Meet author Jean Harrod: A diplomat turned crime writer

York Explore Library :

Thu 7 Jul : 6.30pm – 8.00pm :

£3 or £2 with a York Card

July 7_Jean Harrod _1Jean Harrod will talk about her life as a diplomat. She worked behind the ‘Iron’ Curtain (East Berlin) during the Cold War, and the ‘Bamboo’ Curtain (Peking and Shanghai) after Mao’s death; and in many other embassies around the world.

As British Consul, Indonesia, she dealt with murders, missing persons, and a terrorist kidnapping involving Britons, working with the police on investigations and forensics. One day, she decided, she would write a series of diplomatic crime novels.

Deadly Diplomacy was published in 2015, featuring diplomat Jess Turner and Australian DI Sangster. A British businesswoman is brutally murdered in a Queensland resort. Jess travels to Brisbane to liaise with the police and the help the victim’s journalist sister. They soon become the killer’s target.

Deadly Deceit (June 2016) is set in the British Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean, where Jess Turner is on assignment to the Governor’s Office. The coral seas are stunning, but things are not what they seem. The locals are upset about illegal migrants from Haiti arriving on their shores, and fearful of their voodoo. The Governor is critically injured in an accident, and a brutal murder occurs. What Jess uncovers sends shockwaves all the way to London.

For more information about Jean please visit or visit her on twitter: @jeanharrod.

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