes around York due to the coronavirus lockdown.

We’ve done some initial estimating of cost for the whole section that needs resurfacing, which comes to £446,000 approx. – a sum that Sustrans on its own cannot afford as I’m pleased to see you recognise

However, Selby DC (copied in) also have this on their radar and have indicated a strong willingness to work with ourselves and City of York to find the necessary funding.

I’m in discussion with land management / estates colleagues within Sustrans to identify how much we may be able to contribute, and therefore how much is needed from LA partners / other funding sources.

The fact you’ve now raised this with relevant City of York councillor’s is very helpful. We’ll continue to bring all parties together to come up a with funding package that can deliver the necessary improvement as soon as possible.

We’ve suggested to SUSTRANs that they launch a crowd funding appeal to raise money for resurfacing parts of the York – Selby cycle path.  

The path is very uneven in places as a result of tree root damage. At one location, the roots have now broken through the bitmac surfacing increasing the hazards for cyclists and walkers.

Roots are now breaking through cycle track

SUSTRANS describe themselves as the custodians of the national cycle network. It is possible to make a donation towards their work via their web page but we think that a more focused campaign is needed if the York cycle path is to be properly funded.

The path has been heavily used during the health crisis with large number taking the opportunity to take some exercise in what is a relatively safe space. Many young children are getting their first taste of cycling on the track. It is the latter group for whom the surface represents a particular hazard.

SUSTRANs have yet to respond but we have had a prompt reply from Cllr John Galvin who represents that Bishopthorpe ward, in which part of the track is located. He has pledged his support for the appeal.

Any work would need to incorporate the use of root shields to ensure that any new surface continues to be useable for the foreseeable future.

Uneven path surfaces deter use

Many of the problems occur in the section between Naburn and Riccall. We hope that the Government and local Councils will back the SUSTRANs charity if they launch a crowdfunding appeal.

Hopefully some donations will come from the hundreds of new users who are currently enjoying the facility.

NB. It appears that no application was made for support from the York Council’s £500,000 cycling budget which was delegated to be spent by local ward Councillors.

Access to green spaces

It isn’t just cycle paths which have seen a major increase in use over the last few months.

Sometimes long forgotten Public Rights of Way have been rediscovered as residents have sought to heed government advice to exercise safely.

Nationally a campaign group has identified threats to many open spaces.

Sadly, in York, building work is underway on former sports fields at Lowfield and on Windmill Lane.  Several spaces in the green belt remain under threat.

The loss of this green space needs to be compensated for. It is important not only for peoples health but also to conserve natural fauna and flora.

The opportunities to create additional green spaces near the City centre are limited – although what is available could perhaps be better managed – but there are more options available between the City boundary and the ring road.

Local Councillors could lead the fight to improve the availability of both urban and county parks by identifying suitable areas which could be protected under “village green” legislation.

There are several opportunities on the west of the City where access could be sustained for people living in the Westfield, Dringhouses and Acomb wards. Some proactive  leadership is now required

Last year the York Council did say that they wanted to extend and add to the number of strays in the City. There has so far been little tangible progress to report on that promise.

Recycling and green waste collection backlog

Otto Wheelie Bin | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

The York Council is struggling ot deal with the volume of recycling and green waste being presented. In some areas this has been on the streets for over 48 hours. Household waste collection was up to date as of the end of work yesterday (Wednesday).

We think it is time for them to give more details of the issues that they face, the remedies being applied and the likely date when collections are expected to return to normal.

This is the update that they published today.

Latest waste service update – Wednesday 28 May

All household waste has been collected as scheduled.

We were also able to collect all outstanding household waste from Tuesday 26 May.

We were unable to collect recycling from a number of properties in the following areas due to operating under coronavirus restrictions:

  • Earswick
  • Heworth
  • Heworth Without
  • Hull Road

We were unable to collect all outstanding recycling waste from Tuesday 26 May.

Missed recycling collections from 26 and 27 May will now be collected on Thursday 28 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect garden waste from a number of streets in the following areas due to capacity issues:

  • Acomb
  • Heworth
  • Heworth Without
  • Stockton-on-Forest

We will attempt to collect missed garden waste by Thursday 28 May, but may not be able to revisit until later in the week. Please leave greens bin out and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.

We were able to collect all outstanding garden waste from Tuesday 26 May.