Selby house price rise highest in country

Last year we were sceptical about whether the Council would sell semi’s on its Lowfield development for £295,000.

However, even in Selby – North Yorkshires traditional cheap housing location – prices are now rising by 23% a year.

The average house price nationally has reached £333,000.

So it looks like the Lowfields pricing strategy may not be far off the mark.

We expect the Council to publish an update on how many of the Lowfields homes have now found a purchaser?

Of course, for many, such prices are far beyond what is affordable.

While demand continues to exceed supply, so prices will rise.

Hopefully other, less controversial, developments will now get going. Progress on the Sugar Beet site and at the Barbican would be particularly welcome.

In the meantime, complaints continue to be raised about the impact of the Lowfields development on neighbours.

One, at least, is complaining that the dust raised on the site is affecting their health.

That is something that the Council and their contractors need to address.

Scepticism over York Council house prices at Lowfields

Average house prices in Dijon Avenue – next to the new “Lowfields Green development – are around £191,000. A 3 bedroomed semi is estimated to be worth between £188,000 and £208,000 according to the Zoopla web site. Prices are similar in nearby Lowfields Drive.

The announcement that the new “Clover” three bed, 94 sq. mtr, semi would cost £295,000 raised many eyebrows. With average salaries of £26,000 a year in York, that means a working couple would be able to borrow a maximum of £234,000 with repayments set at £1109 per month. They would also need a deposit of £60,000.

So we can safely say that the houses aren’t aimed at first time buyers.

Shape homes are offering a “shared ownership” option on some smaller properties. Two 2-bedroomed semi-detached houses (The Burdock) are for sale for between 25%-75% of the whole sale price of £225,000 (for example, a 30% share would cost £67,500). The Council have already completed deals elsewhere in the City for about 30 shared ownership homes. In most of those cases the prospective occupant identified a propriety that was available on the open market and asked the Council to buy half. The occupiers then pay part mortgage and part rent.

Finally seven “social rent” properties will be available.  Two are 2-bedroomed semi-detached houses and there are five 2-bedroomed semi-detached bungalows. Rent levels for the properties have not been revealed, although they will be much less than the £800 pm commercial rents being asked for similar properties in the area. Applicants will need to be on the housing waiting list although it is possible that preference will be given to Council tenants seeking to downsize from larger properties (freeing them, in turn, for family occupation).

Old Bowling Green semi

By way of comparison, a new 3 bed semi on the prestigious Old Bowling Green site on Front Street is listed for sale at £310,000  It has 90 sq. metres of floorspace and is arguably better located than the houses at “Lowfields Green”. Building work on the site will also conclude shortly.

Quite how the £295,000 price for the Lowfields semi has been arrived at was not made clear in the business case figures published by the Council.

It can only serve to stoke house price inflation at a time when many are feeling the pressures arising from the health crisis.

Some cross subsidy of the rented units was expected across the whole site.But that doesn’t explain the £50,000 premium apparently now being sought.

The Council may also point to high standards of thermal efficiency, but it would take over 100 years to repay the extra “up-front” costs through energy bill savings.

Sellers house market in Westfield and Dringhouses

New on line site says YO24 postcode area amongst 10 “hottest” neighbourhoods in Yorkshire

The web site ranks neighbourhoods ranked on how easy it is to sell a property in the area.

The Heworth area is also regarded as “hot” as are parts of Sheffield.

The separate “Mouseprice” index records some recent sales. They include:

Address Sold price Sold date Type
18, The Gallops, YO24 3NF £226,000 22 May 2018 3 bed detached
22, Otterwood Lane, YO24 3JR £250,000 24 Apr 2018 4 bed detached
10, Minter Close, YO24 3FA £190,000 20 Apr 2018 2 bed semi-D
12, Tedder Road, YO24 3JB £257,000 29 Mar 2018 3 bed detached
149a, Askham Lane, YO24 3HH £275,000 14 May 2018 4 bed detached
13, Huntsmans Walk, YO24 3LD £217,500 03 May 2018 2 bed detached
48, Lowick, YO24 2RF £165,000 20 Apr 2018 2 bed terraced
37, St Stephens Road, YO24 3EH £198,000 02 May 2018 3 bed terraced
10, Alness Drive, YO24 2XZ £305,000 13 Apr 2018 4 bed detached
95, Stuart Road, YO24 3AJ £175,000 27 Apr 2018 3 bed terraced

There are still some bargains around. A one bedroomed flat in Gresley Court is available for £100,000 while a, chain free, two bedroomed house on Gladstone Street is available for £155,000

So are York house prices “going through the roof”

The media re reporting today that there has been a substantial increase in house prices in York over the last year. Well has there?

Actual sales figures confirm that only recently did house price levels recover to match those seen pre-recession in 2007.

House prices were level for 6 years before trending up from 2015.

This year median prices have been volatile but recently trended downwards. The median price for a flat in the City is now £168,000 but good properties are still available for under £150,000.

Retirement flats are available from around £80,000 . You can get a 2 bed terraced property needing restoration for £110,000

Houses are taking around 90 days on average to sell, with 2 and 3 bedroomed properties till the most sought after.

Labour politicians say with one breath that we need a Local Plan – the latest draft would see around 850 additional homes built each year – but then delay the adoption of the plan by “calling it in” for further discussion.

Few will have forgot that, when Labour took control of the Council in May 2011, one of the first things they did was halt the implementation of a Local Plan which was on the brink of adoption.

6 years later and the prevarication continues.

So, we need less exaggeration from the headline writers and more commitment from the politicians if we are to have a working Local Plan and with it controls on City development.

That remains a worthy and urgent objective

So could you afford to buy a house in Acomb?

Property cost indicator says Acomb first time buyers need an annual income of £32,111

Enter your post code in the following box to find out average house prices in your neighbourhood plus the upfront costs of buying (15% deposit, stamp duty etc) an entry level property

The ONS says that average house prices in the Westfield/Acomb area are now £170,000.

The average household income is £38,000


Property market still buoyant in west York

According to the Mouseprice web site ( Facebook and Twitter) prices are still buoyant in west York.

Examples include.

Property for sale

Stirrup Close
4 bed Detached
Tedder Road
3 bed Semi-D
Tedder Road
3 bed
St Josephs Court
3 bed Terrace

Property for rent

House in Galdstoen Street can be rented for £695 pm

House in Gladstone Street can be rented for £695 pm

The list below shows properties for rent near you – select any property for more information. View more results in your area.

Gladstone Street
3 bed Terrace
Gladstone Street
2 bed Terrace
Aldersyde Court
2 bed Flat
Melander Close
4 bed Detached

Chain-free sales
Below are properties nearby that are available ‘chain free’. These include properties where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out and could also include repossessions.

St. Josephs Court Tedder Road, York, YO2…
3 bed Terrace
Huntsmans Walk, York, YO24
2 bed
St. Stephens Road, York, YO24
2 bed Flat
Dringfield Close, York, YO24
0 bed Flat

Discounted sales 

Flat in Dringfield Close listed for sale at £84,950

Flat in Dringfield Close listed for sale at £84,950

Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced – simply click on any property to find out more.

Thoresby Road
£190,000 -5%
3 bed Semi-D
£280,000 -7%
4 bed Semi-D
Jute Road
£199,500 -5%
3 bed Semi-D
Nunnery Lane
£275,000 -7%
3 bed Terrace


Housing rental prices stabilising in York?

The latest ONS figures show that private rental prices of homes in the Yorkshire region have increased by 4% since 2011.

This compares to a 13% increase overall in England (21% in London).

In York rental prices remain high although they are stabilising as more and more purpose built student accommodation units are completed.

Flat in Merton Court advertised for £80,000

Flat in Merton Court advertised for £80,000

A typical 2 bedroomed property in Beaconsfield Street is currently listed at £775 pcm while a non fore-courted property in the neighbouring Milner Street would cost £750 a month. A 3 bed town house on Foxwood Lane is advertised for £775 a month.

A one bedroomed flat on Front Street can be rented for £475 a month

A two bedroomed flat on Albert Close can be rented for £595 pcm

For those trying to get onto the house ownership ladder there are still some bargains are around.

As well as the new flats currently being marketed on Front Street for £125,000 each, recent sales have included two bedroomed apartments in Dringfield Close and St James’s Croft for less than £140,000.

Lowest price currently advertised is for a 1 bed flat in  Merton Court (Windsor Garth) which is listed at £80,000.

House prices in York remain below the national average. Locally prices peaked in 2008 and have – on average – yet to climb back to that level.

House price trends in York

House price trends in York


House sales increasing in west York

Following the national pattern house sales have increased on the Acomb side of the City during the last 3 months. Sales have included:

Address Sold price Sold date Type
2, Beechwood Glade, YO24 3JT £245,000 21 May 2014 4 bed detached
19, Beagle Ridge Drive, YO24 3JH £179,500 25 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
2, Willoughby Way, YO24 3NS £160,000 25 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
119, Foxwood Lane, YO24 3LQ £173,000 04 Apr 2014 3 bed semi-D
42, The Reeves, YO24 3ES £135,000 30 Apr 2014 2 bed semi-D
13, The Reeves, YO24 3ES £125,000 02 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
8, Huntsmans Walk, YO24 3LE £160,000 15 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
170, St Stephens Road, YO24 3EF £160,000 14 Apr 2014 5 bed semi-D
27, Troutbeck, YO24 2RE £135,000 06 May 2014 2 bed semi-D
12 Ascot Court, Gale Lane, YO24 3AE £113,500 31 Mar 2014 1 bed flat

Property for sale The list below shows some of the properties for sale

Salmond Road £189,950 3 bed Terrace
Tedder Road £175,000 3 bed Semi-D
Tedder Road £159,950 2 bed Semi-D
Lydham Court £105,000 1 bed Terrace


Property for rent The list below shows properties for rent

Moor Lane £1,295 4 bed Detached
Dijon Avenue £400
Gladstone Street £650 2 bed
St Pauls Mews £725 2 bed Terrace

Chain-free sales Below are properties nearby that are available ‘chain free’. These include properties where the seller is not buying a new home or has already moved out and could also include repossessions.

Tedder Road, Acomb, York, YO24 £175,000 3 bed Semi-D
Lydham Court, Acomb, York £105,000 1 bed Terrace
Alness Drive, Woodthorpe, York £299,950 4 bed Detached
Lerecroft Road, York £165,000 2 bed Semi-D

Discounted sales Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced

St Stephens Road £100,000 -13% 2 bed Flat
Collingwood Avenue £215,000 -6% 4 bed Semi-D
Farndale Street £200,000 -4% 3 bed Terrace
Highcliffe Court £150,000 -6% 2 bed Semi-D

Information from Mouseprice




House sales buoyant in Westfield

There has been an increase in the number of house sales in the Woodthorpe and Westfield parts of York over recent months

A 5 bedroomed detached property in The Gallops recently went for a bargain £190,000 while a 4 bedroomed home in Westfield Place fetched £144,000.

Several 3 bedroomed properties sold for prices ranging from £147,000 on Bellhouse Way to £210,000 on Ashbourne Way

Bramham Avenue property advertised for £129,950

Bramham Avenue property advertised for £129,950

Properties still available include a 5 bedroomed home in Alness Drive for £295,000, a 4 bedroomed property on Foxwood Lane for £205,000 and a 3 bedroomed home on Bellhouse Way priced at £170,000.

The rental market remains buoyant with a 2 bedroomed terraced house in Gladstone Street available for £625 per calendar month while the owners are asking £950 pcm for a 3 bedroomed house in Fellbrook Avenue

Chain free properties, where new owners can move in quickly, range for a £130,000 2 bedroomed property in Stuart Road to and 5 bedroomed house on Moor Lane which is advertised for £389,500.

Fewer property owners are now discounting the properties that they are trying to sell. However, amongst the more realistically valued properties, added to the sales list recently, are homes in Bramham Avenue (2 bedrooms, £129,950) and a £137,000 two bedroomed flat in Holgate Road

A two bedroomed house in Falconer Street is advertised to rent at £570 pcm. Similar properties in Gladstone Street are costing £595 pcm while the cheapest 3 bedroomed property in Tedder Road is priced at £795 pcm

West York housing market picking up

Local house sales are picking up.

Selling prices remain competitive in west York with a 1 bed property in Invicta Court recently fetching £99,000, a 2 bedroomed terraced property in Walker Drive going for £112,000, a 3 bedroomed property in St Josephs Court going for £140,750 while a 4 bedroomed property  in Huntsman’s Walk reached £190,000.

There are still some bargains around.

click for details

click for details


Properties for rent include

2 bed semi in Tedder Road at £650 a month

A 3 bed in Glenridding is advertised at £895