Problem hedge cut back from Osprey Close corner

The Council has cut the hedge back from the corner of Osprey Close and Acomb Wood Drive.

The hedge had grown on “no mans land” over the years to the point where it was obstructing access along the footpath in summer.

The street name plate was also obscured.

Nearby, work on lopping trees in Acomb Wood near Hawkshead Close is due to take place during February and March. The programme of works, which were agreed with local residents last year, is expected to take 6 days to complete.




Work starts on Acomb Wood access path

Work has stared on providing a dry access point to Acomb Wood. The work is being funded by the Westfield Ward Committee

Earlier in the winter residents resorted to duckboards to maintain the public right of way access from Hawkshead Close to Acomb Wood

Some of the trees in the Council owned section of the wood are showing signs of their age. More proactive maintenance is required

But the bluebells are out providing a unique backdrop in the spring sunshine

Good news for footpath users – less so on graffiti blight

The Westfield Ward Committee has agreed to provide soft surfacing to make the Hawkshead Close access to Acomb Wood passable. Cllr Sheena Jackson (photo) has been pressing for the change – which will have to wait until the ground has dried out – for some months.

Unfortunately we have had another outbreak of graffiti in west York. Problems in Kingsway West, Bramham Road and Kir Crescent have been reported this weekend.