Coronavirus York updates; 10th June 2021

Hospital patients and deaths

Test results

Nineteen additional positive test results today. Brings the cumulative total up to 12,518

The number of cases in the City has increased from 62 to 65.

The rate /100k population is now 30.86. This is the first time it has been over 30 since late March.

However, following another 24 positive test results on Tuesday, the rate is expected to hit around 47 over the weekend.


12 neighbourhoods now have 3 or more cases in each


Little progress has been made with first jabs in the City over the last few days. Only 159 injections over 3 days. It has been suggested that inadequate supplies of the Moderna/Pfizer vaccine are to blame. This is the preferred jab for the younger cohort (Under 30’s) who are currently next on the list for an injection.

Second dose vaccination numbers are holding up well, with more than 50% of the population likely to have been inoculated by the end of the weekend.

The neighbourhood level progress reports on vaccinations have been published today. We are publishing both the first dose and the second dose outturns.

The second dose table is probably the most important given government advice that both doses are needed to get maximum protection.

There is a wide variance between the area with the highest proportion of vaccinated adults (Haxby, 70.5%) and the lowest (Tang Hall 27.1%).

This can mostly be explained by the variance in age profiles with those neighbourhoods with large student populations (aged under 25) not due to get most of their first doses until towards the end of the month


  • 4763 PCR tests were conducted during the week ending 5th June
  • Of these, 1.3% proved to be positive. This is an increase on the previous figure of 1.2%
  • In addition 3124 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 9th June

Outbreak Management Board

Some new information emerged at yesterday’s COVID management board meeting.

  • There has been a substantial growth in the City of cases of the COVID-19 variant which originated in India. It is expected, like elsewhere, to become the dominant strain over the next few days.
  • The Council are not advised of the vaccination status of those testing positive for the virus.  They rely on national stats which say that only small numbers of vaccinated people fall victim to the virus.
  • The largest number of new cases are currently being found in the 10 -19 age group
  • Most tests currently involve school children.
  • The Council cannot say what proportion of positive tests are from people who are asymptomatic.
  • There is a lack of public awareness that free home testing kits are available.
  • There has been no local follow up of people who may have come into contact with someone who has the disease. More extensive tracing will start shortly. There will be an option for contacts to have daily tests rather than have to quarantine at home.
  • There may be a dedicated vaccination centre set up at the University of York when the programme moves on (possibly next week) to the 18 – 25 age group.
  • Consideration is being given to setting up a vaccinate hub in the City centre (although take up rates in the City are relatively high)

Coronavirus York updates; 5th June 2021

Test results

Fourteen addition positive test results announced today. Brings cumulative total up to 12,463. Thirteen positive test results were found last Thursday (3rd June). That is the highest single day number recorded since 25th March

The number of cases has reduced by one to 55 today

The rate /100k population figures is now 26.1. It is expected to rise to over 28.5 during the next few days



The current priority continues to be on administering second jabs. It is likely that the recommended interval between first and second vaccinations will be reduced from 12 to 8 weeks.

Nationally, the media are saying that the availability of first jabs may be extended to over 25’s sometime this week.


  • 4410 PCR tests were completed during the week ending 31st May 2021
  • Of these, 1.3% were positive. That is more than the 1.2% positive found during the previous period.
  • The “positivity rate” has risen from a low of 0.4% recorded on 19th May, to more than three times that figure today
  • 1575 “lateral flow” tests conducted on 4th May.

The York Council is being asked to provide more information on the nature of the positive test results being found. In particular, the age groups of those infected, whether they are displaying any symptoms, whether any have had one of two doses of vaccine and – in the light of the increased numbers of children who have been found to be infected this week – what special arrangements have been made to ensure that the return to school next week is conducted safely.

With a further easing of restrictions still likely later in the month, the meeting below may review in some detail what “track and trace” responses tell us about where cross infections are most likely to be occurring,

Outbreak Management Board meeting


click to view

Hospital patients and deaths

Next update due on 7th June

Coronavirus York updates; 17th March 2021


There has been one hospital COVID death has been announced today.

It occurred yesterday and is the first recorded since 7th March.

Hospital deaths from COVID are falling across the country as the vaccination programme reduces risks

Test results

Ten additional positive test results announced today. Brings cumulative total up to 12.081

The number of cases in the City has fallen by five from 105 to 100.

The rate /100k population has fallen again and is now 47.48. There is a good chance that, when tomorrows figures are confirmed, we will see a record 2021 low infection rate.

While the infection rate in York is now falling again, it is continuing to creep up at county (North Yorkshire) and regional (Yorkshire) levels. It is stable at national (England) level.


Eighteen of York’s 24 neighbourhoods now have infection rates below the national average


4019 PCR test were conducted in the City during the week ending 12th March 2021

Of these, 1.5% were positive. That is an improvement on the previous days figure of 1.7%

2134 “lateral flow” test were also carried out on 16th March

Council plans

The Council have provided more information on their plans for lateral flow testing over the next few weeks.

With the return of all pupils to school and college, from 8th March the Government introduced Community Collect for school bubbles. This means that anyone with a child at school can access lateral flow tests for the rest of the family (adults) via community collect. In York, this means collection of test kits in the afternoon from the Poppleton Bar drive through site, or the Wentworth Way walk-in site. There is also an option for people to have kits posted to them if they are unable to travel to the collection point.

In future the Council propose to adopt a “dual approach whereby our test centres can offer tests for those that want it, as well as provide community collect for people choosing this route. The test centres can also offer a demonstration of testing, or the ability to answer questions from people wishing to do home testing but requiring more guidance“.

It remains unclear how workers in the retail and hospitality sector will be tested prior to and during the more general lifting of trading restrictions which is expected to occur from 12th April.

There is no update report from local Universities provided for today’s outbreak board meeting (see below). Information is provided on testing at York College and Askham Bryan agricultural college


Over 100,000 doses of vaccine have now been administered at the Askham Bar centre

As at 14.3.21, 74,887 CYC residents had received the first dose and 3,550 had received both doses

Outbreak Management Board meeting today

Click item for background report

No. Item


Declarations of Interest


Minutes of the Meeting held on 10 February 2021 pdf icon PDF 613 KB


Update from the PHE Behavioural Insights Team


Communications and Engagement Update pdf icon PDF 3 MB


Current situation in York pdf icon PDF 431 KB View item 5. as HTML 14 KB


Update on the Covid-19 Vaccination pdf icon PDF 399 KB View item 6. as HTML 7 KB


Lateral Flow Testing Strategy for York pdf icon PDF 133 KB  View item 7. as HTML 17 KB


Verbal Update: Refresh of the Outbreak Control Plan


Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments pdf icon PDF 399 KB View item 9. as HTML 11 KB


Items for the Next Agenda


Dates of Future Meetings


Any Other Business

Council to contact trace all positive cases in York

City of York Council will now do all local contact tracing of residents who have tested positive for Coronavirus, working in partnership with NHS Test and Trace.

The council has been working with the national test and trace system so that the council to take over the service fully. The agreement means York’s local public health team will now get in touch to offer advice and local support via contact tracing for all York residents who test positive for Coronavirus. Close contacts will then be followed up by the national system.

Over the past five months, York has been running its own local contact tracing system, in order to contact those people in the city that the national service could not.  This work has meant in York 90.2% of Coronavirus cases are contacted, and it is hoped that this success can be built on moving forward.

Previously the national test and trace system tried to call in the first 24 hours and if they were unsuccessful, they would then pass the details to local contact tracers to support.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said:

Today’s announcement follows the hard work of our public health team to speak to and support residents who have tested positive in the city, following lobbying efforts from the city’s Outbreak Management Advisory Board.

“People who are contacted will be advised to isolate, and then one of our public health team members will be in contact to discuss support available to them, as well as the details of their close contacts, so this can then be followed up by national test and trace service.

“Our local contact tracing service has already had great success in the city, so it is welcome that we can now get going with contacting all positive cases to check they are ok, offer support and ultimately, help stop the spread of the virus.”

Sharon Stoltz, Director of Public Health at City of York Council said:

This is exciting news and will mean our highly skilled team can speak to all positive cases and provide the necessary help, whilst identifying close contacts. It also means we can contact people quickly after the test result.

“The service runs seven days a week, with residents being contacted using a local (01904) phone number. Text messages will also be sent to people with mobile phones telling them to expect a call. If this is still unsuccessful, then a home visit will be made, and if no-one is at home, a letter with details of how to contact the team will be delivered to those advised to isolate, following Covid-19 guidelines.

“Please pick up the phone if we get in touch. Our tracers prioritise people’s wellbeing and ensuring they can access any necessary local support. We are hugely grateful to everyone following the guidance and self-isolating when necessary. It does make a difference and save lives and why it is so important to let them know about the local support available as well as identify close contacts to stop the virus from spreading.”

Baroness Dido Harding, Interim Executive Chair of the National Institute for Health Protection, said:

I congratulate City of York Council for participating in this pilot to further support the collective effort to tackle the spread of the virus and break chains of transmission.

“Our partnership with local authorities has now seen us reach more people than ever before and supporting them to self-isolate, many of whom might otherwise have unknowingly spread the virus to their loved ones.

“Local authorities’ unique knowledge of their communities is invaluable as we work together to stop the spread of the virus, and with the support of the national tracing service their involvement will continue to strengthen our contact tracing work. As we come out of lockdown, the role of tracing and the support for people to self-isolate is ever more important and I am very proud of everything that we are achieving together.”

Coronavirus York updates; 9th February 2021


One additional death has been announced by the York Hospital Trust today. It occurred yesterday

Hospital death rates continue to fall

The latest ONS figures for COVID-19 deaths’ among York residents show that there were 23 fatalities during the week ending 29th January.

This represent a reduction compared to the 30 fatalities which occurred during the previous week

Of the latest deaths, 18 occurred in hospital, three in care homes and two at home.

The figures confirm that the death toll had begun to fall by late January.

In total, 313 York residents have now lost their lives to the virus since the pandemic started over a year ago.

NB. These figures are different from those quoted by the York Hospital Trust (above) which cover a larger area.

Test results

TWENTY NINE (29) new positive test results were announced today. Brings the cumulative number of cases seen in the City up to 11,435.

The case rate /100k population has fallen to 144.34.

The highest rate was 671.39 which was recorded on 8th January 2021

If the trend continues to follow the present trajectory, then the rate should fall below the 100 case benchmark early next week.

The lowest rate seen in the City, after the end of Lockdown 2, was 57.9 on 8th December 2020.


There has been a big fall in case numbers in Haxby which no longer has above average infection rates

The neighbourhood with the lowest case rate is now South Bank and Dringhouses


In the last 7 days (Mon-Sun) 12,000 patients have been vaccinated at Askham Bar site.

The over 70’s programme is now almost complete.


5246 PCR tests were carried out during the week ending 4th February 2-21.

6.1% of the test were positive, which represents an improvement on previous figures

1416 lateral flow tests were carried out on 8th February.

COVID-19 outbreak management meeting

City of York Outbreak Management Advisory Board meeting taking place on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 5.30 pm

The meeting will be webcast

Background papers can be viewed by clicking the links highlighted in blue below

No. Item


Declarations of Interest


Minutes of the Meeting held on 13 January 2021 pdf icon PDF 210 KB


Current Situation in York pdf icon PDF 432 KB


Update on the Covid-19 Vaccination pdf icon PDF 320 KB


Presentation: Test and Trace


Presentation: Impact of the Lockdown on the Economy


Communications and Engagement Update pdf icon PDF 3 MB


Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments pdf icon PDF 404 KB


Verbal Update: Outbreak Management Peer Challenge 2021


Items for Next Agenda


Dates of Future Meetings


Any Other Business

Coronavirus York updates; 8th December 2020

Deaths and test results

THREE (3) additional deaths announced by the York Hospital Trust today. One occurred on 3rd, one on the 6th and one yesterday. Over 100 patients have now died as a result of coronavirus at the York and Scarborough hospitals since the start of the second wave of infections in September.

There have been 22 new positive test results announced today. This brings the total to 5796

The case rate /100k population figure has now reduced to 60.3. That is the lowest rate recorded since 25th September.

No York neighbourhoods are now above the national or regional infection rates.

The most recent validated figures confirm a moderate reduction in case rates in York. Numbers in North Yorkshire are stable and those at regional level continue to fall. There has been a small increase at national level.

University test results

Universities report to Outbreak Management Board 9th Dec 2020

As of Monday 7th December, St Johns was reporting that they have “0 members of our University community self-isolating because they have had a positive COVID-19 test”.

York University say, “As of the morning of Tuesday 8th December, we are aware of 9 individuals within our University community who are currently self-isolating because they have had a positive Covid-19 test”.

City centre visitors mostly from York

A report to a meeting taking place tomorrow looks at how the profile of visitors to the City has changed since the pandemic took hold.

The report also looks at spending habits and reveals – to no one’s great surprise – that on line shopping has boomed.

Outbreak Management Board

Tomorrow’s City of York Outbreak Management Advisory Board will be webcast live from 5:30 pm. The agenda is as follows (click individual items for background information)

No. Item


Declarations of Interest


Minutes of the Meeting held on 18 November 2020, and actions arising pdf icon PDF 154 KB


Verbal Update: Covid-19 Mass Vaccination


Current Situation in York pdf icon PDF 425 KB


Communications and Engagement (including updates from campaign task and finish groups) pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments pdf icon PDF 385 KB


Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy pdf icon PDF 735 KB


Covid-19 Testing (a presentation will be given at the meeting)


Covid-19 Contact Tracing (a presentation will be given at the meeting)


Agenda Items for the Next Meeting


Dates of Future Meetings


Any Other Business

Coronavirus York updates; 18th November 2020

Vaccination programme

There are 3 different types of vaccine

Basically, as far as the general, population is concerned, it will be “oldest first” to get the vaccine starting with care home residents, then the over 80’s

Hope is that first supplies will be available before Christmas. Facilities like the Moor Lane flu centre could be utilised

University and mass testing plans

We understand that mass testing facilities will be available at the local Universities from 30th November. The management there intend to offer tests to every student who intends to travel home from 3rd December. The “lateral flow” system will be used which provides almost immediate results (30 mins). The Universities will stagger leaving days and times in the expectation that many students will be picked up by family or friends.

The Universities are still talking about welcoming back students to the City in January.

NHS will be tested twice a week using the same system.

Targeted testing may be directed to check family members wishing to visit care home residents. Other priorities would include the social care workforce, schools, workplaces with an outbreak and later to allow events to take place.

Separately, York has “expressed an interest” to government in undertaking mass testing. This may be managed by focusing at one location but may be supplemented by local centres or even mobile facilities. The testing could continue for 6 months depending on when a vaccine was rolled out.

There is a suggestion that having a positive test (passport) may become a condition for having greater freedoms.

Deaths and test results

No further hospital deaths announced today.

“Only” 32 (THIRTY TWO) new positive test results announced today. This is the lowest for over 2 months and may be the first evidence that the “lockdown” is having a positive effect. The cumulative number of cases is now 5291.

Slow reduction in case numbers in the City continues

There was also a small reduction in cases reported at county and regional level.

There are still 5 neighbourhoods above the national case rate average. They are Heslington, Fulford Road, Wigginton, Huntington and (following a recent spike) Poppleton

Six neighbourhoods are now showing single digit case numbers.

Outbreak Management Board meeting

The agenda and some background papers for todays meeting have now been published. The meeting can be viewed “on line”

Click links to read papers

1.Declarations of Interest
2.Minutes of the Meeting held on 21 October 2020, and actions arising  PDF 153 KB Additional documents: Item 2 – MASTER Action Log – OMAB , item 2. PDF 324 KB
3.Current Situation in York  PDF 421 KB
4.Communications and Engagement (including update from campaign task and finish groups)  PDF 2 MB
5.Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments  PDF 393 KB
6.Verbal Update on Contact Tracing
7.Covid-19 Testing Proposals (presentation to be made at the meeting)
8.Covid-19 Mass Vaccination (presentation to be made at the meeting)
9.CVS and Healthwatch York Report: ‘What We Did During the Covid-19 Lockdown March-June 2020’  PDF 909 KB
10.Agenda Items for the next MeetingItem for December meeting:·        
Economic Analysis of Covid Impacts – James Farrar/Simon Brereton
11.Dates of Future Meetings
12.Any Other Business

Coronavirus York updates; 20th October 2020

Deaths and test results

There have been no further hospital deaths in York today. However an additional death in a care home has been registered (7th Oct) bringing the cumulative total there to 81.

There have been an additional 101 (ONE HUNDRED AND ONE) positive test results announced today. That brings the cumulative total to 2874

The rate per 100k population figure peaked at 295.48 on Friday. That is higher than the rates at regional and national level.

It may be worth remembering, though, that the rate in the majority of neighbourhoods is at, or below, the national average. It is the Heslington & Tang Hall areas that push the City into the Tier 2 restriction category

64% of positive test results are being recorded by people aged under 30.

Outbreak Management Board meeting tomorrow

A meeting of the City’s Coronavirus Outbreak management board takes place tomorrow. Its agenda has been published (click)

The meeting will receive a background report which will confirm that case numbers in York are now above both regional and national rates.

Council report to meeting on 21st October 2020

The meeting will also hear a report on communications. The presentations makes no mention of the big question – a lack of information on key issues like health capacity & or positivity percentages by neighbourhood.

It does, however, offer a glimpse of responses on some questions posed during the Councils “big conversation” survey.

Likely to be of particular interest, will be the report from the 4 higher/further education establishments in the City.

It says that they have 404 active positive cases across staff and students, resulting in around 3,000 students needing to self isolate in either their University or college accommodation, or in private homes across the City.

The Universities don’t seem to have any further initiatives to offer as they struggle to stem the spread of the virus.

If cases continue to increase, then it is possible that the campus and student accommodation units will be subject to greater quarantine restrictions or that they may have to close altogether for several weeks.

The meeting will also hear of plans for a local contact tracing initiative (click)

Coronavirus York updates; 18th August 2020

Deaths and test results

There have been no more hospital deaths or positive test results announced today.

Outbreak management board agenda

The Council has published its agenda and supporting papers for its COVID management board meeting which is taking place tomorrow (Wednesday) click blue wording for links to support documents


Declarations of Interest


Minutes of the Meeting held on 13 July 2020, and actions arising  PDF 139 KB

Additional documents:


Current Situation in York  PDF 420 KB


Communications and Engagement  PDF 939 KB


Update from Sub-Group: Universities and Higher Education Establishments  PDF 403 KB


Update from Covid-19 Health Protection Board (verbal update)


Theme 1 in the Outbreak Control Plan: Safe Opening of Schools and Early Years Settings  PDF 423 KB


Theme 1 in the Outbreak Control Plan: Care Homes  PDF 193 KB


The Covid-19 Contain Framework: A Guide for Local Decision Makers

Note: Information relating to this verbal update can be accessed via the links below:-


Agenda Items for the next meeting


Dates of future meetings


Any Other Business

Coronavirus York Updates; 21st June 2020

Deaths and cases

Following yesterdays death at a York Hospital Trust hospital there have been no further fatalities

There have also now (19/6/20) been no further positive lab test results. That means there have been no new cases reported in the City since the total reach 462 on 2nd June.

Coronavirus meeting tomorrow

The York Outbreak Management Advisory Board will meet using webcast and is being put in place in order to improve the speed of the response, build on and involve local knowledge and improve co-ordination.

Established as part of the national Test and Trace programme, the meetings will advise and inform the development of City of York Council’s outbreak management plan and a local Test and Trace programme, reflecting the views of different communities and sectors across the city.

The first meeting of the board comes after City of York Council was awarded £733,896 last week by the Government to support the creation of new boards, local outbreak control plans and preventative work designed to protect residents. 

The meeting will hear that they have not been given access to the test results (pillar 2) being produced at local privately run testing sites like the one at Poppleton.

Testing centre

The absence of this information has been a source of irritation both for local healthcare professionals and those living in the City.

Details of the meeting and associated briefing papers can be found by clicking here

Coronavirus York updates; 13th June 2020


There have been no further deaths at the York Trust hospitals. The total number remains at 212

Special Educational Needs (SEN) action

Following criticism about the way that young people with SEN were being treated in York, a list indicating the improvement actions being taken was agreed last week. Although normally such a report would have attracted some public interest, it was again dealt with “behind closed doors”. The report can be read by clicking here

Outbreak Management Advisory Board

The Government has announced the roll-out of the NHS “Test and Trace” programme across England, The programme will be supervised by an advisory board of 15 members (three of whom will be Councillors), which will meet every three weeks.

As the Council claims that it is still not party to the results of the tests being carried out at the Poppleton testing site, it remains to be seen how relevant this new body will actually be.

The report can be read by clicking here

Cheaper weddings – fee waived

The Government have indicated that the possibility of small weddings recommencing by July 20 is now likely.

In order to marry you need to give ‘notice’ (28 days) before any marriage and pay the appropriate fee (£70).

“As a number of the weddings that have been cancelled by the council at Government direction during the covid crisis will be rebooked in many instances the Notice of Marriage (NOM) has lapsed”.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hbo GIF by Divorce - Find & Share on GIPHY

A repeat fee payment is not being sought by the Council.

It is unclear whether any discounted divorces will be available although, post lock-down, demand may be be high

Public toilets

The York Council has agreed to reopen public toilets click

Multi storey car parks reopening on Monday

The Council has agreed the following changes to parking arrangements with effect from Monday

1. Approved the re-opening of Piccadilly and Foss Bank car parks when Covid_19 based restrictions are eased and non-essential businesses open on the 15th June;

2. Approved implementing a 2 metre line around all Parking payment machines to assist with social distancing;

3. Approved the scaling up the parking enforcement operation from the 8th June (subject to COVID_19 alert stage), with an advisory letter being used for the first week (up to the 15th June) at the parking service’s discretion;

4. Approved the restart of the Abandoned vehicle service from the 15th June;

5. Approved to reinstate car park capacity in the city centre by the 15th June 2020 to reflect the reopening of retail in the city centre on the 15th June (subject to COVID_19 5 stage) and to transition from free parking for key workers in CYC public car parks to dedicated provision for NHS workers in the coach park at Union Terrace car park. This will be reviewed in September 2020 and work will be undertaken with the hospital to support active travel options. Exceptional circumstances will be managed through free passes.

6. Approved the continuation of the Pay on exit project for Marygate and Piccadilly going out to tender in June and exploring the implementation across all viable CYC car parks with decisions on further rollout to be brought back to the Executive in the Autumn 2020

7. Approved the reprovision of free blue badge parking displaced by the extension of footstreets in CYC public car parks with specific additional space provision in Monk Bar car park.

North Yorkshire Leaders Q & A on Tuesday

There will be another on line session on Tuesday. Generally these North Yorkshire run events are more informative than their York counterparts, although they also claim not to know how many positive COVID tests there have been locally!

“Leaders of North Yorkshire’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic will give an update on the work they are doing, and answer questions from residents and businesses.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan will lead the live update and will be joined by:

  • Chief Constable Lisa Winward – North Yorkshire Police
  • Chief Fire Officer Andrew Brodie – North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Richard Flinton – Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council and Chair of the multi-agency North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum

Members of the public are invited to watch the meeting from 1.00pm on Tuesday on YouTube and submit questions in advance by emailing, posting on Twitter using the hashtag #NYscrutiny or commenting on Facebook”.