New Puffin crossing planned for Tadcaster Road/St Helens Road junction

As part of a plan to upgrade the traffic signals at the St Helens Road junction a new Puffin pedestrian crossing facility is to be provided on the north side of the junction.

Full details are contained in this report

The report says,

“The replacement of the existing island has been proposed because the island is too narrow. It falls below minimum design guidance in terms of its overall width and the distance of its guard rails from the carriageway.

The substandard width results in difficulty for pedestrians in using the facility, especially those with prams and wheelchairs.

The substandard distance of the guardrail to the carriageway has resulted in vehicle strikes which in turn creates a maintenance liability.

The addition of a third pedestrian crossing on the north arm of the junction constitutes as ‘easy win’, in that it provides a desirable pedestrian facility without any significant detriment to the functioning of the junction.

There is no significant change to vehicular delays, queues, Practical Reserve Capacity or congestion.

Introduction of an additional pedestrian crossing on the north arm of the junction is a significant improvement for pedestrians as it serves a desire line accessing the inbound bus stop and Cross Keys public house.

The same meeting will also consider changes to traffic signals and junction layouts at George Hudson Street and East Parade in Heworth


New Lane pedestrian improvements

City of York Council will be carrying out work to install a puffin crossing on New Lane, Huntington from Monday 18 April.

The crossing will help provide a safer environment for people living at and visiting the new housing development, The Meadows. 

The work is expected to take two weeks to complete, with work taking place between 9.30am and 3.30pm. To maintain safety for road users and pedestrians a controlled system of traffic management using Stop/Go boards will be in operation during working hours.