Wetherby Road speed limits to change

The Council has today agreed to impose a 40 mph speed limit on Wetherby Road (and Bland Lane) between the A1237 and the built up area. Signage is also to be improved.

It is hoped that the buffer zone will encourage drivers to slow down before they reach the 30 mph limit. A similar buffer zone on Askham Lane has not proved to be very successful 

We have doubts about this plan which will do nothing to control the speed of vehicles leaving the City. An occasional visit by the speed camera van would be more effective as a deterrent.

However the re-election of the old crime commissioner recently means that speed enforcement will continue to be focused on villages and trunk roads. The later produce the bulk of the nearly £1 million income that the North Yorkshire police derive from the camera vans.

Wetherby Road speed limits

4 thoughts on “Wetherby Road speed limits to change

  1. Mark Chancellor says:

    This is confusing as it says 30mph on the strip that has a truvelo speed camera just before you turn right into Walton rd.

    I slowed down and as I approached the camera I reduced to 30 mph I’m worried the camera went off. As my speedometer always seems to show I’m going 3 mph mire than I’m actually doing. Any change in the speed limit has to be updated on the road signs to avoid confusion as your saying it’s 40 mph.

    Can you verify this,?

  2. David Farnsworth says:

    Is there a map showing the 30 mph speed limit signs on the Walton to Wighill road, going east? As a stranger to the area, I drove from Walton to Wighill last Wednesday, past Vosa, and did not see any 30mph signs ! – I now have a speeding ticket for 39 in a 30 area !

    • There are several third-party maps that show speed limits as tagged in OpenStreetMap; one is the OpenStreetBrowser which has a maxspeed display under Transportation -> Individual Traffic -> Maxspeed. I believe Google maps are also rolling out the feature as well.

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