City of York Council – “I’d like to complain about not being able to complain”

One of the mistakes that some organisations make is believing that ignoring complaints will make issues go away.

That rarely works. Instead the organisations image is dented and the credibility of the management structure is brought into question.

That seems to be happening wit the City of York Council at present.

They have three tier process for handling complaints. If a resident is not satisfied with a response to a first complaint then a second stage can be invoked. This  escalates the issue for consideration by a senior manager.

If this doesn’t work then, in theory at least, you can then escalate the matter to the Chief Executive.

Well you could, if the Council reads your complaint in the first place and acknowledges that they have received it.

For the last few months that doesn’t seem to have been happening.

Those emailing the complaints team at will have been lucky not to have been ignored. Requests for a “delivered” or “read” electronic receipt produce nothing.

The Councils IT department confirms that the Emails are being delivered. The only explanation can be that the complaints section has “downed tools”?

Oh and try the complaints telephone number quoted on the Council’s web site and you will get – you guessed – and answering machine!

There is a similar lack of response on the, recently announced, consultation address for the Low Poppleton Lane bus lane

So the Council risks an adverse Ombudsman enquiry – with all that implies in terms of handling costs – simply because it took the metaphorical “phone off the hook”!

2 thoughts on “City of York Council – “I’d like to complain about not being able to complain”

  1. martin curtis says:

    The Complaints procedure is a farce I have reported dangerous pot holes
    in a cul de sac in hope st walmgate every time i get my Mcycle out i Skid on them
    .Ive already fell off a bicyle there, and i am forever sweeping loose gravel up
    they reckon they dont fit the criteria for repair even tho ive seen ones in better conditions marked for repair .They have marked up the ones i complained
    about ,but then told me they wont be repairing them as the fool of an inspector
    says they are not dangerous. I feel like wringing necks about this.These people
    will always (mostly) tell you to go to the ombudsman after giving a flim flam
    excuse to back up the department managers responsible .this is a recent problem i am having with these Toads

    • The surface of Welborne Close is poor. You should Email your local Councillors and ask them to arrange for it to be included in the resurfacing programme for the forthcoming year.

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