Coronavirus York updates; 19th May 2021


There have been no further deaths at the York Hospital Trust. The cumulative death toll since the start of the pandemic remains at 591

Test results

The cumulative case number total is now 12,339 following further backdated changes. It is the same total as yesterday.

Case numbers in the City have fallen from 32 to 27

Rate /100k population falls to 12.82. It is expected to remain stable during the next few days.

The weekly rolling daily average case rate number is now consistently below 5.

Case rates are falling at all levels.


There are only three neighbourhoods now with case numbers at 3 or above.


Nimbuscare are saying, “Text messages are going out to some York people this week, inviting them come early to Askham Bar’s Red Tent for their second dose vaccinations.

They will get the chance to book into our special vaccination clinics this weekend which are running 6am til 11pm at Askham Bar Vaccination Centre.

Appointments are now open to book 17 hrs a day Friday to Sunday this weekend.

This means people aged over 50yrs, or in priority groups 1-9, can have their second dose at 8 weeks, according to the new JCVI advice.

Please note this is for people in cohorts 1-9 who have already received a first dose of the vaccine. Please wait to receive your text to invite you to book and don’t contact your GP surgery”.


  • 4523 PCR tests were carried out during the week ending 14th May
  • Of these, 0.6% were positive. That is the same proportion as found during the previous period
  • In addition, 1815 “lateral flow” tests were conducted on 18th May


There has been no change in patient numbers at the hospital today

“More resident testing should help stop the virus spreading”

City of York Council’s contact tracers are out in communities offering symptom-free coronavirus tests in an effort to help case numbers remain low and to keep the city open. 

From Wednesday 19 May, council staff will be visiting communities in the city offering testing kits to residents and encouraging them to test themselves twice a week, to stop the virus from spreading. This work will support the Council’s efforts to increase the number of people being tested for COVID to identify symptom-free cases and stop the spread of the virus.

In the coming days Council’s Public Health team will be going door to door to offer testing kits to residents. This work will start on Wednesday 19 May. It is not as the result of increased cases in that area or the presence of a variant of concern. It is the start of additional efforts to get more people tested and increase testing accessibility. Staff will have Council ID cards for identification and will be handing out free tests so residents will not be asked to pay.

The first street will be:

  • Wolsley Street
  • Gordon Street
  • Willis Street
  • Wellington Street
  • Barbican Mews

These streets were not as the result of increased cases in that area or the presence of a variant of concern.

The Public Health Team will be:

  • offering testing kits at the NHS vaccination centre for York residents and their family for regular use
  • offering testing kits to employers in the city so that staff can get tested
  • continuing to offer in-person testing and collection service at the University of York, York St John University, York Leisure Centre at the York Stadium Leisure Complex, Acomb Explore and Foxwood Community Centre
  • offering in-person testing at St William’s College with residents, employees and visitors able to access this service

Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said:

We have seen the rate of Covid cases rising in other areas of the country, so we are keen to take proactive and preventative action to keep cases low in York by trying new ways to encourage more residents to get tested.

“We are hugely grateful to the many York residents who are continuing to do their part and get tested regularly. We are urging more residents to join the city-wide effort and get tested regularly to protect each other and our city. Regular testing, as well as practicing Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air continue to be the best ways we can protect the progress our city has made in recent months.

“We know first-hand how quickly this virus can spread, so the more testing we do to identify cases the more people we can protect. If cases continue to remain low the better our chances of moving to the next step of the lockdown easing roadmap.”

Sharon Stoltz, Director of Public Health, City of York Council said:

In recent months we have been putting a lot of work into encouraging people to get tested, including opening up new testing sites across the city, with lots of tests being carried out every week.

“We are continuing to take a preventative approach. 1 in 3 cases of Coronavirus has no symptoms. As we are able to see more of our friends and family we want to give our city the best possible chance of keeping cases down by encouraging more people to get tested.

“Infection rates in York remain low currently but we can’t afford to be complacent. I would like to thank everyone in the city for their continued efforts. It is through this vigilance practicing Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air, getting tested regularly and getting the vaccine when called that we can continue to reopen our city and protect our recovery from the pandemic.”

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