Police unveil latest development in fight against travelling criminals

North Yorkshire Poanpr cameralice has stepped up the fight against travelling criminals with the introduction of a new generation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

As part of a £1m investment in ANPR announced last year, the first phase of the new, moveable cameras – known as re-deployable cameras – has been rolled out across North Yorkshire.

The cameras use the very latest technology which produces enhanced images and the ability to capture distinguishing marks on a vehicle.

North Yorkshire Police are the first police force in the UK to use this model of ANPR camera.

ANPR works by reading the registration number of a vehicle, and after checking the number against a database of information, will issue an alarm if the vehicle is linked to criminality.

It is used by the police to prevent and detect crime, as part of ongoing investigations, post-incident investigations, as well as helping in the search for vulnerable missing people, wanted criminals and to target uninsured and untaxed vehicles. 

The new cameras are moveable and will be used by local police teams to tackle crime issues in their area. For example, if an area is experiencing a spate of burglaries, the local policing team can request ANPR cameras in that area to help disrupt the criminal activity and bring the offenders to justice. The cameras can then be moved to another location once that issue has been resolved.

The use of ANPR cameras is strictly controlled and their deployment adheres to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s code of practice. Each request for a moveable camera will be scrutinised by a panel of police officers and staff and will only be granted if there is a specific and pressing need. Their deployment will also be subjected to regular reviews to ensure it still adheres to the code of practice. More information about the standards governing its use and a link to the code can be found here.

North Yorkshire is the largest, single county police force in England. It has 6,000 miles of roads and borders seven other counties including four with some of the highest crime rates per 1,000 population in the country. A significant proportion – around 20% – of all detected crime in North Yorkshire is committed by criminals travelling from neighbouring areas.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy, who is also the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s* lead for ANPR, said: “With the roll out of these new cameras we are exploiting the latest technology to protect the people and communities of North Yorkshire.

“We need to be one step ahead of criminals who use the roads to carry out their illegal activity. Together with the introduction of our dedicated ANPR Hub, these new, moveable cameras will allow us to work smarter and more proactively to intercept criminals.

“This is the first phase which will see 20 re-deployable cameras available to neighbourhood policing teams to tackle crime in their areas. More will follow over the coming months.”

The move to expand ANPR is part of the new Operational Policing Model, North Yorkshire Police’s major project to deliver the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Policing Plan and ensure that the force is effective and sustainable in the face of current and future policing and financial challenges.

Julia Mulligan, Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire, added: “The investment in ANPR capability is a central part in our goal to keep North Yorkshire as one of the safest counties in England. The £10m overall investment in technology will make North Yorkshire Police officers more mobile than ever before, and the focus on ANPR specifically means the police are now better able to track and disrupt travelling criminals who are intent on causing harm in our communities, especially in our rural areas.”

ANPR expansion is one of a number of investments and changes introduced across North Yorkshire Police over the past year under the OPM. These changes include:

  • The introduction of the THRIVE model, which assesses threat, harm, risk, investigation, vulnerability and engagement, allowing us to tailor our service to the needs of each victim and puts officers and staff where they are needed most
  • A £10 million investment in technology (including £1m for ANPR)
  • The setting up of an ANPR Hub in the Force Control Room with dedicated staff who monitor ANPR in real time. (Recently featured on the BBC’s Traffic Cops programme)
  • The introduction of Investigation Hubs to speed up justice and improve our service to victims
  • The combining of the tasking and intelligence departments to provide a more streamlined response to intelligence
  • The formation of a new ‘Citizens in Policing’ board that will increase and make better use of the Special Constabulary and other volunteers
  • A ‘Time for Policing’ initiative to cut bureaucracy at all levels and oversee professional development
  • The setting up the force’s first dedicated Cyber Crime Unit to tackle the growing problem of online fraud and other issues such as offences against children.

Looking ahead to the future, over the coming months, North Yorkshire Police will introduce:

  • Handheld mobile devices enabling officers to complete records without the need to return to a police station.
  • A specialist deployment system that can pinpoint where are resources are at any one time, this will further improve efficiency and performance.

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