Taxpayers bonus from Rod Stewart concert

It looks like Council taxpayers will get a boost from those parking locally at the Rod Stewart concert which is being held on the Knavesmire on Saturday 1st June.

The Council will get the profits from car parking as the event falls outside the terms of the existing Racecourse lease.

Rod Stewart holds the official record attendance for a (free) outdoor concert. 3.5 million attended his gig at Copacabana beach in Rio a few years ago.

Rather fewer are expected to make their way to the Knavesmire in June

One thought on “Taxpayers bonus from Rod Stewart concert

  1. Malcolm Saggers says:

    Looks Like CYC Execs with be able to have extra champagne and 5 course meals on the taxpayers then!!!!

    Why can’t the Car Parking be FREE!!!!! Ohhh I forgot it is CYC we are talking about they never give anything FREE and are always find extra ways to RIP OFF York Residents!!!!!

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