Bring back November green bin emptying say LibDems

Liberal Democrat Councillors will try to bring back the emptying of green waste bins during November at next weeks Council budget meeting.

Labour decided last year to scrap all collections between October and April as one of their economy cuts.


Many gardeners pointed out that November was often a month when a lot of green waste was generated.

Meanwhile Labour are now trying to sell extra green bins to residents with large gardens.

Despite the growing interest in food self sufficiency, the York Council now restricts free collections to just one bin per property.

Many gardeners are thought to have disposed of surplus green waste through their grey bins, partly accounting for the increase in the proportion of York’s rubbish going to landfill (and the financial penalties that result for taxpayers).

The Council statement reads.

City of York Council’s garden waste collections will start again from Monday 31 March, with fortnightly green bin collections through ‘till the end of October.

The council will continue to empty one garden waste bin free of charge at eligible households. There is now an annual service charge of £35 for each additional garden waste bin emptied at households.

Residents who would like to have more than one garden waste bin collected between April and October 2014 still have time to subscribe to the additional green bin scheme before the collection service starts up again in Spring.

Residents can join the scheme at any time, but residents who subscribe before the start of April will benefit from around 15 collections during the 2014 collection period – which equates to less than £2.50 per collection (£35 per year).

Cllr David Levene, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “We are committed to providing the best possible service to residents and we will continue to collect one garden waste bin free of charge. Residents who might have more garden waste can take advantage of the additional garden waste bin scheme which works out at less than £2.50 per collection if they sign up before April.”

To join the scheme simply call 01904 551551 or ‘apply for it’ via our secure website at

To find out more about the garden waste subscription scheme visit

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2 thoughts on “Bring back November green bin emptying say LibDems

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  2. […] Council is set to stick with its decision to end green bin emptying in October each […]

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