Coronavirus York updates; 24th August 2020

Deaths and test results

An additional FOUR positive test results have been announced today. They take the total found on Friday to 6.

The figure means that between 16th and 21st August a total of 13 positive tests were recorded in York.

The government web site has not been updated yet to show in which neighbourhood the latest cases were located.

There has also been no comment from the authorities about the background to the cases although it now seems unlikely that they would all be members of the same family.

There have been no more hospital deaths.

Council confirm Acomb Moor footpath routes

The background papers for last weeks meeting which supported the designation of a public right of way across Acomb Moor have been published.

They can be found by clicking here

The papers contain one surprise as an additional leg (B – D) has been added to the route covered by the application. It now also includes a path located to the rear of existing houses in the area.

More details can be found on the Foxwood Residents Association Facebook page

There is an urgent need to get a safe access to the path restored as quickly as possible.

The access route from Osprey Close needs safety improvements. It is overgrown and can be hazardous in wet weather.

Where next for head of York Council services?

Chief Executive Coffee Mugs, I'm A Chief Executive What's Your ...

A meeting later today will consider the next steps in replacing the York Councils Chief Executive. The last post holder was made redundant earlier in the year, following an extended period of sick leave.

Interim arrangements have applied in the interim.

The Council will feel that the arrangements worked reasonably well during the COVID crisis although the authority was criticised for poor communications as well as secrecy on several matters of public interest.

There is never a good time for major structural change although the current post pandemic period – with the threat of further major change being driven by the “devolution” debate – means that stability is the most urgent requirement. An independent Local Government Association analysis of he plans comes to the same conclusions

It seems that the Council will opt to appoint a “Chief Operating Officer” (COO) who would have a less strategic and ambassadorial role that the last post holder. Officials concentrating on service delivery would be a welcome step forward although the implication that the strategic role would fall on senior Councillors might be less welcome in the light of recent controversial investment decisions.

One thing we are clear about is that the suggestion that the COO should have NINE direct reports is ridiculous .

Foxwood Community Centre to remain closed

According the the residents association Facebook page, the local community centre will not reopen in September as hoped.

Foxwood Community Centre

The centres Trustees say that they don’t have the resources or expertise to run the centre under post COVID restrictions.

That would be a shame. Some of the user groups provide essential support services for the local community. Some of these services are even more important in the post pandemic fragile world that we now live in.

Some users groups may cease to exist if they don’t have at least some earned income.

The Council has postured over the last few mnths about the importance of “community hubs”.

It should now put its money where its spin has been and agree to properly resource centres like the one in Foxwood.