Conservatives NOT to target win in York Central fight

A leaked list of “non target” seats by Conservative Central Office reveals that they are not targeting a win in York Central.

Boost for local candidate Nick Love

Boost for local candidate Nick Love

At the last general election the Tories were neck and neck with the LibDems with both parties needing to persuade only around 3500 Labour voters to change sides to achieve a victory.

Since then, Labour in York have been overwhelmed by controversy and the sitting MP has announced that he is standing down. Only 3 months before the poll, Labour have still to announce who their candidate will be.

Some eyebrows were raised a few months ago when the Conservatives selected a London based man to be their candidate.

It seems that the local Tories have decided to concentrate their resources on holding the York Outer seat

The Tory move leaves the way open for Liberal Democrat and  local man Nick Love (@NickLovesYork) to establish himself as the main non-left ballot paper option.

A full list of the seats which the Tories don’t think they can win can be accessed by clicking here

2010 General Election result