Two pubs and a former Post Office face decision day in York

Lord Nelson Pub

The immediate future of three local buildings will be decided on 16th September.

The Council has been asked to list three local properties as “assets of community value”. If so designated, local organisations would be able to offer to buy the properties as and when they come onto the market..

 The three buildings concerned are:

  1. The Lord Nelson Public House, 9 Main Street, Nether Poppleton York.
  2. Blacksmiths Arms Public House, Shipton Road, Skelton, York.
  3. Lendal Post Office, 22 Lendal, York

The Council is being recommended to list the two pubs.

Both have been nominated by their local Parish Council.

The owners of the Lord Nelson say that any listing might delay the reopening of the pub as they plan to make improvements and re-let the building.

Sam Smiths maintain that their Blacksmiths Arms outlet has a long-term future with the intervention being unnecessary.

Officials are recommending that the former Post Office building on Lendal is not listed as it does not meet the relevant legal criteria.

With the rain, come the weeds

Wetter weather will accelerate plant growth in the City. That means bigger weeds.

Usually by now the York Council has revealed its weed killing programme. Seems we have to go on waiting this year.

Name signs are already obscured
Sign posts need cleaning
Hazardous broken chain link fencing on Chapelfields snicket still not repaired
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