Mental health provision off York Council agenda

Another important policy area change has been shelved by the Council.Mental health

Its forward programme of decisions included an item on the joint procurement of some mental health services in partnership with the NHS.

The Council said that the report would present a proposal to jointly commission “some of our mental health provision with the Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and include these services currently provided by CYC within the mental health tender that the CCG will be releasing in November 2014. This will include having a pooled budget arrangement and transferring affected staff to the organisation of the successful tender bidder”.

After being postponed on two occasions, the proposal has now been dropped without explanation.

NB. The Liberal Democrats announced last month new polices aimed at increasing the priority given to addressing mental health needs. They included guarantees on waiting times.

Williams & Alexander force charity workers resignation

We understand that David Smith, the man at the centre of the anonymous tweets controversy, has now resigned from his post as head of a York mental health charity.

His decision came shortly after the local newspaper reported complaints by Westfield Labour Councillor Dafydd Williams.


It is understood that Williams and Labour Councillor Leader James Alexander had written to senior executives and trustees as the Charity demanding that they take action against the worker.

It has also emerged that none of the comments made under the pseudonym “Jack Ham” on The Press website were in any way abusive.

The losers will be those suffering from mental health problems in the City who may have had renewed hoped following the announcement, at the Liberal Democrat conference yesterday that their illness would have a greater priority for health resources in the future.

A period of uncertainty is certainly not what is required.

The Press and the Labour Leadership need to take a long hard look at themselves and how they have handled this issue.