York bus services “some of the best in the region” claim

Figures compiled by the Department for Transport (DfT) show that improvements made to York’s buses helped take 460,000 car trips off the city’s roads last year, the equivalent of a traffic jam from York to Moscow.

The DfT’s annual statistics on public transport use show that the number of people using York’s buses has increased for the fourth year in a row.  Last year there were 16.8 million passengers on York’s buses, compared to15 million in 2012/13.  This is a growth in passengers of 12 percent, which is in contrast with the rest of the Yorkshire and Humber region which has fallen by 4 percent.

Passenger satisfaction information, collected by Transport Focus on behalf of the York Quality Bus Partnership, also suggests that 90 percent of York’s bus passengers are satisfied with the service they receive – a rate above the national average of 87 percent, and above the rates for West and South Yorkshire.

The figures are similar to those found by a Liberal Democrat residents survey undertaken in west York last year

The council and bus operators have worked together to improve York’s bus network over the last few years through the York Quality Bus Partnership.  Innovations in York have included:

  •      Improvements to bus information, including new on-street timetables and more real time displays
  •      Two new park and ride sites at Askham Bar and Poppleton Bar
  •      Fare reductions and new tickets
  •      Improvements to well used bus stops in the city centre including Museum Street and Exhibition Square.
  •      New electric buses on the Poppleton and Monks Cross park and ride services
  •      Introduction of refurbished electric open-top buses on the City Sightseeing tour service
  •      New services, such as the CityZap service between York and Leeds, and new vehicles and higher frequencies on some existing services
  •      Introduction of a multi-operator “AllYork” ticket and a smartcard ticket
  •      The introduction of two “Bus Wardens” and the bus enquiry desk at the Railway Station to help passengers

In the next six months there will be further improvements to the network, particularly opening improved bus interchanges at Stonebow and Rougier Street. New buses will also be introduced on Coastliner and EYMS services.  FirstYork will be introducing new ticket machines across their network which will allow contactless payment.  Over the next 12 months First will be introducing new buses on the Askham Bar, Rawcliffe Bar, Grimston Bar and Designer Outlet park and ride services as the new park and ride operating contract is introduced.

New crime and customer satisfaction stats published

The York Council has updated the information that it holds on each ward in the City.

The stats compare residents opinions across the whole City.

The latest updates – which can be accessed on the open data web site by clicking here – have been updated to include 2016 quarter 2 figures.

Detailed figures for the Westfield ward  confirm the surge in crime witnessed in the late summer. Anti social behaviour was up generally with criminal damage reports increasing by over 30%. On the other hand burglary incidents reduced in Westfield despite being stable in the rest of the City

Westfield Ward crime stats

Westfield Ward crime stats

Meanwhile a majority of residents thought that vandalism wasn’t a problem in their neighbourhood.

Beating the City trend, 46% of Westfield respondents thought that they could influence decisions taken about their area.


Jobs and influence

Residents across the city were generally satisfied with the way the Council runs things (55.2% in Westfield) They were less happy about the progress being made in encouraging the use of low emission vehicles.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

So how good are York Council services?

The results of two recent surveys allow us to measure what residents say are good and bad about City of York Council services.

The Council’s own “Talkabout” panel has given a verdict this summer.

Talkabout results June 2016

Talkabout panel results – click to access

Best service - refuse collection

Best service

It is the first comprehensive look at customer satisfaction with services in the City since polls were scrapped by the, then Labour led, administration in 2013.

These can be compared to a more detailed survey being undertaken in west York where residents have also given a verdict on service quality.

The Talkabout respondents indicate that satisfaction with their local area as a place to live has increased for 83% in 2013 to 92% today.

Worst service - road repairs

Worst service – road repairs

66% of the panel are satisfied with the way that the Council runs thing compared to 54% three years ago

One of the few areas judged to be deteriorating was law and order. 77% said that York is relatively free from crime and violence compared to 80% in 2013.

Looking at street level services, 39% (2013 – 33%) though litter was a problem in their local area although the majority (61%) still thought litter was not a problem.

survey results as at 26th Sept 2016Problems with vandalism showed small increases (17% up to 18%), as did drug dealing (15% up to 26%) and drunk/rowdy behaviour (25% up to 30%)

The numbers who though that the Council was doing well in at improving green spaces was static at 48% but those who thought the Council was doing well in improving streets/public spaces was down from 49% to 45%.

Looking at the more detailed poll conducted in west York, it may be significant that the 4 most criticised public services (footpath repairs, road repairs, the availability of litter bins and local car parking facilities) were not monitored in the citywide survey.

Although most residents indicated that other services were “satisfactory” there were large numbers of people who rated some services as poor.

These included weed control (31% poor), tree/hedge maintenance (36%), Policing (31%), and garage area maintenance (20%).

The top ranked services were refuse collection (91% rated satisfactory or good), recycling (92%) and street lighting (89%)