Residents’ Priority Parking consultation launched

City of York Council will be contacting residents in the areas close to University of York this week to inform them of a new consultation taking place.

The consultation will involve Badger Hill and Newland Park Drive areas in response to parking surveys in the streets close to the campus.

The survey work has been undertaken by University of York to monitor the levels of parking in the areas associated to the University, which has increased non-resident parking in the areas.

The University of York are required to fund this consultation, the introduction of any parking controls and the provision of permits for a scheme due to planning conditions, if it has the support of local residents (meaning that the first permit for each household would be free of charge)

Executive Member for Transport made the decision at the July Decision session (item 11) to take the proposal straight out to consultation of the Traffic Regulation Order to speed up implementation if it has residents’ support.

The proposed ResPark scheme restricts parking within designated areas, known as ‘ResPark zones’, to those people who are eligible to apply for a permit:

  • residents
  • residents’ visitors
  • property owners
  • local businesses

If your home is in a ResPark zone, you may be entitled to residents’ permits and an authorisation card which will allow you to purchase visitor parking permits.

You are also able to apply for a permit on the basis of a business need, or commercial interest in a property within a ResPark zone.

To find out more about ResPark zones currently in place across the city visit the ResPark and Badger Hill Permit pages online.