Coronavirus York updates; 5th June 2021

Test results

Fourteen addition positive test results announced today. Brings cumulative total up to 12,463. Thirteen positive test results were found last Thursday (3rd June). That is the highest single day number recorded since 25th March

The number of cases has reduced by one to 55 today

The rate /100k population figures is now 26.1. It is expected to rise to over 28.5 during the next few days



The current priority continues to be on administering second jabs. It is likely that the recommended interval between first and second vaccinations will be reduced from 12 to 8 weeks.

Nationally, the media are saying that the availability of first jabs may be extended to over 25’s sometime this week.


  • 4410 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 31st May 2021
  • Of these, 1.3% were positive. That is more than the 1.2% positive found during the previous period.
  • The “positivity rate” has risen from a low of 0.4% recorded on 19th May, to more than three times that figure today
  • 1575 “lateral flow” tests conducted on 4th May.

The York Council is being asked to provide more information on the nature of the positive test results being found. In particular, the age groups of those infected, whether they are displaying any symptoms, whether any have had one of two doses of vaccine and – in the light of the increased numbers of children who have been found to be infected this week – what special arrangements have been made to ensure that the return to school next week is conducted safely.

With a further easing of restrictions still likely later in the month, the meeting below may review in some detail what “track and trace” responses tell us about where cross infections are most likely to be occurring,

Outbreak Management Board meeting


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Hospital patients and deaths

Next update due on 7th June

Community Stadium car parking confusion

Better Leisure web site

It seems that, despite all the delays, the position for those wanting to park at the new Community Stadium car park remains confused

Although “Better Leisure” tell drivers on their web site to buy a match day ticket in advance from either the Knights or (later in the summer) York City FC, there appears to be no on-line purchase option currently available. This could lead to unnecessary parking in nearby residential areas although many will no doubt restrict their stay to the 2 hour maximum currently enforced across the site.

Any issues need to be sorted out quickly now. Not everyone is yet comfortable with using public transport while car parking income from the 400 allocated match day spaces, is needed to help balance the books on the hugely expensive project.