£1.7 million boost for York restaurants

320,000 discounted meals were claimed in the York area under the governments “Eat Out, to Help Out” scheme.

Which Ilford restaurants are participating in the Eat Out to Help Out  scheme? | Ilford Recorder

252 restaurants in the York central area registered to participate in the scheme as did a further 70 in the York Outer area.

On average diners benefited from a discount of £4.94 for each meal.

Full details of the results of the scheme – which has now finished – can be found by clicking here

The subsidy was aimed at providing a stimulus for restaurants and cafes in the difficult post lock-down trading period.

Nationally the scheme has cost the government a whopping £296 million with 56,959 restaurants participating.

So are vehicle speeds getting higher on York’s streets?

Much reduced traffic volumes have resulted in some claims that vehicle speeds have increased. Yesterday figures emerged which suggested that a small number of drivers on major roads like the A64 were exceeding the prevailing speed limit. Camera vans had caught 137 speeders during a 2 week period.

More anecdotal evidence suggests that quieter sub-urban and rural roads have encouraged more considerate driving behaviours.

The latest speed check results do suggest that most drivers – before the lockdown – were respecting the prevailing speed limit.

Checks are undertaken by the Fire service which uses equipment which records the speeds 24/7 on particular section of road. The deployment of he equipment is prompted by complaints. Details can be found on this web site (click)

Priority is given to locations with a high accident record. A report is published giving both the mean recorded speed and the speed the limit that 85% of drivers observe.

A decision is then made as to whether any further action is required. This might take the form of enforcement, engineering works or the use of community speed watch equipment.

47 Roads in York have been checked over the last year.

The most striking result is that there  is a high level of compliance with the speed limit on most roads in and around the City.

There are exceptions with the 20 mph limit in Heslington Lane in Fulford seeing (85%ile) speeds of between 25 and 28 mph. A similar picture on New Lane in Holgate where speeds of between 24 and 28 mph were recorded in the 20 mph zone. Sandy Lane in Stockton on Forest saw speeds of 38/39 mph within the 30 mph limit.

No details of any checks made since the lockdown restrictions were imposed, have been published.

The next roads due to be checked are

  • Corban Lane, Wigginton;
  • Moorlands Road, Skelton;
  • Manor Lane, York;
  • Ryecroft Avenue, Woodthorpe;
  • Station Road, Haxby;
  • A1036 Sim Balk Lane;
  • The Village, Haxby and
  • the A166 near Murton Lane.

York Council election results

Will be updated as results come in

and the final result sees Labour retain its 3 seats in the Hull Road ward.

Labour have picked up their expected three seats in Heworth.

Well that will be the icing on the cake for the LibDems. Winning back Rural West – a Tory stronghold – with a huge swing. Means former Tory Leader Chris Steward has lost his seat and the Tories will finish with only 2 seats in total. That is their worst result since 2003 when they were wiped out. The LibDems will finish with 21 seats, 3 short of an overall majority.

Another big win for the LibDems. Tory Leadership hopeful Stuart Rawlings and Transport boss Peter Dew both lose their seats.

No change in the Guildhall ward although sitting Labour Councillor James Flinders has lost his seat the more experienced Fiona Fitzpatrick. Current Labour leader Janet Looker has retained her seat albeit with a small majority.

LibDems retain their 3 seats in Huntington. Up to 16 seats in total now. Keith Aspden in line to be new Council Leader.

LibDems comfortably retain the 4 seats in Westfield.

LibDem gain from the Tories in Strensall. Tony Fisher, who represented the area several years ago, tops the poll. Paul Doughty becomes the only Tory so far to retain his seat. Danielle Mason, wife of Ashley the Councillr for Dringhouses, polls well in her first contest.

.. and there will be tears. Lord Mayor elect Keith Myers loses his Acomb seat to Labour. It happened once before, ironically also in the Acomb Ward, in 1975 when Labour Councillor Peter Gales lost his seat. Peter Gales never made it into the Mansion House. Who will assume the role later in May is anyone’s guess. There may not even be a Conservative with the necessary experience – and inclination – to take over the demanding role. Rotten thing to happen to a hard working Councillor.

Labour retain their two seats in the Clifton Ward. No Independent candidates this time, unlike 2015.

Well we said that it might be a good night to be an Independent. John Galvin retains his seat in Bishopthorpe with a 33% share of the vote with Carole Green as a close runner up. Ironically Carole Green was standing for the Green party. Last time she contested the seat as an unsuccessful Independent candidate. The Conservative vote fell by 28%

…and the LibDems retain the three seats in the Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward. One of only two UKIP candidates in York, performs poorly.

Little change in Micklegate although Labour have gained the seat vacated by Independent Johnny Hayes. Greens take the third seat for the second successive election.

and that the first victory for Labour in York today. They retain the 3 seats that they won in 2015 although none of their present candidates were on the ballot paper then. Very poor performance from the Tories and the LibDems who polled much better in last years by election. Other than Westfield, this was the only ward in which the LibDems had a realistic hope of taking seats in the York Central constituency.

Huge 27.5% swing from Tories to LibDems see the party take all three seats for the first time since 2007. On course for he best election result in the City for 12 years.

First surprise of the day and the first seat to change hands. Christian Vassie takes Wheldrake from Independent Suzie Mercer (who was elected in 2015 as a Tory with a big majority. Christian Vassie was a councillor for the ward until 2011.

& the first conservative is elected in Osbaldwick. It was a Tory seat so no real surprise, although the LibDem share of the vote will disappoint them in a ward that they used to hold. Independent Mark Warters retains his seat.

and Nigel Ayre wins very comfortably in Heworth Without. Another sitting Councillor re-elected.

Fishergate election result much as expected with the Greens holding on to the tow seats

Wouldn’t draw too many conclusions from the first two election results. Both small wards with well know local candidates as victors. Turnout better than feared but still well below 50%. May be lower in urban wards. LibDem vote up in one ward, down in the other. Tories major losers (as elsewhere in the country). Maybe better prospects for Greens in Micklegate and Guildhall. We will see.

Big swing to the LibDem Group Leader in Fulford. Has overcome some troubling and unjustified harassment over the last couple of years.

The Comanthorpe Ward has been won by Independent Councillor David Carr. He was comprehensively ahead of the Tory and LibDem candidates. It could be good news for the other Independent candidates, particularly those fighting small rural wards Former Green Councillor Lars Kramm down in 4th place.

Conservatives NOT to target win in York Central fight

A leaked list of “non target” seats by Conservative Central Office reveals that they are not targeting a win in York Central.

Boost for local candidate Nick Love

Boost for local candidate Nick Love

At the last general election the Tories were neck and neck with the LibDems with both parties needing to persuade only around 3500 Labour voters to change sides to achieve a victory.

Since then, Labour in York have been overwhelmed by controversy and the sitting MP has announced that he is standing down. Only 3 months before the poll, Labour have still to announce who their candidate will be.

Some eyebrows were raised a few months ago when the Conservatives selected a London based man to be their candidate.

It seems that the local Tories have decided to concentrate their resources on holding the York Outer seat

The Tory move leaves the way open for Liberal Democrat and  local man Nick Love (@NickLovesYork) to establish himself as the main non-left ballot paper option.

A full list of the seats which the Tories don’t think they can win can be accessed by clicking here

2010 General Election result




York primary school performance results published

York primary schools have produced only average results in performance comparisons published today.

The results are based on the number of pupils achieving “good” level 4 in reading, writing and maths.

The highest performing schools in York were Naburn CE and St Mary’s CE both of which achieved 100%

Lowest performing school was Derwent which achieved 38%



Other results included:

  • Acomb Primary 86%
  • Hob Moor 86%
  • Woodthorpe 79%
  • Westfield 76%
  • Our Lady’s 75%
  • Dringhouses 63%

A full list can be found by clicking here