Residents launch petition to retain Green Lane (Acomb) on de-icing schedule

Green Lane petition form
The York Council is planning to remove little Green Lane from its winter gritting schedules.

The section of road affected leads from the roundabout to the entrance to Hob Moor School. It is extensively used by specialist buses taking special needs children to the school.

Although on the schedule, gritters struggled to keep the access open during the severe weather conditions encountered in 2010.

Now local residents are collecting a petition aimed at restoring the street to the de –icing schedules. They also hope to persuade the Council not to reduce the number of salt bins in the area.

2 years ago the Council moved to prevent local ward committees from establishing and maintaining local salt bin networks.

Elsewhere in the local neighbourhood, residents are also planning protests about the virtual elimination of local roads from the de-icing rota. The whole of the Kingsway West and Stuart Road estates will not be on the primary salting routes in future despite many of the roads being bus routes.

Click for larger map

Click for larger map

Residents point to the £75,000 a year being spent on advertising the City at Leeds Bradford airport as one source of funding for what most regard as a basic safety requirement.

Residents have until next Monday (16th) to complete a Council on line survey although this does not include a status quo option.

A decision on the gritting routes is likely to be made at a meeting taking place on 9th October at which residents hope to hand in their petition.

NB. In the same area problems with litter drift near the shops have been reported to the Council. The Council has also been asked to intervene to ensure that the owners fill in a large pothole on the (private) shops forecourt which represents a hazard for pedestrians.

Litter near Green Lane shops

Litter near Green Lane shops

Pothole on shops forecourt

Pothole on shops forecourt

Salt bin removal and new gritting routes – Council forced to extend consultation period

City of York Council has been forced to extend its “on line only” winter maintenance consultation for a further two weeks. It will now close on Sunday 15 September.

The Council was heavily criticised for holding the consultation during the main school holidays.

click to access larger interactive map

click to access larger interactive map

This was compounded a few days ago when the maps of the new gritting routes were unavailable on the Council’s web site.

In some areas it is proposed to remove around 80% of the salt bins from local streets.

Abandoned salt bin

Abandoned salt bin

Several major bus routes will no longer be routinely salted (e.g. Bellhouse way, Acomb Wood Drive, Ryecroft Avenue plus dozens of other streets)

However the survey questions are heavily “loaded” with little opportunity for residents to tell the Council to look elsewhere for economies.

Residents are being advised to write in “safety comes first, no cuts to de-icing services”

The survey can be found by clicking here

Alternatively the Council now says that residents can visit their “reception at West offices, Station Rise, York where the maps will be available on display boards with facilities available for you to complete the survey from Monday 2nd September.

Those groups who cannot meet this timescale can send their comments to Stephen Moulds by 30 September 2013 and we will endeavour to consider those comments when making a final decision on 9th October 2013”.

Ice and snow clearance cuts – Only 10 days left to record objections

click to access larger interactive map

click to access larger interactive map

The Council’s “consultation” on its plans for the future of its network of salt bins concludes on 1st September.

Click to see a list of existing bin sites across the City.

Most of the existing salt bins are scheduled to be scrapped.

In the Foxwood area of the 11 bins currently on the streets, only 4 will remain.

Overall in Westfield the number of bins will be reduced from 40 to 21. Only one bin will be provided on Front Street despite the high volume of use by elderly people.

Roads on a gradient like The Green/St Stephens Mews will lose their bins altogether while St Stephens Road and Thoresby road will also have no bins.

Many roads face a crisis as they are being cut from the routine gritting list.

These include bus routes like St Stephens Road and the whole of the Windsor Garth, Ascot Way and Danesfort Avenue area.

Part of Bramham Road will also not be gritted routinely.

The Council’s “survey” is full of loaded questions. Click here.

Many residents are simply writing on the form that cuts in ice clearance are unacceptable and will jeopardise safety.

Instead the Council should abandon some of its costly vanity projects such as the £600,000 plan to introduce a 20 mph speed limit.