What’s on in York: Book Launch of Race to the Kill: Sean Denton 3

York Explore Library :

Tue 26 Sep :

6.30pm – 8.00pm :


Sept _26Raceto KillJoin Helen Cadbury’s friends, publisher and agent to celebrate the launch, of the thrilling third novel in the Sean Denton series.

Sean Denton takes a risk and follows homeless Mary into a disused school, where he finds the aftermath of a horrific crime. Meanwhile, at Chasebridge Greyhound Stadium, Sarah Sutton is making herself indispensable. But who is she? And why has this outsider made her home with the criminal Heron family? In a gripping story of hidden truths and surprising victims, Sean needs to work with new colleagues and old friends to solve the mystery, before anyone else loses their life.

Race to the Kill sees Sean build on his success as a PCSO in To Catch A Rabbit, and a response PC in Bones in the Nest, as he gets closer than ever to his goal of becoming a detective.

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New book launched; York – A City Under Siege

Author John Gears  has published a new book about life in the City during the great siege of 1644.

He writes; The Book seeks to introduce the reader to the Hardships and Horrors endured by the Citizens of the City whilst being besieged by three Parliamentarian Armies from April 1644 until after the terrors of the Battle of Marston Moor when in mid-July the Governor of York after much haggling for better terms, finally surrendered the City to the Parliamentary Armies under Lord Halifax.

“Palls of smoke clog the air, Parliamentary and Scottish Armies are relentlessly bombarding York’s defence’s
Cannon pound the City centre.

York’s defenders have withdrawn inside the great stone walls, where hardship and heartbreak are part of daily life for the beleaguered citizens. Suburbs are burning, City Walls are breeched, but attackers are repelled, the besiegers seized some livestock.

Courage and tenacity, along with surprising acts of kindness and compassion are witnessed both within the City
and on the Battlefield.

Survival becomes the only goal for ordinary people, living extraordinary times”.


Anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of the book, may do so on line at :- www.yps-publishiing.co.uk or by telephone at York Publishing Services Ltd. on 01904 431213. The Book is “YORK – A City Under Siege -1644”. The retail cost is £8-99

What’s on in York – ‘Except we Teach’: A Book Launch with Alan Gillott

York Explore Library :

Sun 21 May :

1.45pm – 3.45pm :


Except We Teach Cover FrontFighting Cock Press presents Alan Gillott’s second collection, “Except we Teach”. Edited by Pauline Kirk, these poems reflect the breadth and depth of his work, and his commitment to social justice. Alan’s poems are regularly used as source material by classical composers.

Join us for poetry from Alan, Pauline and a range of guests. FREE entry, beverages available.

“There is something for everyone in this collection, unexpected observations and imagery both deft and subtle.” – Helen Cadbury, Novelist and Poet.