Lowfields problems continue

No response yet from the site liaison officer following residents’ concerns about delivery arrangements at the Lowfields development site.  Concerns about the impact that the large spoil mountains are having on the local environment have also still to be addressed.
Spoil mountains growing at Lowfields

At a planning committee meeting earlier in the week some progress was made on the plans to create 5 new parking spaces on Tudor Road.

The Lowfields Action Group Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LowfieldsActionGroup/ reports that officials have confirmed that the contractor responsible for building the new access road will also construct the parking spaces as part of the same contract. Although they said that the work would be done “at the same time” no planning condition was included requiring the 3 new “on street” parking spaces to be constructed before the existing ones are lost.

The Council as both the owner and developer of the site could have offered a unilateral agreement on this but failed to do so.

Cllr Andrew Waller was the only Westfield ward representative to speak up on behalf of residents. He said that the parking spaces to the rear of 108 Tudor Road were too close to the property. He also asked that improvements be made at the Tudor Road /Gale Lane junction.

The discussion about the Yorspace development was a disappointing.  Councillors completely failed to challenge the claim that the proposed homes will be “affordable”. The developer claims they will be “affordable” The Councils own housing officer has confirmed that they will not.

This contradiction remains unexplained.

A Freedom of Information request on a related issue is still outstanding. A response is due on Monday,

No convincing answers given on car parking arrangements. The 12 spaces will not be adequate to cater for the needs of all occupiers and visitors. Overflow parking will therefore further compromise space on Tudor Road, Green Lane and Kingsthorpe. The developers say that occupiers of the building “will not be allowed to own a car” and that all vehicles using the provided spaces will be “communally owned”.

We doubt very much whether they will be able to enforce such a rule.

The only good thing to come out of the debate was an offer from the developer to look again at boundary treatments. They seem to be backing away for the idea of removing the railings. The railings offer good security while permitting the movement of small mammals like hedgehogs.

Residents action group founded in Green Lane Acomb

Blocked gutters in Harold Court

Blocked gutters in Harold Court

Hedge blocking footpath - Lowfields

Hedge blocking footpath – Lowfields

Overgrown garage area

Overgrown garage area

Potholes in Acomb  car park

Potholes in Acomb car park

Dumping back Beaconsfield Street

Dumping back Beaconsfield Street



Residents living in the Green Lane and Lowfields part of Acomb are forming an action group aimed at getting improvements to public service standards in the area.

The move follow what many residents see as a decline in standards with litter, weed growth, graffiti, potholes and dumping amongst key concerns.

The intention is to have a resident in each street who will promptly report issues to the responsible public authority.

During the winter the group will aim to identify any elderly or disabled residents who are suffering as a result of the Councils decision to reduce footpath de-icing services in the area. They will also be on the lookout for faulty street lights.

In the longer term the Group hopes to persuade the Council to resurface the back lanes in the area.

Residents with issues that they would like to be addressed can contact the group via the following Email address: acombactiongroup@outlook.com