Acomb Market Back

The market returned to Front Street today although wet weather proved to be a bit of a dampener.

The event wasn’t particularly well publicised but is a step in the right direction.

Indeed a more frequent market may be one way of re-energising the shopping area, while maintaining social distancing precautions.

Stilt walkers had to find a tall tree to shelter under!

Acomb busy today. Council gives start date for Askham Lane footpath repairs

Acomb car park very busy today. Market and Christmas Fair taking place on Front Street

Acomb market today (Saturday). Lots of stalls and already very busy.

The Council has announced that it will start footpath resurfacing works on Askham Lane near the junction with Ridgeway on 10th December.

The TalkTalk UFO contractors have been undertaking reinstatement work in the Ridgeway area this week. Pressure is growing for a more thorough refurbishment of paths and verges. Some verges badly need edging but the Council are being very coy about what they will do and when