Confusion over future of Acomb market

Acomb Market propsed terms of referenceIn the wake of Saturday’s successful market the Council has said that it wants the event to become a regular feature of life on the west of York..

However the proposed terms of an amendment to an ancient charter – which restricts the number of markets that can be held near Newgate – says the Acomb Market will take place on a Friday.

There is also some confusion about whether the market will be on the last Friday/Saturday in each month or the fourth Fri/Sat.

Markets are currently planned for:

  • 26th November (Saturday)
  • 7th December (Wednesday) – with evening stalls in Gateway
  • 16th December (Friday)

& then on the fourth Saturday in each month

Traders wishing to have a stall should contact the organisers “The Market Managers”   Tel 07843 012629 or 07919 112332

Acomb Market 2






34 years after residents petitioned for it, the Acomb Market is flourishing today

1982 petition collected by Liberal Councillor Bill Fairclough

1982 petition collected by Liberal Councillor Bill Fairclough

It’s 34 years since a campaign was launched to improve shopping facilities in the Acomb Front Street area.

A new supermarket came many years ago but it was not until the independent Acomb Alive traders group arrived that a street market actually took off.

The market is open until 3:00pm today (Saturday)

Preserves Popcorn Meat Fruit & Veg stallcakes